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Rocket Video Contest - 2009
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VideoEssence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce our third annual: ROCKET VIDEO contest. This was a first-of-kind for rocketry and a first for EMRR in 2007 and we loved it!

You may choose to use an on-board video, combination, or hand-held. Your may choose to add titles, transitions or music... it's your call. You may choose to include people or just a rocket... really, you decide. Just be sure to have a high: COOLNESS FACTOR! Make us say, "cool" and "hey, come here and watch this!".

Participating in this contest counts toward the 2009 EMRR Challenge.

Entries will be judged by EMRR Guests during a voting week starting September 28, 2009.

  • Entry Requirements:
    • Rated "G"; including language and musical lyrics
    • Hobby rocketry (any power level)
    • < 15 Meg is size
    • < 3 Minutes Long
    • MPEG, WMV, or MOV (e-mail me if different)
    • A Screen shot for posting (clicking on it will get the movie)
    • Your original work or with permission of another hobbiest
    • Title
    • Write-up must give basic information and details
    • Include a small award acceptance speech (published if you place)... just like the EMMY awards
  • Contestants must be on EMRR's eList to be eligible
  • Only one entry per Contestant (you may substitute entry with another any time prior to the end of the contest... give us your best!)
  • Entries must be received by 9/27/2009.

Submit your entries here:[E-Mail]

(Even if you can't play or win, thank these sponsors by supporting them!)


PRIZE SELECTION: The normal prize selection procedure for EMRR is that at the end of the contest winners will get an e-mail THROUGH THE eList asking them to acknowledge by reply within a week. Prize selection is done through this e-mail exchange.

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Acceptance Speech

These students are amazing. Thanks to the following sponsors ATK (nationally), Boeing, B&W Auto, Printnet, CMCA PTO, Thad Zylka, Brandango, Alpha Hybrids, Dry Cleaning Equipment Service, ASMDA, Lockheed Martin, Lance Sijan Chapter of the Air Force Association, and ITT. Thanks also to Giant Leap for being there when we needed parts fast! Special thanks to Julie Clift and all the other great folks at NASA (since it's Alabama, I can say folks).

#4 - Jeff Lane 94 points


CMCA NASA Student Launch Initiative

(WMV 15.4M)

SLI is a NASA-sponsored student initiative to fly a nine foot tall, four inch diameter rocket to a mile high with an onboard science experiment. The invitation from NASA to participate was offered to the team as a result of their placing in the top 20 at Team America Rocketry Challenge. The video is a chronological nutshell of nine months of teamwork.

#8 - Howard Smart 78 points

Soviet N-1

Soviet N-1

(MOV 12.5M)

This scale model of the Soviet N-1 moon rocket was created by the men and women of Tripoli San Diego (Prefect #5) and DART (NAR Section #317). This launch took place at Plaster Blaster in 2005. The rocket was 21 feet tall and weighed over 300lbs on the pad. I don't recall the details of the motor configuration. If you look closely you will notice a couple of things. The third stage had fold-out fins for stability, and there was a small D-powered fourth stage. Everything went according to plan, and our N-1 went higher than any real N-1 ever did. This was a spectacular event. The short clip at the end is the 10inch Thumper M drag race from the same Plaster Blaster.

#10 - Ray King 69 points

Falling with Style

Falling with Style

(WMV 14.6M)

This video is the making of the Falling with Style rocket for the 2008 Spaceship design competition. I had such a great time design, developing, re-design, experimenting and finally successfully flying this rocket - I had to share the experience with other rocketeers. This rocket flew on 3 - C6-3 engines. It developing this rocket I used 23 motors over the 11 flights in all kinds for weather. Thanks EMRR for challenging all us to improve our skills. I now know how to use some of the "bells and whistle" of Movie Maker. My son did the video recording and I created the video presentation shown here.

