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18mm Mercury Transport

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Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT) is pleased to introduce this special, limited, one-time release of our 18mm Mercury Transport as a kit.

Mercury TransportThe SKILL LEVEL 3 kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • Balsa sheets (will require you to cut the pieces)
  • Cutting Templates
  • Transition Templates
  • Fin Guide
  • Fusion Proton Rod Reactor Core
  • Centering Rings
  • Motor tube
  • Thrust Ring
  • Motor Hook
  • Plastic Nose Cone
  • 1/8" Launch Lug
  • 24" Kevlar Shock Tether
  • 12" Elastic Shock Cord
  • 18" Parachute
  • Decals (not pictured, picture to be provided soon)

Finished Weight Approx. 3.0 ounces
Recommended motors: B6-4, C6-5, C10-4, D10-5, D10-7, D21-7

Mercury Transport

Note: We used a shorter upper section in our prototype, this kit will be supplied with a 3" upper section.

You can enjoy this rocket without purchasing it by seeing the detailed article [HERE], HOWEVER, purchasing the kit will eliminate your need to purchase an 18mm tube, having to cut your own centering rings, creating your own transition templates, Kevlar, decals, etc. But, it's your call.

All the Flight Logs are HERE

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