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FlisKits, Inc: New product announcement

April 14, 2010

Decim8FlisKits is proud to announce three of their newest kits, the Decim8, L-13, and Nell!

Decim8: Retail price $36.95

Sister ship to the Alien8, the Decim8 is a sinister battle ship featuring one of the most incredible engine mounts ever offered in a model rocket kit! Colorful water slide decals and a very unique fin arrangement helps to set this futuristic ship apart from all the others.

This is a fairly complex model to construct and involves cutting your own fins (from templates) as well as cutting several body tubes and a ping pong ball. While this kit is certainly not for the beginner, it will provide even the most advance rocketeer with challenges as well as an exciting addition to any fleet!

L-13L-13 (first of 2 kits in the Robert H. Goddard Historic Series): Retail price: $18.95

The L-13, also know as "Experiemental rocket of April 1937" is a sport scale model of Robert Goddard's highest flying rocket, reaching an altitude of 2700 meters in 1937. This scale model makes use of 18mm motors and parachute recovery.

Standing over 2 feet tall, this sport scale model will make a fine addition to any fleet of scale models and is a must for aerospace history buffs! A fairly simple build, this model features a unique custom nose cone and materials to duplicate the launch rails that Goddard used to guide his rocket during the beginning of the flight.

Explore the history of the Father of Modern Rocketry through the FlisKits Robert H. Goddard Historic Series of model rocket kits! FlisKits, Inc.

NellNell - retail price $28.95

Sport scale model of the first liquid fueled rocket ever flown! Also known as the "test rocket of March 16th, 1926", this rocket is part of the FlisKits Robert H Goddard Historic Series and represents the most historically significant rocket ever flown!

This sport scale version represents the first time this design has ever been produced as a flying model in kit form and will challenge even the most advance rocketeer. Featuring several unique assembly steps and an unprecidented forward motor design, this kit is a must have for any scale rocketeer as well as any aerospace historical buffs.

Standing over 50 inches tall, this kit offering also includes a free download of plans to build a scale launch rack for that extra feel of authenticity when flying your Nell model rocket kit!

Contact Info:

FlisKits, Inc.
6 Jennifer Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054
(603) 494-1145

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