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2007 EMRR Calendar
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The 2007 EMRR Calendar is our 7th annual calendar production. Over the past 7 years we have supported NAR/TRA Legal Fund, the SAVE ROCKETRY NOW campaign, and Team America Rocketry Challenge teams. Take a look at previous years to see the success of the calendar.

Last year we decided to leave $5 off of the price of the calendar in support of YOU... the rocket community. We are going to use that same approach this year, as well, by offering the Calendar at no profit price!


[2007 Cover]Since we have reduced the price, that puts some extra cash in your pocket. Use that cash with any of the money-saving coupons that will be in this year's calendar and you can support the model rocket hobby by your purchases. This is a Win-Win!

If, by chance, there is any profit (due to volume discounts from the printer, savings on postage bundling, etc.) then that will be sent to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund. EMRR will not retain any profits.

We have many fine sponsors again for this year's calendar so you can look forward to coupons totally more than $100 in savings. So, as it has been in the past, it is a win-win arrangement!

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Wondering what it looked like? NOTE: these are low resolution proofs so the video quality will be low too.

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