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EMRR's History - 2010
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09/01/10 - New Ownship is announced and official. Nick's last update to the site... come join my Retirement Party.1779/2123M/35,615F/3887R/1519R

08/10/10 - 100% or reviews are now complete! Last update on this server... starting switch over this week and next.

08/05/10 - General (big catch up) update.

08/01/10 - General update.

07/21/10 - General update.

07/15/10 - General update. Winners announced for the Kitbash Virtual Rocket Contest. 1754/2106M/35,275F/3844R/1512R

06/16/10 - General update.

06/02/10 - General update. Winners announced for the Two at Once Photo Contest.

05/21/10 - General update.

05/15/10 - General update. Put EMRR up for sale.

04/28/10 - General update.

04/13/10 - General update.

04/10/10 - General update. Announced Quarterly Rocket Give-Away Winner and the Special Hit List Winner. 1713/2090M/34,125F/3672R/1492R

03/11/10 - General update. Changed the Review/Article submission forms to allow auto-recovery. (Should have done that to begin with!). Site activity tanked the server again, so we are back on the expensive VPS.

02/21/10 - Challenge now has full set of prize givers... so we're off! General update.

02/01/10 - Well, we're off! Finally. New EMRR Challenge with two new photo contests and a new Design this Spaceship contest. Lot's of fun coming this year!

01/15/10 - Kicking off the year (late) with our 14-Day Fund Raiser. 1694/2071M/33,383F/3593R/1476R

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