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"EMRR on CD" Nay-Sayers
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We ran a little on-the-side contest to give the "EMRR on CD" Nay-Sayers an opportunity to... well... Nay-Say about "EMRR on CD". Here are the results.

The top 3 places will be getting an "EMRR on CD" mailed to them... just out of spite.

  • FIRST PLACE: The real reason I can't purchase the EMRR on CD this time around is that my physician has advised me not to do so. My addiction to details and other rocket information has made my compulsion difficult to bear. I've lost my job, stolen my company laptop and I am now living out of my truck (with rocket trailer attached). I ran the truck off the road yesterday updating my hard drive with data from the EMRR CD. My doctor heard this and tried to pry it from my CD drive. He allowed me to keep it, knowing that I have nearly memorized the data but made me swear not to buy another one this year. My doctor sincerely hopes I am thwarted in this last ditch effort to acquire your CD.
  • SECOND PLACE: I'm *already* behind in stuff I have to build. The EMRR CD would provide tons of useful ideas, tips, and projects. Of course, I'd be too tempted to try many of the projects listed - even though I can't afford to (in money OR time). Like I need to add any MORE to my build pile? And subtract more from my bank account??? Bah Humbug!
  • THIRD PLACE: I would NEVER benefit from having "EMRR on CD" because I am unable to read any form of optical media in my 8-track tape player.

Honorable Mention for Content and Creativity:

  • (heavy exasperated sigh) Okay, Nick, ever since I became aware of EMRR's existence, I've heard you drone on and on (and ON) about how we all need to get EMRR on CD, about what a great deal it is, and how incredibly convenient it is to have all of your usual propaganda all in one place where it's easily accessible at pretty much anytime we need it. *No.* I mean, *really.* And if my meaning isn't absolutely crystal clear, I'd like to offer the following by way of explanation. I give you... "The Top 5 Reasons I Don't Need EMRR on CD"
    • Number 5. There's no way to automatically update the CDs with the new information that comes out every month or so. For example, look at the sheer volume of reviews which that Bill Eichelberger boy generates. (disgusted) I mean, him and his stinking "B6-4 Field!" (*Everybody* knows a solid fuel B6-4 rocket motor doesn't generate any kind of electromagnetic field.)
    • Number 4. And why would I even *want* a "snapshot in time" of an albeit favorite section of the so-called "World Wide Web," which is in a state of constant *and* hopeless flux at any given moment?
    • Number 3. Besides, you don't have any of the future reviews which *I* plan to write. Oh sure, never mind that I've been putting them off for THE LAST YEAR and MORE, but you *really* should THINK AHEAD!
    • Number 2. These so-called "compact discs" refuse to be accessed by telepathic means. Shouldn't I be able to *think* about a given article, review, or (giggling senselessly) RockSim file, and have it downloaded directly into my brain for immediate analysis?
    • And finally, the Number 1 Reason I Don't Need EMRR on CD: Your primitive 21st century Earth technology leaves a great deal to be desired. Frankly, I'm not sure that my (Mostly) Universal Decryption Laser (MUDL, pronounced "muddle") is even remotely capable of decoding your accumulated "rocketry wisdom," even given the fact that... --Hello, what's *this?* (inhales sharply to cover real feelings) No, I can't think of any reasons at all that I could possibly want the immense wealth of historical Earth data digitally encoded on your portable silver storage devices. (--"Great KRYTEN! Can you be*LIEVE* this incredible treasure trove? Imagine how much I'll be able to *sell* this for on the Intergalatic Post-It[tm] Bulletin Board?) (You're *right!* Those Earthlings are *so* gullible!)

Remaining Entries in no specific order:

