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Greg Deeter
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Deeter and Tallboy

How long have you been into Sport Rocketry?
"Since 1973. I was fortunate enough to have been a student at Paradise School on California Avenue in Modesto California from K-8 under the supervision of Mr. Robert York an NAR member from the early 60's. He was our principal and rocketry was taught in every classroom in addition to 4-H and private local clubs.

My first launch was on my first day of Kindergarten on a B motor. The only thing I remember of it is that it landed in a horse pasture and I had to go find it.

The Paradise field that we launched from during school also just so happened to be right across the street from the house I was raised in from 1969-1986. There were rockets and remote control airplanes in the sky almost every single day.

My interest in rocketry waned around 1982 with my first car and subsequent girlfriends, rock and roll concerts, etc. I came back to the hobby in 2001."
- 09/2005

What organizations are you a member of?
"I am a member of national organizations :

Tripoli 10122
NAR 81663 (I had been an NAR member in 1975 but do not remember my number)

I am also a member of local clubs:

Challenger 498, Katy Texas
NASA Houston Rocket Club that launches at NASA's Johnson Space Center
Northwest Houston Rocketry Association

I am also a member of regional clubs:

Tripoli San Diego
Tripoli Vegas"

What level are you certified to?
"I am Tripoli 10122 L2 Certified through Tripoli #002."

What is your all time favorite rocket?
"That would have to be my L2 rocket with a close second being my first self built rocket, a Mean Machine that I flew at least 93 documented times from 1975-1981. It won 4-H Blue Ribbons at the Stanislaus County Fairs in June of 1978 and June of 1979 in Turlock California."

Tell me an interesting rocket related experience?
"Coming back into the hobby is my most interesting experience to share. In late 2001 I was watching the news on television a bit more than normal as I am sure most were. I remember seeing a CNN news report of a fire at a model rocket motor factory in Nevada. It was not Estes and I did an Internet search for model rocketry. There I learned about Aerotech and found EMRR. I also located local clubs. At first when looking at photos of large rockets on the web I thought that people were playing a joke with photoshop or something. So I went to a launch in Hearne Texas in late 2003 and learned there first hand that High Power like we always dreamed about, was real."

What's your favorite aspect of the hobby?
"I love the launch. I like building but I love flying. And getting involved in the clubs has been amazing. So many cool people with the same passion for rockets. The Houston area clubs are just incredible and I am grateful for them."

Do you have any other hobbies?
"I collect 18th and 19th century mail and letters. Philately. I have also collected sports cars yet that hobby got a bit too expensive."

Anything else you would like people to know?
"Reading EMRR contributed strongly to me getting back into the hobby as a BAR. In fact I blame EMRR for my current addiction to rocketry. haha! :) "

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