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2008 EMRR Calendar
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After some persistence from some fans, we have produced a 2008 EMRR Calendar. It is our 8th annual calendar production, but we have taken a different approach... we are using CafePress to produce and manage the shipping of the calendar.

With this change, we no longer have the coupon page nor the vendor sponsors, however, we now have 3 sizes to offer!


[2008 Cover]The calendar is priced at $2 over cost. This money will be used to fund EMRR server fees (that increased this year) and if there is any remaining it will go toward funding EMRR's Rocket Give-Away.

CafePress To purchase a calendar, you must visit Cafepress and choose the calendar(s) that you would like.


NOTE: If you want to avoid Cafepress for any reason, let me know via the Feedback form (or of you want to write a check, MO, or Paypal verses online shopping at Cafepress.)

We sincerely hope you enjoy the many photos provided by Ray LaPanse, Lucas Worthen, Jeff Rogers, Randy Milliken, Todd Mullin, Geof Givens, and Tim Lundie!

Please provide us some feedback. Thanks and enjoy.

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Wondering what it will look like? CafePress will allow you to preview each and every month!


Folks - I got all caught up in how good the pictures and print quality turned out that after a week I just noticed some of the calendar texts are off the page. I'm sorry for that mistake.

Here is all the text. Perhaps you'll print this and place it with your calendar somewhere:

'Bits & Pieces' and was built by Stephen and Peter Mickelsen Internally, there were a total of 34 cold cathode neon tubes! Rocket flew on an Aerotech L1150 Redline plus 3 Estes E-9's (Photo by Lucas Worthen)

Ron Zeppin's Huge BSD Diablo Upscale July 2007 - LDRS 26 - Las Vegas, NV 11' x 16" - 130 lbs flying on AMW N2800 White Wolf (Photos by Ray LaPanse)

Steve Smith and Tim Lundie race a pair of Aerotech Cheetahs on Aerotech G40-10's. Vikings Rocket Society (NAR #203) (Photos by Tim Lundie)

Chris LaPanse's upscale version of Fliskits Deuce's Wild 6-inch diameter, 78-inch tall, 32-lb flew to 5011 ft. AGR Flew on a pair of Aerotech K700 motors - at NCR's Oktoberfest (Photo by Ray LaPanse)

Plaster Blaster 6 - October 2007 Tripoli San Diego and the Diego Area Rocket Team (DART) 500 Spool Rockets on the rack (443 flew) (Photos by Lucas Worthen)

Ken Reilly's 'Ten Pin's Revenge' maiden flight 20lb at liftoff and reached 850' on an Aerotech J350 Longmont, Colorado (Northern Colorado Rocketry) (Photos by Ray Lapanse)

Battle of the Acronyms - June 2007 (Northern Colorado Rocketry Club) BDCR (Red & Yellow) by Doug Gerrard on an AeroTech L1150 Redline vs. BAMF (Red & Silver) by Art Hoag on an Animal Motor Works M2200 Skidmark The timing of the ignition and the motor's were carefully selected to give BDCR the advantage early in the flight but BAMF would overtake BDCR at about 3 seconds into the flight. (Photos by Ray Lapanse)

Joe Hinton and Ed Dawson's 1/32-scale Saturn V Flew with a central Aerotech K700 and 4x Aerotech K185's in the booster The upper section had a Cesaroni J380 (Photos by Ray Lapanse)

1/4 scale, 30th Anniversary Star Wars Y-wing Fighter Launched at Plaster Blaster 2007 on a L1500 The rocket was built by the Punk Rocket Science team Pictured are (L to R): Crystal, Tanner and Andy Peart, Sean McKinley (in flight suit), Jesse Blas, Jim McKinley, Rick Frelke, Todd Mullin, Brandon Harrison Not pictured: Steve Peart, Kevin Frelke, Sheri McKinley (Photos by Todd Mullin, Flight by Lucas Worthen)

Geof Givens (w/ dad, Jim) showing off 'Captain Electric's Saturn Screamer' EMRR's 2007 Build This Spaceship Contest Entry 2nd Flight on an Aerotech H180 (Flight photo by Ray LaPanse)

Ron Dreasher flew his 7X upscale Quark on an AeroTech H165R "Redline" motor at Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) Club's Oktoberfest event (Photos by Ray Lapanse)

Howie Druckerman's Public Missiles ¼-scale Patriot Flew with an Animal Works I220 Skidmark November CRMRC Launch in St. Albans, Vermont (Photos by Jeff Rogers)

Extreme Endeavour Project - built by "Team Mystbusters" (Lafayette, Indiana) Project Team: Vic Barlow, Doug Jackson, Randy Milliken, and Brian Perry 14' tall x 8.75" diameter, ~100 lbs'; flew on 3 K1275's/air-started a M1315 Midwest Power V - (Photos by Randy Milliken and Mark Newton)

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