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2009 Box O’ Parts Scratch Build
Rocket Design Contest

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In the tradition of the Estes and Fliskits Design of the month and RMR Descon, EMRR is pleased to announce our second "Box 'O Parts" contest.

Todd Mullin hosted this very popular contest last year which had a great deal of participation. With that level of participation, the US Postal Service took home the biggest prize of all by collecting over $500 in postal fees. The economy is very different this year, so we have decided to run the contest differently.

Box O Parts

  1. DECLARE YOUR PARTS: Inventory and describe a bunch of your left-over spare parts*, put them all out on the floor/table and take a picture of them. Place them all into a Priority/Express Mail Tube Small and take another picture (they must fit). Send those pictures and the list of declared items to attachment @ THESE WILL BE THE PARTS YOU WILL BUILD FROM unless you participate in the Box-swap Bonus.
    * Each box of parts must include at least one nose cone, a section of body that fits the nose cone, at least one motor tube, a set of launch lugs or rail buttons, some fin stock, and a recovery system (parachute or streamer) and shock cord. The parts being generally compatible (e.g. a MMX motor tube does not go with a 4" Diameter nose cone or G10 fins).
  2. GET AUDITED: EMRR will audit your declared parts listing and generously identify which parts may be used for the contest.
  3. GET SURPRISED: EMRR will randomly ID (5) common items from which you pick (2). You must then obtain and incorporate two of them into your design. For example, 3 ping-pong balls, 1 plastic soda bottom top, a #2 pencil, a rubber-band, and any cereal box prize.
  4. DESIGN YOUR ROCKET: ...make it your best rocket from your Box O’ Parts and give it a name
  5. WRITE A HOW-TO ARTICLE: Make it informative and send it along with pictures and templates, to allow someone else to build your design. (guidelines)
  6. FLY IT: Document your flights. (Allowable impulse range from MMX to G, inclusively).
  7. BOX-SWAP BONUS: Request** to participate in a box swap with another entrant and receive a 10% bonus to your score. You will be responsible for postage to send your box to a randomly selected "bonus" entrant.
     ** Be sure to include your name, mailing address and e-mail address with your bonus request so that another contestant can send you your new box o' parts.
  8. SURPRISE PARTS BONUS: For each addition "Surprise" random item above the required (2), you will receive an additional 2% bonus to your score.
  9. BOX-SWAP + SURPRISE PARTS BONUS: If you choose to Box-Swap, for each addition "Surprise" random item above the required (2), you will receive an additional 3% bonus to your score.

Not all the parts in your box must be used. However, as with most scratch build contests, you can only use those parts accepted from the declaration list or what comes in the box (or even the box itself)! Glue, paint, tape and nose weight are the only items that can be added.

Winners will be judged by EMRR Guests during a voting week of August 10 - 16, 2009.

The judging criteria will be:

- Finished appearance (50% total)
  - Styling and use of received parts
  - Craftsmanship
  - Paint/Decals/Artwork

- Flight Performance (20% total)  - Was it safe? Was it stable?  Did it reach a reasonable altitude for a model of its size/engine class?

- Write-up (30% total)
  - Well-written instructions that others could replicate
  - Good photos (We would like good clear photos, at least of build process and finished product.  In-flight photos must be included but will not be graded for picture quality).

  • Each entrant may enter (1) entry.
  • Each entry must include at least (1) photo of ALL of the parts in your box.
  • Each entry must include at least (1) unpainted/unfinished photo, (1) Static and (1) Flight photo, however, to allow others to be able to build the rocket from your article, more pictures, templates, and drawings are encouraged.
  • Entry photos, templates, or drawings may be GIF, JPEG, BMP, or PDF - or - if you don't have an electronic photo, e-mail us for a mailing address and we will scan them in for you.
  • The winner will have first choice from the pool of prizes available for the contest, the runner up getting second pick, etc.
  • Declarations must be received by EMRR no later than February 22, 2009 March 1, 2009
  • Bonus Boxes of parts must be mailed no later than March 1, 2009 March 8, 2009
  • Submissions must be received no later than July 1, 2009July 31, 2009.

Send the list of declared items, the two pictures and whether you would like to participate in the Bonus box swap to attachment @

(Even if you can't play or win, thank these sponsors by supporting them!)

Art Applewhite Rockets
UFO Picture Any Style of Flying Saucer kit of your choice of design up to a 29mm motor mount. (click on parts)
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(1) SpaceCAD Registration License which you be able to use for all your future builds!

