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Who is Behind EMRR?

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews & Resources (EMRR) was originated by Nick Esselman in 1998. The growth has been overwhelming and a stroll down memory lane will show that. EMRR has enjoyed the help of many individuals over the years. Presently, we consider the following team as the answer to Who is Behind EMRR:

Nick Esselman:

Webmaster and owner/operator of Essence Technologies, LLC. originator of EMRR (1998 - 2010).

PRO: Loves the hobby, but doesn't get to fly as much as desired.

CON: Would think more guests would vote in the EMRR contests.


Dick Stafford:

Longest partner of EMRR (since 2001) and responsible for key databases including RockSIM, Recommended Motors, and Center of Pressure.

PRO: Loves both building and flying; has an occasional great idea; knows a little about a lot of (rocket) subjects.

CON: Life happens, and hasn't had enough time to do either for a couple of years; has trouble following through (especially when it comes to sanding and filling); isn't an expert on any (rocket) subject.


Lance Alligood:

Has become the review formatting king and has out-lasted any/all others (since 2004).

PRO: I consider what I do for EMRR to be a way that I "pay it forward" to improve & grow our hobby.

CON: There's only so much that you can learn about rocketry by reading and/or talking about it on the internet. My advice is to seek out mentors that you can talk to, ask questions, & work with *in person*.


Matt Gillard:

Starting in 2009, Matt has learned HTML and has become a formatter for reviews and articles.

PRO: You could be in this hobby for a thousand years and someone will still come up with something new for you to try.

CON: Dislikes the way Britain is rocketry resistant and how everything costs at least twice as much in the UK.


Duane Boldt:

Duane joined the team in 2009 helping to review and format articles and rocket reviews.

PRO: It is a great hobby to enjoy yourself and, at the same time, reach out and mentor kids, especially in science, math and physics. He has built rockets with a couple hundred elementary school students over the past few years. He hopes to get as many of them as possible participating in EMRR logs, contests and reviews this next school year.

CON: He always wishes he had more time and money to do more with his own rocketry projects and with the kids he works with. He appreciates EMRR as such a valuable tool for those that love rocketry and hopes that by participating he can give back to other rocketeers.

 Duane Boldt

Cliff Oliver:

Starting in late 2009, Cliff answered a call to be our latest PR (front man) to help promote the site and manage sponsor, prize and other key communication.

PRO: I love the fact that I never stop learning in this hobby. Mostly, I get my lessons from the greatest people in the world: other rocketeers.

CON: Not enough money or time to do EVERYTHING in rocketry that I'd like to do.




Previous Key Supporter

James Gartrell:

Starting in 2008, James will be the new PR (front man) to help promote the site and manage sponsor and prize communication.

PRO: Most rocketeers are really great people, and flying rockets with them is outstanding!

CON: I regret not having actually met some really super rocketeers I have come to know through the Internet.

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