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2010 EMRR Challenge

Stop EMRR accepts reviews on ALL rocket kits even if not listed in our Hit Lists. Rockets listed here have special prize offering incentives. Click submit to provide any review.

EMRR's 2010 SUPER Hit List

Submit a review on one of these newly released rockets by the date specified (following the guidelines) and be entered for a special rocket give-away (currently valued at $52). More than one review for each rocket on the Super Hit List will be accepted and is desired. You will also be entered for our regular quarterly rocket give-away.

ARA Press 2010: A Scrapbook Odyssey
(Press Release)
ARA Press Rocket Science
(Press Release)
ARA Press Seize the Sky
(Press Release)
Fliskits Decim8
(Press Release)
Fliskits L-13
(Press Release)
Fliskits Nell
(Press Release)
Madcow Rocketry 2.6" Fiberglass Patriot
(Press Release)
Madcow Rocketry 2.6" Fiberglass Hawk MIM-23B
(Press Release)
Checkered Flag Models Rocket Rack
(Press Release)
Madcow Rocketry 2.6" Fiberglass Nike
(Press Release)
Madcow Rocketry 4" Fiberglass Little John, Black Brant II and Nike Smoke
(Press Release)
Sirius Rocketry Deimos
(Press Release)
ARA Press Rocketry Guides
(Press Release)
NEXT DRAWING (FOR THE ABOVE) will be on 9/15/10


EMRR's Guest's 2010 Hit List

These are the rockets that EMRR is specifically looking for Guest's have submitted from their build pile that do not currently have reviews on EMRR. Earn double entries in our quarterly rocket give-aways!

Not into kits? EMRR will also double the entries for:

  • Level 2 Project Articles
  • Level 3 Project Articles

Also, don't forget our Second Opinion Campaign


Art Applewhite Rockets Cluster Flying Saucer Kitá(10")
Art Applewhite Rockets Double Helix (24mm)
Art Applewhite Rockets Saber D5
Art Applewhite Rockets Six 18mm
Art Applewhite Rockets Stealth D5
Custom Rockets Scavenger
Custom Rockets Zero Gravity
Dr. Zooch Model Rocket Ares I
Dr. Zooch Model Rocket Ares I-X
Dr. Zooch Model Rocket Atlas-Agena
Edmonds Aerospace Stage 2 Thunder
Edmonds Aerospace Twin Thunder
Estes Industries Alien Invador
Estes Industries Chuter-Two
Estes Industries Comet Chaser
Estes Industries Cosmic Explorer
Estes Industries Equinox
Estes Industries Flutter-By
Estes Industries Fusion X25
Estes Industries Hornet
Estes Industries Long Tom
Estes Industries Magician
Estes Industries Mini Max
Estes Industries Monarch
Estes Industries Patriot ( Balsa Fins)
Estes Industries Payloader II
Estes Industries Phoenix Bird
Estes Industries Photon Disruptor
Estes Industries Photon Probe
Estes Industries Plasma Probe
Estes Industries Reflector
Estes Industries Satellite Interceptor
Estes Industries Sky Dart (13mm)
Estes Industries Space Eagle
Estes Industries Star (Start?) Trooper
Estes Industries Stratocruiser
Estes Industries Super Alpha
Estes Industries Super Neon XL
Estes Industries Twaister (sp?)
Estes Industries Ventor Force
FlisKits D-Nelson Tomahawk
FlisKits Teeny Triskelion
Giant Leap Rocketry Talon 4
Giant Leap Rocketry Talon 6
Heavenly Hobbies Cousin Bert
Hostile Projectiles V-23 Bomber Manned Rocket
InFlight Rockets NASA Pegasus Clone Kit
Leading Edge Rocketry Backfire
Leading Edge Rocketry Micro Bertha
Leading Edge Rocketry Micro Starlight
Leading Edge Rocketry Micro Yellow Jacket
LOC/Precision Big Nuke
LOC/Precision I-ROC
Madcow Rocketry Sensor
Madcow Rocketry Squat
Madcow Rocketry Striker
Odd'l Rockets Squatty Body
Pemberton Technologies DEEP-SHT
Pemberton Technologies MX-1868 (Oerlikon/Contraves RSC-51)
Plans - Excelsior Rocketry Goony Goblin
Plans - Excelsior Rocketry Goonydent
Pratt Hobbies 6 or 8-Pack Launch Controller
Public Missiles (PML) Cirrus Dart
Public Missiles (PML) Cygnus
Public Missiles (PML) Quantum Leap
Public Missiles (PML) Quantum Leap 3000
Public Missiles (PML) Quantum Leap II
Quasar One Defcon 1
Quasar One Stormy Skies
Quasar One Stratus One
Quest Aerospace Aerospace One
Quest Aerospace Aerospace One Fighter Escort
Quest Aerospace Big Dog
Quest Aerospace Cobalt
Quest Aerospace Full Betty
Quest Aerospace Future Launch Vehicle
Quest Aerospace Grunt
Quest Aerospace High-Q
Quest Aerospace Mean Green
Quest Aerospace Minotaur
Quest Aerospace Planet Probe
Quest Aerospace Quad Runner
Quest Aerospace Quest America
Quest Aerospace SHX Stilleto
Red River Rocketry Quarc
Semroc Astronautics Corporation Apollo Capsule
Semroc Astronautics Corporation Astron
Semroc Astronautics Corporation SLS Explorer
Squirrel Works Imp
Squirrel Works X-RV
Starlight Rockets Apogee
Starlight Rockets Firestar
Starlight Rockets Nano
Starlight Rockets SS Baracuda
Sunward Aerospace Bug Me Not!
Sunward Aerospace Space Speedster
Sunward Aerospace Tri-Force
U.S. Rockets (USR) Piston Stager
Wildman Rocketry The Wildman Rocket
Wildman Rocketry Ultimate Wildman

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