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EMRR's History - 2009
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12/29/09 - General Update.

12/12/09 - General Update. Released the 2010 EMRR Calendar! Announced the 2009 Design this Spaceship Contest!

12/01/09 - General Update.

11/23/09 - General Update. Duane Boldt starts to help with review formatting.

11/15/09 - General Update.

11/01/09 - General Update.

10/21/09 - General Update. Announced the Winners for the Rocket Family Photo Contest.

10/10/09 - General Update. Announced the Winners for the 2009 Rocket Video Contest. Matt Gillard starts to help with review formatting.

10/02/09 - General Update. 1643/2033M/32,252F/3454R/1457R

09/20/09 - Announced the winners of the Quarterly Rocket-Give-Away and the Super Hit List Shopping Spree. General Update.

09/15/09 - General Update.

09/07/09 - General Update.

08/30/09 - General Update.

08/21/09 - General Update. Announced winners of 2009 Box O' Parts contest.

08/10/09 - General Update. on 8/11/09, finished the new Flight Profile, so this makes it official: The Flight Log database, Search and Profile has gone through a near-100% revamp!

07/29/09 - General Update.

07/18/09 - General Update.

07/12/09 - After 3 weeks away...General Update.

07/01/09 - No Update. 1585/1986M/31,229F/3322R/1436R

06/20/09 - Updated the Flight Logs database format to allow for better control of Total Impulse, Total Cost, and faster generation of tables (not yet implemented). Updated all the Flight Log Management routines to use these new features. General Update.

06/15/09 - General Update.

06/06/09 - General Update.

05/30/09 - Lots 'O Reviews and Articles updated. Thanks to Lance Alligood. Changed RockSIM ZIPS archives over to by manufacturer.

05/19/09 - General Update.

05/12/09 - General Update. Catching up.

05/03/09 - General Update.

04/14/09 - General Update. Introduced 2009 Rocket Video Contest.

04/05/09 - General Update. 1538/1959M/30,047F/3163R/1415R

03/30/09 - General Update.

03/22/09 - Quarterly Rocket Give-Away and the Semi-Annual Super Hit List winners were announced based on the random drawing at the EMRR presentation at NARCOM 2009. General Update.

03/16/09 - General Update.

03/10/09 - What a terrible, terrible period for EMRR Server activity... but with all the changes our guests benefit the most. The site should be so much faster without all the on-the-fly page building. Re-introduced "EMRR on CD" March 2009 Edition. General Update for everything else.

03/01/09 - General Update.

02/22/09 - General Update. Had to do a lot of site work due to server CPU warning (caused by bots). See the Blog for details.

02/12/09 - General Update.

02/01/09 - General Update. Added the Glossary Word Pop-Up for each of the reviews... very cool! Also started background work for the EMRR on CD. This has always been a nag of mine... to make the old EMRR on CD took a lot of manual work updating links and creating non-dynamic files... so I started letting the scripts do that themselves. Potentially when done, I will be able to do a transfer from the server and load it onto a CD and be done. Updated to the last site update as well!

01/24/09 - General Update. Dick Stafford has added a ton of RockSIM's. Official start of the 2009 Box O' Parts Contest.

01/14/09 - Official start of Challenge, Design this Spaceship and the Elevate Eleven contest. Yes, EMRR is Eleven!

01/01/09 - Kicking off the year with our 14-Day Fund Raiser. Doing background maintenance (see Blog). Eliminated the Featured Reviewer links in reviews... will be replaced by Who's Who. Completed the Flight Log Integrity Checker for Flight Log Management. 1482/1924M/29,032F/3036R/1390R

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