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Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT) is pleased to introduce this special, limited, one-time release of 3-in-1, 18mm, 24mm, cluster, futuristic rocket; Triatomic.

TRIATOMIC - having three replaceable atoms or radicals.


One Rocket - having three replaceable configurations!
(and a 24-18mm adaptor)

The SKILL LEVEL 4+ kit includes:

  • Color-Photo, Detailed Instructions
  • Body Tubes, Centering Rings, Thrust Rings. Launch Lugs
  • Basswood Fins
  • Balsa Transition and Nose Cones
  • Card Stock Fin Templates, Alignment and Marking Guides
  • Wadless Parachute Cup design
  • 24 to 18mm Adapter
  • Estes "E" Capable (Transition and Futuristic)
  • 3x18mm Cluster Capable (Cluster)
  • Kevlar + Elastic Shock Cord
  • RocketHead Mylar Parachute
  • Hardware
  • Future-treated Water-slide Decals (see cover)
  • Specs:
  • Motors:
    • Transition: Min motor is B6-2
      • B6-2 (195ft), C6-5 (590ft), C11-5 (565ft), D12-7 (1275ft), E9-8 (2465ft)
    • Cluster: Min motor is 1/2A6-2
      • 3x 1/2A6-2 (73ft), 3x A8-3 (270ft), 3x B6-6 (790ft), 3x C6-7 (1735ft)
    • Futuristic: Min motor is B6-2
      • B6-2 (115ft), C6-3 (355ft), C11-3 (350ft), D12-5 (840ft), E9-6 (1750ft)

This unique kit is like three-rockets-in-one. All with interesting features including a transition, cluster, and futuristic with rear pod and nose cone. There are a lot of parts and it will be a building challenge. Flight features includes a Wadless Parachute Cup and a 24 to 18mm Adaptor for the Transition and Futuristic. It is also Estes "E" capable.

Don't let the price scare you away...even the Estes Executioner is $37 - one rocket that flies on "E" motors.

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