#1 - Robert Goffena 67 points

Boomerang Rocket

Boomerang Rocket

(MPG 15M)

Two motor cluster rocket launch of Estes 36 D Squared.. One motor did not ignite. The rocket is designed to fly successfully even if one motor does not ignite. However, video makes it pretty clear the ignition system wires didn't release from the rocket, and the the wires pulled the rocket into an unstable flight. Then the rocket comes back to the "pad", and wraps itself around the launch rod. A Festivus Miracle of sorts. (Video is my own work)

#11 - David Brown 57 points

Saturn V

Steve Eves' Awesome Saturn V

(MP4 7.8M)

Shot in April of this year in Price Md. Steve Launched the worlds largest model rocket, and I had to video tape it.

EMRR NOTES: This is a lower resolution video to meet the < 15M and < 3 min criteria. Here is the original submission: (MP4 15.8M)

#9 - Ron Wirth 44 Points

Chasing Rockets in the Park

Chasing Rockets in the Park

(WMV 12.9M)

As part of the Elevate Eleven contest here on EMRR, we built 11 rockets in 11 weeks. Our initial intent was to launch them on or around July 4th. Well a month later we finally were able to get to the park for the big rocket launch. It just happened to be on a certain 6 year olds birthday. The film is a compilation of pictures and video from that launch. The permission to use the images and video of individuals seen in the film was given by adults, parental guardians, and rockets.

#7 - Eric Swanson 31 points

Estes Screamin' Mimi

Estes Screamin' Mimi

(WMV 12.7M)

Estes Screamin' Mimi on a D12-5 with a BoosterVision GearCam Mini strapped to the top of the body tube with electrical tape. Great flight, and you can hear it whistle briefly when the engines cut out. The parachute hesitates a moment before opening.

#12 - Tom Krawczyk 29 points

Level 2 Rocket Certification

Level 2 Rocket Certification

(WMV 5.3M)

This video chronicles the Level 2 Certification of Tom and Ken Krawczyk. The highs...the lows...and everything in between. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and body tubes, so I hope you ENJOY!

#2 - John Lee 29 points

Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes

(WMV 6.9M)

The video is called Holy Smokes. It is a promotion for a program I am trying out at my church to get some young people involved. It has footage of two of the coolest projects I have seen first hand, Dave Hein's Quad Pod and Ken's 29mm monster monocopter. Additionally, it has some footage of my Maxi Honest John and my (un)Lucky Seven. I shot all of the footage and I had permission from the rocketeers to make this video. The music is not the original (my favorite theme) but a licensed Muzak style copy.

#5 - Eric P. Brown 20 points

Hammerhead and Prangles

Hammerhead and Prangle's Drag Race, Onboard!

(WMV 9.5M)

Small Spy Camera launched in the Hammerhead, a rocket I designed souly for this camera. The Camera weighs less than 3/4 of an ounce, allowing it to be launched by even a C6 motor. This launch was on a D12. Wanting to make a cool video, I did a drag race with a rocket called Prangle's. Guess what I made it with! The launch was with Valley Aerospace Team, unfortunately, we just lost the field because of the zoning commision! But we will prevail! Enjoy and Happy Flying!

#3 - Bob Weiss 19 points


Video Rocket METRA launch 11/1/08

(WMV 11.1M)

This is flight video from a camera and 900 MHz ATV system onboard a payload rocket. Flight was at the METRA launch 11/1/08 in Pine Island, NY. Rocket is a heavily modified Estes "Super Nova Payloader", flying on an Aerotech F24-4W reloadable APCP motor.

#6 - Stephen Witherspoon 18 points

Hammerhead and Prangles

Arizona Rocketry Gathering 5

(MOV 5.8M)

Video montage that I compiled from video that I recorded at the February 2008 rocket meet in Rainbow Valley, AZ (just SW of Phoenix.)

* The actual number of prizes issued will not exceed 3/4ths of the number of contest entries (e.g. if there are 10 prizes and only 10 entries, only 7 prizes will be issued). EMRR assumes no responsibility for the prize once it leaves our or the prize donor's location. EMRR is not liable for any damages or injury caused by the assembly or use of the prize.

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