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2009 EMRR Calendar
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With the quality and looks of the 2008 EMRR Calendar from CafePress, we are pleased to introduce the 2009 EMRR Calendar. It is our 9th annual calendar production and will again be offered via CafePress to produce and manage the shipping of it.

With this change, we no longer have the coupon page nor the vendor sponsors, however, we now have 3 sizes to offer!


[2009 Cover]The calendar is priced at $2 over cost. This money will be used to fund EMRR server fees and if there is any remaining it will go toward funding EMRR's Rocket Give-Away.

CafePress To purchase a calendar, you must visit Cafepress and choose the calendar(s) that you would like.


NOTE: If you want to avoid Cafepress for any reason, let me know via the Feedback form (or of you want to write a check, MO, or Paypal verses online shopping at Cafepress.)

Please provide us some feedback. Thanks and enjoy.

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Wondering what it will look like? CafePress will allow you to preview each and every month!


Here is all the text:

'Another outstanding graphic by our favorite: Shrox

Scott Ripplinger's 1:54 Ares I 4" x 5' 8" - ~ 5 lbs - Aerotech H124
Photographer: Randy Ripplinger

Upscale Arreux build and flown by Thomas Wicki, Mini ALRS March 2008 AT-L1150R for a 3.53 Meter long (139 inches), 6 inches diameter and 18 kg (40 lb) weight

"Galactica", 5.5" diameter and 16 pounds, was scratchbuilt by Sather Ranum Flying here on a J415-W, with a tethered main deployment. The rocket flew to approximately 2400'

ALRS Argos Large Rocket Ships 2007 Flyer, in the Val-De-Ruz Switzerland

8x Upscale Estes Interceptor with booster flown at Plaster Blaster 2008 - 17 feet tall, 10" diameter main body, 12" diameter booster, 158 pounds Flown on a M2400 Blue Thunder main and a K1100 Blue Thunder in the booster Punk Rocket Science Build Team: Jesse Blas, Joe Conway, Jim Deveau, Michael Deveau, Kevin Frelke, Larry Frelke, Rick Frelke, Mike Jerauld, Bethany Lawson, Scott Lawson, Jim McKinley, Sean McKinley, Todd Mullin, Andy Peart
Photos by Joyce Chan of Phoenix, AZ

Moe Bertrand's 1.6x upscale of the Estes Astron Scrambler Two of Estes E9-6' CATO'd on the pad at ignition Both egg passengers survived thanks to the fully deployed 36" nylon parachute February 9, 2008 - Rainbow Valley, AZ
Photos by: Moe Bertrand

Clockwise: Geoffrey Kerbel's Spuds N Nuts
Tom Krawczyk's 7up!
Ray King's Senior Prank
Brian Nessing's EO3S (Egg On Three Sporks)
Hans "Chris" Michielssen's (S)hot Dog!

Layne Pemberton's Screamin' Green Meenie prototype lifts off low and slow on a D12-3 Layne's King Kraken is launching on an Aerotech H180 reload Clustered around the field box (L to R): a bag of Bod-Wad recovery wadding, Screamin' Green Meenie, the LPR version of Layne's HMAS Bonestell, tucked in behind is a Pem-Tech Kraken and finally the MPR version of Layne's HMAS Bonestell

Geoffrey Kerbel's Madcow Cowabunga flying on an H123-M
Scott Hertel's 10" Nike on an M2800 Hybrid
Gerald Meux's 10" Arizona flag Nike AMW L1400SK
Photos taken by Moe Bertrand

Cliff Hohenstein, who is in his 70's, flies his freshly painted "Prometheus" rocket on a James Russell N1850 "Russell Red" motor. Cliff obtained his Level 3 certification with this rocket only a month earlier, and has flown for years with both the Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) and Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists (CRASH) clubs in Colorado.
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

Scott Kissinger and son, with Black Bird Zero
Beth Zastempowski's Loc Precision Expediter
Tom Krawczyk and his "Rocket of Steel"
Mark Rose's daughter with the Mercury Grave Danger

Here are typical scenes of several rockets being launched on a beautiful sunny day at Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists' (CRASH) launch site, located in southwest Denver.
Photo credits: Ray LaPanse (

What started as a 1.6x upscale of the FlisKits US TOG... ... turned into something more! Boris Katan's TOGinator (82.5" x 2.6" - 76 oz) Flying on 3x G71's Redlines, 12x E9's and 12x D11's
Photo Credits: Boris Katan and Douglas W Gardei

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