  • Because my rocket skills are so excellent I rarely need EMMR at home much less on a cd say at a rocket launch on a laptop for reference purposes. No I just can't ever seeing me needing it.
  • At the field, the only use EMRR on CD would have for me would be to serve as a signal mirror for rescuers to help find me if I were to get lost in the hinterlands while searching for wayward rockets. As of am not high power certified, so my rockets tend to touch down more hither than yon. Since I do not wander far from the pads, I can follow the smell of burnt propellant back to the flight line, and rarely need to signal searchers. That being the case, EMRR on CD would be relegated to serve as an attractive coaster under my beverage of choice. As it turns out, I'm not too particular about water rings on my range box, so I don't really need a coaster, either.
  • I'm sorry that I did not order the Jan '06 CD. As you have known me for a decade or so, "schmidt" happens to me constantly. The toilet backed up and the kids let it overflow. It ran for 20 minutes which was enough time to flood the entire living area and two bedrooms. When flood was cleaned up, damn if we weren't hit by a meteor in the backyard. I'm still dumping dirt back into the hole. While I was cleaning up that mess, the cows got out and wandered onto the highway where a semi managed to make his points on a bull and a heffer. Other than that, taxes are due, the church wants me to be a priest, the moon is the wrong shade and my TV went out before the Super Bowl and I'm not giving in for less than a plasma 32 inch.
  • Because CDs are made for attaching a F21 to it.
  • the main reason not to have one is the fact that the CD player is kaput! I don't have a laptop and the company I work for, although an aerospace company, doesn't want personal stuff on their computers. I could whine on for a while more but I need to get to your web site to access the rocksim database for some info. However, with that said, I can always use extra CD's for my spool rockets!!! Do I need to go on anymore! My fingers are getting tired!
  • Well quite simply, if it's on the website, I'd be more apt to go to your website and enter my search query. It's always there. The CD, on the other hand, would simply sit in my CD folder waiting for that one day where I might actually need some information that I know is on your site, but my internet connection is down and I just cannot wait for it to come back up. And that's never been an issue before.
  • "EMRR on CD" use implies no "EMRR on Web" access, and I'm WIRED, BABY! At least I am when I am building and purchasing, which is when I use EMRR.
  • Pretty much, if I’m at my PC I can get to anything I want online without a CD to get lost, scratched, used as a Frisbee by my daughter… It would probably take me longer to find the CD and put it in my drive, explore to it and find the info I wanted than just going to the site..
  • Not Mac compatible! Oh and that broadband thing...
  • Simply, I have two computers and they are both hooked up to the internet. It would be redundant to have the CD. Now, if you bundled it with a laptop for the same price, I could be interested.
  • Well, I for one would not buy an "EMRR on CD." I know, from personal experience, that CDs do NOT make good rocket fins. My attempts were dismal failures. I am guessing the density to strength ratio is way too high.
  • My CDROM doesn't work with commercial software unfortunately.
  • To me it's pretty simple. I would always get that nagging feeling that I do not have the latest and greatest information... I would probably go check online anyway to see if there are more reviews, more tips or new information available Vs what is on the CD.
  • So I have a commercial DSL line into my house and i have a door on my office at work (makes rocketry research easy). This means offline content is really not very relevant in my wired world. Hell I dont even have a printer in my office. Give me paper and I toss it out or scribble on it. Give me a CD and it is doomed to become hopelessly scratched as it falls off my desk and I step on it. To top it off I will never have time to look at it during a launch as I usually forget to charge the batteries on my laptop. As much as supporting EMRR would be important to me, I can get a better deal from AOL for spool rocket parts. Snide enough?
  • Ummm, well. . . .If I'm on the computer I have T1 access to EMRR so why would I also need it on disk?
  • I do not have time for rocketry anymore.
  • There is no benefit to having EMRR on CD since you can't CHAT with all those other wonderful rocketry enthusiasts on the CD version, and there is not (currently) a virtual chat generator included on the CD (sounds like a future project for you).
  • What, draw upon the knowledge and experience of others? Bah, the only good information is that you figure out for yourself, and the only way to learn from the mistakes of others is to make them yourself too, so that you'll remember them longer. Otherwise, what would happen to man's quest for knowledge if other people were to do the hard work for him? Isn't that how the written word got us into so much trouble in the first place? I would've replied with a spoken recording instead of this text message, but I'm still writing the software for my computer to let me record and play back audio files. Media Player? We don't need Media Player.
  • ummm... ummm... I'm saving up my money for a bigger rocket for my level 1 cert?
  • I pay quite a bit for my cable connection with download speeds at 4Mb/s. Who needs a CD ROM, if I can't download it, I don't need it. The EMRR web host it so reliable that the information is always there when I need it!
  • The only RockSim simulations posted at the web site that are worth anything are the ones I created and sent to EMRR. I have more simulations than EMRR; over 3000 and counting! I have more exotic simulations than EMRR e.g. pyramid and sputnik.
  • I prefer to use flash drives for storage media rather than CD ROM. This is the only way to get a super fast install of RockSim software. CD ROM = fin; all my CD ROM's seem to turn into spool rockets, at $15 each that would make for an expensive rocket.
  • I don't need or read reviews; it makes model rocket assembly all the more challenging!
  • I don't look at flight logs either! The current flight logs are too sparse to generate meaningful simulation data. I have a hand-held weather station interfaced to a laptop computer so I can record and report all the relevant RockSim variables; this database is much more extensive and useful than EMRR's flight logs.
  • I have more vendor information than EMRR. One of my computers has almost 4000 rocketry related links (including people, patents and FOI documents) that I review and keep current.
  • The EMRR CD ROM is in English and I prefer the scientific language of the most original and advanced rocketry program Chinese!
  • Besides that I have already downloaded most of the web site onto my computer drives!
  • If I had EMRR on CD what would I do to goof off at work. I wouldn't need to check the webpages everyday for updates and to decide what rocket I am going to build next by reading the reviews.
  • #1 Don't have a CDROM drive. #2 If I can browse EMRR on my laptop when riding in the car, my wife will divorce me (some might think that a benefit though). #3 Receiving massive numbers of unwanted AOL CD's has conditioned me to mount a motor on any CD received in the mail and launch
  • For me CD = beer coaster. Always has, always will.
  • As soon as you burn the site to CD, it starts to become "stale" compared to the tons of updates going onto the site every month. With the cheap, easy access Ihave to DSL, it's actually more of a hassle to dig out a CD than it is to simply surf over to the site, assuring me of always grabbing the freshest data.
  • I'm such a proverbial rocket geekette who doesn't have a life in the outside world. Instead I keep on surfing your essential EMRR site day and night for a fresh fix for my hobby turned into an obsessive category 5 rocket addiction, and when I bump into a fresh update, I'll be in high heaven for hours. So actually my lame excuse not to buy your CD yet is that I'm worried that it just wouldn't feel the same when 'canned'.... ...Or maybe it's just that my husband is going into a massive coronary every time I bring home something rocketry related.... Keep up the good work!

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