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2003 EMRR Calendar
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Yes, we are going for it again! We are attempting to improve upon last year's version, but we need your help! I have not had the flow of pictures this year yet, so I'm waiting.

All profits will go to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund. For the 2001 Calendar that was $609 dollars. For the 2002 Calendar that was $319.


For the 2003 Calendar, EMRR's goal is $500 to send to NAR / TRA Legal Fund.

We are working to finalize the cost of the calendar to determine the amount that will be donated to NAR / TRA Legal Fund for each calendar. Regardless of the final amount, ALL profits will be donated.

[2003 Cover] [2002 Cover] [2001 Cover]

[September Cover]To help meet our goal, we are offering a combined package of the calendar with "EMRR on CD". The CD is regularly priced at $15, however, we will add it to the order for $10 and donate $5 toward the NAR / TRA Legal Fund. Click the CD for more information on "EMRR on CD".


SUCCESS! For the 2003 Calendar, EMRR send $569 to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund.

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