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Mike Goss
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Mike GossHow long have you been into Sport Rocketry?
"Since 8th grade (12 yrs) and a BAR since 1989." - 6/99 

What organizations are you a member of?
"I am currently a member of NAR."

What level are you certified to?
"I am currently not certified."

What is your all time favorite rocket?
"The Estes Staturn 5."

Tell me an interesting rocket related experience?
"We were flying a rocket that my cousin had given me back when I was in high school. The first flight was great, the second flight got caught on the trolley wire of the local railroad, not only was it off the ground but it was a rather busy line used for both frieght and commuters. We went around to the other side of the tracks and waited for a train to come by to see what would happen. By the time we got there we did not see the rocket on the line. We found most of it lying on the tracks. It was missing the nose cone from the payload section and a fin, and had another fin broken by that time. Not wanting to waste the last motor, we set it on the pad once again. It took off, circled horizontal 10 feet off the ground, and then the ejection charge broke the shock cord sending the two remaining parts in opposite directions. I have since re-finned the rocket twice, and it is still flying 20 years later. "

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