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Level One Certification
785 Jefferson Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
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(Contributed - by Marlin Meyer [Who's Who Page] - 07/25/10) ARA press Level One Certification

New ARA publication by Tim Quigg. This is a How-To Guide for Level One Certification in NAR or TRA. A short but very complete and helpful guide for anyone wanting to attain their level 1. 52 pages (including table of contents, index, and about the author) Chapters include:

  • The Beginning
  • Getting Started
  • High Power Rocketry Regulations
  • Joining a National Rocketry Organization
  • Finding a Local Club
  • Certification Process Overview
  • Choosing and Building Your Certification Rocket
  • Certification Paperwork
  • Rocket Motor Selection
  • Pre-Launch Safety Checklist
  • The Certification Flight
  • Tips for the Newly Certified
  • Looking Forward

This is not a book designed to help you construct the rocket, but pretty much help you with everything else.

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