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We are pleased to re-introduce Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews on CD (technically DVD). After over 3 years, EMRR can once again be enjoyed online or offline which makes it available to virtually everyone.

This DVD gives quick, unconnected, access to the nearly 3,500 reviews and articles, Recommended Motors, CP Library, RockSim (TM) Library, Tips/Hints and Stories that are all available on EMRR.

[March Cover]Traditionally "EMRR on CD" is a tedious task that takes many, many hours to produce, however, starting this year we have made the process a lot easier through improved scripts.

There are some features that are not available for "EMRR on CD" due to offline functionality limitations. We're confident you will enjoy having this resource available to you when you can not be connected.

The cover is a photo by Ray Lapanse. He takes spectacular photos and we have featured some of them in the EMRR Calendar. I chose this one because it shows the theme for the 2009 EMRR Challenge.

    • 3,448 Reviews/Articles
    • 830 Authors
    • 29,660 Flight Logs
    • 2,064 RockSim Files
    • 1,653 CP Listings
    • 3,330 Recommended Motors
    • 2,537 Opinions
    • 404 Stories
    • 429 Hints/Tips
    • 819 Rocket Specific Tips
    • 894 Glossary Terms
    • 144 Who's Who Profiles

"EMRR on CD" History - CLICK HERE

  • EMRR on CD - Price is $8.00 + $2.00 Shipping
    (including shipping for U.S. and Canada.)

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  • Outside of U.S./Canada, contact me

NARCONNote: EMRR will be at on NARCON 2009 on Friday 3/20 - Saturday 3/21. You may preorder your "EMRR on CD" to be delivered at NARCON and save 20%.

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