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We appreciate that Rocketeers come from all walks of life and regardless of their background they all love the hobby. Rocketeers are generally a friendly group and are willing to help each other out at launches. At EMRR we are pleased to continue to support the hobby and provide a valuable resource of information for fellow Rocketeers. We don't do this by ourselves, so this section is dedicated to a number of Featured Reviewers so that we can get to know them and recognize their contributions to the site.


John Lee
Lance Alligood
Donald Besaw Jr
Larry Brand
Bob Cox
Drake Damerau
Clive Davis
Bill Eichelberger
Geof Givens
Dick Stafford
Chan Stevens

An OLD interview about me:


An OLD Lunar Newsletter Article:



Tom Bell
Greg Deeter
Mike Goss
Eric Miller
Jim Stuckman (deceased)
David Urbanek
Kelo Waivio
Moira Jean Whitlock

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