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2002 EMRR Calendar
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Our 2nd year and it was definitely better than last....for sure! You all asked for it to be less "advertisey" and we made it less.

For the 2002 Calendar, EMRR send $319 to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund.

[2002 Cover]Not as much as last year's $609, however, there were several reasons:

  1. Not as many sold
  2. Didn't get as deep of a discount from printer (quantity based)
  3. Not as much in vendor sponsorship (no page dedication this year)
  4. PayPal fees were a bit higher than last year
  5. Priority Mail cost went up

But, nonetheless, it was successful! Special thanks to:

Here are some brief comments that others have said:

  • "And a lovely calendar it is too; the one I won from DesCon IX arrived in the mail late yesterday. Many thanks to you for supporting DesCon, and to Bob and everyone again. I'm impressed! Good work throughout; I think I'll hang it up at work and see if my co-workers get interested in rocketry." - A.dB
  • "I just got my copy of the EMRR calendar (note correct spelling). It came out nice. October hurts." - Shrox
  • "Although not many of my pics are in it (wimper :-) a FAR, FAR, cry improvment over last year!!! Iif you have not ordered one, DO IT, you will not be dissappointed!! I am very pleased :-) !!! " - C.T.

Wondering what it looked like? NOTE: these are low resolution proofs so the video quality will be low too.

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