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Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT)

Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT) has become the "product" arm of EMRR. Initially, EAT was for special one-time release kits and Plan Paks. Now, it is the one-stop shop for all EMRR "products". The proceeds support EMRR's server fees and quarterly rocket give-aways, with the exception of the EMRR Calendar which supports other model rocketry causes. Thanks for your interest and support.

* EAT Logo was created by Arley Davis in our Company Logo Contest

Available EMRR-Themed Products:

Available - 1 Time Kit Productions:
We set a limit on production, will you be one of the few?

  • Nothing currently available.

Available - FREE Plan Paks:
Missed the production? Here is your chance to "do it yourself". Each Plan Pak includes Instructions, P/N's to order, cutting templates and decals jpgs.

Coming Soon:

Closed - 1 Time Productions:

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