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The following packages are contain all the RockSim files in each category in a compressed folder. The manufacturer packages contain current, OOP, and modifications of rockets by that manufacturer.


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RockSim Motor Files: Submit to EMRR Up-to-date Motor Files on Rocketry Planet
Submit to EMRR 01-09-2007: Every Certified Rocket Motor (NAR/CAR/TRA)

RockSim OOP or Non-Certified Motor Files: Submit to EMRR AT OOP EconoJets & G80Submit to EMRR AT F101, G125Submit to EMRR DPSSubmit to EMRR FSISubmit to EMRR RocketFliteSubmit to EMRR Vulcan

RockSim Parts Files OVERHAUL: Submit to EMRR 2010 Parts/Data Overhaul
THIS IS A TOTAL OVERHAUL!!! Wilhelm Carpenter's updated RockSIM data files. They are now re-worded and re-organized for improved understanding. Everything is the same as what you have, just improved.

RockSim Parts Files: Submit to EMRR 2009/10 Body TubesSubmit to EMRR BlueTube PartsSubmit to EMRR FlisKits, Semroc, BMS PartsSubmit to EMRR LOC+ Parts

Tube Fins, Ring-Tails, and Side Pods Simulation "How to" Article Fins on Fins Simulation "How to" Article
Parallel Staging Simulation "How to" Article: Parts: 1 2 3 4 Pop Pod Boost Glider Simulation "How to" Article: Parts: 1 2
Ball-Nose RockSim Example Funnel Fin RockSim Example



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