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EMRR's History - 2008
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12/23/08 - Winners for the Design this Spaceship and EMRR Challenge announced. Also announced the Quarterly Rocket Give-Away winner. Attempted to address the What's New RSS feed to not sent a line for every new item. General update.

12/15/08 - General update.

12/09/08 - General update.

11/27/08 - General update. Announced the Youth Participation winners.

11/21/08 - BIG, general update #2, there finished getting caught up.

11/19/08 - BIG, BIG, general update. Uploaded a ton of reviews... some a month old (got lost, sorry)!

11/07/08 - General update. Announced Before & After Photo Contest Winners. Announced the 2009 EMRR Calendar.

10/31/08 - Oy! Terrible week with EMRR being hacked and all Index files changed. Seem to be back under control. There are so many behind the scenes changes I can't even go into them all here. Once cool one is that you can now sort Flight Pics by Rocketeer's name.

10/22/08 - General update.

10/13/08 - Rocket Video Contest 2008 Winners announced. General update.

10/05/08 - General update.

10/01/08 - General update. Added the Draft Review and Article Finder. 1452/1852M/424L/28,172F/2947R/1377R

09/22/08 - General update.

09/16/08 - General update. Announce the Super Hit List Winner of the $108 shopping spree. Introduced the ability to add a Flight Picture to Flight Logs. Introduced the Flight Log Management feature to allow edit, add, delete features to Flight Logs. Fixed picture archive view by setting the picture size. Many other little tweaks. Things going well!

09/06/08 - General update. Introduced the newest Flight Log Entry Form. Did a lot of scripting and cleaning up of old bugs too.

09/02/08 - General update. Way too much background work on the site. Check out the BLog for details.

08/25/08 - General update. A lot of background work especially moving all the folders around and making the site easier to maintain.

08/14/08 - General update. Introduced a new BEFORE and AFTER photo contest.

08/10/08 - General update.

08/04/08 - Winner announced for Who's Who Do-This, Win-That contest... Scott Turnbull. General update. Fixed a few bugs in the scripts and eliminated the secondary home page from the site (left over from old counter methods).

07/26/08 - Winners judged and decided for the Box O' Parts contest. Winners voted for and determined for the Odd-Rocs Photo Contest. Added a Picture Archive for non-OOP vendors (may expand). General Update with additional reviews/articles. Site is coming along nicely!

07/16/08 - General Update with a lot (22 reviews/articles) of catching up.

07/12/08 - Update driven by the Box O' Parts Contest... getting all the entries posted.

07/01/08 - General Update. Announced the Quarterly Rocket Give-Away winner and the Do This - Win That Specific Rocket Tips Winner. Introduced our second Rocket Video Contest. 1385/1792M/383L/26,828F/2797R/1372R

06/24/08 - General Update. Fixed a number of nagging problems for Flight Log entry. Fixed CP and Recommended motors form (that I broke when working on review's forms). Added some link redirection (thanks for the input) to help those that have links pointing to the older review format.

06/06/08 - General Update.

06/01/08 - General Update.

05/23/08 - General Update. Introduced the Do This - Win That campaign to encourage Rocket Specific Tips and Who's Who entries.

05/19/08 - Finally completed the long overdue Motors Database update. Has all the certified motors now and we updated pricing. General update.

05/06/08 - General Update.

05/01/08 - Eliminated the self-maintained eList for a service mailing list. Changed the left header to tell when EMRR is online (verses number of chatters since chat is not used). This was a big change. At the same time I discovered that the review html's were not updating the number of guests, so I made a tweak and now they do, but I had to delete every review in the cache. This site may slow down a bit while the reviews are being re-cached.

04/18/08 - Fixed a Bug that has seemly been there for a long time. Apparently all OOP, Plans and Scratch that had RockSim's were not being updated on the top of the review. Also, created a "rvwfinder" script for links that are embedded in reviews that point to other ones. These other reviews may have moved (e.g. kits to oop). Created a What's New RSS Feed. General Update.

04/12/08 - General Update.

04/05/08 - Have our first entry for both the Youth Participation and the Odd-Rocs photo contest. Been doing some behind-the-scenes work on rss feed for the site (things that make you go hmmmm). General update. 1319/1749M/984L/25,846F/2675R/1342R

03/25/08 - Introduced a new Odd-Rocs Photo Contest. General update provided.

03/17/08 - Quarterly Rocket Give-Away announced. 2nd Super Hit List Winner announced. Fixed the sort order on Who's Who to ensure newest come to the top for the Who's New page. General update provided.

03/09/08 - Now Who's Who Edit capability is functioning! Also added a couple new calculators. General update provided.

03/02/08 - A lot of background work has taken place, cleaning up manufacturer's logos and adding them to OOP reviews. Also added a Link to EMRR page to help others find our banners, buttons and code. Still working on the Who's Who Edit capability (one failed attempt). General update provided.

02/23/08 - Introduced (officially) the new Who's Who in Rocketry Registry. General update.

02/12/08 - Introduced the beginnings of the SpaceCAD accepting input. Also, still behind the scenes, we have worked on the Who's Who registry. General update.

02/01/08 - Lots o' reviews - went over the 3000 mark! Lots o' site work in the background. Introduced first ever Box o' Parts contest run by Todd Mullin. Introduced the Essence of Essence Model Rocketry Reviews Blog. General update.

01/21/08 - General update.

01/14/08 - Introduced Lance Alligood as Featured Reviewer. Added the Who's Behind EMRR page. Updated all horizontal and vertical menues. Added dynamic eList text on home page.

01/10/08 - Announced 2007 Design the Spaceship Contest winners. Added Related Tips to all the Featured Tips pages.

01/04/08 - Started the You FLEW it, Please REVIEW it! campaign.

01/01/08 - Kicking off the year with our second 14-Day Fund Raiser. Doing background maintenance. Added Plans to the Archive list for specific manufacturers. Announced the winners of the 2007 EMRR Challenge. 1344/1638M/968L/25,136F/2658R/1311R

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