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Jim Stuckman
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Jim and his Big DaddyHow long have you been into Sport Rocketry?
"I started flying at about 6 years old with the Centuri Big Shot Starter Set.  Flew pretty consistently until high school.  Then I started flying R/C in '86.  I was on the club's board of directors for 4 years as safety director.  I was also an instructor and Expert Class Q500 Pylon Racer. Flew R/C heli's for a bit.  Kids came and no time to fly!  I started flying rockets again about 4 years ago.  Who would have thought that little Patriot Set would lead to hundreds of kits in my workshop!"  - 6/98 

What organizations are you a member of?
"Currently a member of  NAR and of a Connecticut NAR Section, NARCONN."

What level are you certified to?
"As this point I am not certified.  I'm planning on certifying Level 1 this fall."

What is your all time favorite rocket?
"My all time favorite is the Estes Der Red Max, however my current favorite is the Northcoast Rocketry Patriot."

Tell me an interesting rocket related experience?
"When my son was about 3, we had a spectacular CATO on our Quest Delta Clipper on a C6-3. Just as it cleared the rod, it turned into an orange fireball. We rebuilt the rocket with a 24mm mount (and nose weight) and turned it into a spectacular performer.  This also convinced me that the standard length of wire on the model launch controller was closer than I wanted to be when flying with kids! I order the Pro Series (now NCR) Command Control the next day."

Anything else you would like people to know?
"All of my flying since my rebirth as a BAR has been with my oldest son Brian (almost 6 yrs) Some of our best times are spent building flying rockets. My younger son, David is 6 months old.  My wife, Jennifer is VERY supportive of our rocketry.  We've been married for 8 years.  I am the Senior Mechanical Designer for Pratt Whitney's Industrial Gas Turbine Program. 

Jim passed away after a long illness on 2/08/02.

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