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2004 EMRR Calendar
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A 4th year! We can't believe it, but we are going to do it. We still need your help! I have not had the flow of pictures this year yet, so I'm waiting.

NEW! In prior years, all profits went to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund (2001=$609, 2002=$319, and 2003=$569). However, for this year, we have committed EMRR to support the "SAVE ROCKETRY NOW" campaign.


For the 2004 Calendar, EMRR's goal is $300 to send to SAVE ROCKETRY NOW Campaign.


We are working to finalize the cost of the calendar to determine the amount that will be donated to the "SAVE ROCKETRY NOW" Fund for each calendar. Regardless of the final amount, EMRR has already committed $300 to the campaign. Anything in excess of $300 will go to the campaign as needed, or will be diverted to the NAR/TRA Legal Fund. EMRR will not retain any profits.

We have many fine sponsors for this year's calendar so you can look forward to coupons totally more than $21 in savings. So, as it has been in the past, it is a win-win arrangement!

[2004 Cover] [2003 Cover] [2002 Cover] [2001 Cover]


SUCCESS! For the 2004 Calendar, EMRR sent $513 to the SAVE ROCKETRY NOW Campaign.

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