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Donald Besaw Jr
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Donald with his Estes PolarisHow long have you been into Sport Rocketry?
"I have been involved in Sport rocketry since 1994 when I was 13 years old and I built a small rocket it my 7th grade shop class. I am now 21 years old and enjoy the hobby more than ever. My parents accuse me of being over-obsessed with rockets since I have built more rockets than I can count. I also will NEVER give up the hobby." - 3/02

What attracted to rocketry as a hobby?
"Again, I was attracted to rocketry in my shop class. Also my dad was involved in rocketry for a short time before I was born."

What organizations are you a member of?
"I am currently not involved in any organization at this time. However, I plan to join Tripoli in the near future."

What level are you certified to?
"I am currently not certified. I do plan to attempt a Level 1 in the near future if possible."

What is your all time favorite rocket?
"That would have to be decided between my Aerotech G-Force and My Estes OOP CATO. The G-Force was my very first mid-power rocket. I flew it on a G40-4W for an awesome first mid-power flight. Second, the CATO is an absolute blast to fly."

Tell me an interesting rocket related experience?
"I think my most interesting experience was just recently when my Estes Maxi V-2 reissue decided to arc over, crash, and eject at the same time, simulating the flight profile of a real German V-2. Sadly, the impact smashed the first three to four inches of the body tube."

Anything else you would like people to know?
"Yes, Get involved in Rocketry if you haven't yet! There is a rocket for everyone's wallet, flying space, or experience level. You won't meet a nicer bunch of people anywhere else. Also start with a few simple A-C powered Estes rockets. Then if you have the space, try an Estes D or E powered rocket. Then move up to high power if you want to."

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