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2010 EMRR Calendar
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Wow, what a year... but, despite all the changes we have finally prepared the 10th EMRR Calendar! We are happy with the quality and ease from CafePress, so we are continuing to offer our EMRR Calendar thru them.

The calendar is now offered in 4 different sizes (but we recommend the 17" Oversized Version... just awesome!


[2010 Cover]The calendar is priced at just $2.50 over cost. This money will be used to fund EMRR server fees and if there is any remaining it will go toward funding EMRR's Rocket Give-Away.

CafePress To purchase a calendar, you must visit Cafepress and choose the calendar(s) that you would like.


NOTE: If you want to avoid Cafepress for any reason, let me know via the Feedback form (or of you want to write a check, MO, or Paypal verses online shopping at Cafepress.)

Please provide us some feedback. Thanks and enjoy.

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Wondering what it will look like? CafePress will allow you to preview each and every month for the various size calendars (yes, each is a little different so you should order all 4)!


Here is all the text:

Max Praglin's Polecat Nike Smoke 4" (see review here)

LDRS28, Potter, NY, 7-5-09,
Wildman's M-motor Drag Race
Simply Awesome!
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

No comments on the calendar, but we wanted to capture the fun that kids can have in rocketry!
Proto Credits: Multiple EMRR Guests (Thank you)

Thomas with his Custom Elite and Egg Adventure... Scrambled anyone? (see review here)
Photographer: Thomas Tweedel

LDRS28 in Potter, NY, 7-6-09,
Randy Milliken Upscale Estes Alpha,
Cesaroni Pro54, L990 Blue Streak
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

Tim Van Milligan showing off and enjoying a Pemberton Technologies Kraken (see review here)
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

From LDRS28, Potter, NY, 7-5-09,
Gates Brothers "Sumo" rocket,
central AeroTech M2100G, plus four M1500G motors
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

LDRS28, Potter, NY, 7-4-09,
Tim Doll, 1/48th scale Saturn V,
AeroTech J275W motor
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

LDRS28, Potter, NY, 7-5-09,
Chris LaPanse's 6-inch Upscale version of FlisKit's "Deuces Wild",
on two Cesaroni Pro54, K675SK skidmark motors
And there's Chris with the "real" Jim Flis, himself
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

Tim Blohm with his Upscale Argosy on a J500 Green and his Upscale Manta Bomber on a Cluster
Photos by Gary Moratz and Mark Canepa

Tripoli Colorado Club launch 9-13-09, in Hartsel, CO,
Ernie Puckett, rocket name Ern13A,
on a J352 motor
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

No comments on the calendar, but we wanted to capture some of the various rocketry scenes one might experience.
Proto Credits: Multiple EMRR Guests (Thank you)

No comments on the calendar. This was an idea we came up with mid-year to really capture a large number and variety of motors. A personal favorite!
Proto Credits: Multiple EMRR Guests (Thank you)

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