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EMRR's Support Options

EMRR has now successfully been online for many years, initiating our site on 1/14/98. We have greatly appreciated the support of many manufacturers and hobby stores who have sponsored contests with donations.

EMRR keeps advertising to a minimum. We don't clutter the pages with Google or Amazon Ads. We do, periodically, ask for support to cover the costs associated with running EMRR, including website-related fees, quarterly rocket give-aways, and postage for prizes. In additon, we look for support for other special contests, such as the EMRR Challenge, Design this Spaceship, and Youth Outreach/Participation.

EMRR is here to promote rocketry and provide a repository of useful product and hobby information. All means of support will be used to promote or enhance the site and allow for the continuation of prizes and outreach.

You can help support the site in a few ways:

  1. Donate Kits for prizes (We prefer you hold the kit until it is used in a contest and then ship to the prize winner. You may be anonymous)
  2. Offer to run your own contest through EMRR (subject to EMRR approval)
  3. Ask your club, hobby shop or rocket vendor to sponsor a Rocket Contest or Give-Away drawing. (subject to EMRR approval)
  4. Purchase the EMRR Calendar and/or any EMRR-ware. (Don't want to deal with CafeExpress... contact me for Paypal, MO, or Check)
  5. Direct Donation. (all monies support the rocket give-aways and other contests or site expenses)
  6. Contact us with any other support options you would like to propose

Thank you, in advance.

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