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(1) Model Rocket Design and Construction Book

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Spaceship Handbook A copy of the Spaceship Handbook by Jack Hagerty and Jon C. Rogers, published by ARA Press. Over 100 Data Sheets on 75 different spacecraft. (see review)
Pic One complete Electric Match Package:
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1-bag of ML-12
1-bag of ML-24
1-bag of ML-48
1-bag ML-72
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Red Arrow Hobbies
$50$50 Shopping Spree at Red Arrow Hobbies
Mercury Engineering
Mercury Engineering
Grave Digger

(1) collection of parts that assembles into a Grave Danger (click on photo)
First Flight Hobbies Production Rocket Kit #1 from newest rocket company: First Flight Hobbies
Glenn Roth & the 4H Radical Rocketeers
(1) OOP-Aardvark Astrobee D


Jim Bassham SR-72 Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 50.0
(20%) Flight= 20.0
(30%) Write-up= 30.0

SCORE= 100.0
BONUS= 10% + 9%


Notes: All (5) surprise items used
Hans "Chris" Michielssen USPS Express Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 43.8
(20%) Flight= 14.9
(30%) Write-up= 22.5

SCORE= 81.2
BONUS= 10% + 3%


Notes: Mandatory (2) + (1) surprise items used
Matt Gillard Little Lil Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 24.5
(20%) Flight= 14.4
(30%) Write-up= 11.6

SCORE= 50.5
BONUS= 10% + 9%


Notes: All (5) surprise items used
Chan Stevens Cosmic Chicken Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 25.2
(20%) Flight= 6.2
(30%) Write-up= 14.1

SCORE= 45.5
BONUS= 10% + 9%


Notes: All (5) surprise items used
Glenn Roth Transkelion Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 14.8
(20%) Flight= 4.9
(30%) Write-up= 6.9

SCORE= 26.6
BONUS= 10% + 0%


Notes: Mandatory (2) surprise items used
David Change Gaylord Pic  (50%) Finished Appearance= 10.0
(20%) Flight= 4.9
(30%) Write-up= 9.4

SCORE= 14.3
BONUS= 10% + 3%


Notes: Used (3) surprise items used
Tom Owens Lucky 13 Pic (50%) Finished Appearance= 5.5
(20%) Flight= 4.7
(30%) Write-up= 4.1

SCORE= 14.3
BONUS= 0% + 0%


Notes: All (5) surprise items used

Name Building Swap Requested Swap Assigned Declared Audited Surprises Assigned
Manuel Mejia No 2 Boxes to Send   No   NA
David Chance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ray King Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Stewart No 1 Boxes to Send Yes Yes Yes NA
Glenn Roth Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jason Orosco Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes
Todd Mullin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Layne Pemberton Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
John Thompson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Howard Smart Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Matt Gillard Yes Yes NA Yes Yes Yes
Hans "Chris" Michielssen Yes Receive Only NA NA NA Yes
Matthew Bond Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes
Jim Bassham Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tom Krawczyk Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes
Brad Shea Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes
Daughter of Shea Yes Receive Only       Yes
Chan Stevens Yes Yes NA Yes Yes Yes
Tom Owens Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes


  • Are timers and altimeters permitted?
    • Sure.
  • What about fill'n' finish?
    • Standard finishing supplies are allowed.
  • Is two part foam an acceptable "adhesive" if used to bond tubes and things together?
    • Yes, but only is used as an adhesive. Two part foam cannot be used to form new parts, i.e. molding a new nose cone.
  • Is the upper limit on clustered rockets 160Ns total or is the limit PER motor?
    • 160 Ns total.
  • Is there a limit on the TYPE of tape?
    • No. Tape can be used though only for adhesion or decoration, but not to form new structural parts.
  • Can I add a screw eye if I need to because these were left out of my package. (Just one?)
    • Yes. Add as many as you feel you need.
  • The question is how MUCH of an item do we have to use? (Can I just use the tips on the Popsicle sticks and toss the middle?)
    • You must use enough for us to recognize that you used the surprise item and the quanities indicated.

* The actual number of prizes issued will not exceed 3/4ths of the number of contest entries (e.g. if there are 10 prizes and only 10 entries, only 7 prizes will be issued). EMRR assumes no responsibility for the prize once it leaves our or the prize donor's location. EMRR is not liable for any damages or injury caused by the assembly or use of the prize.

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