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2001 EMRR Calendar
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Our first edition. Teamed up with various manufacturers and Nadine Kinney (Photos by Nadine) to create a calendar that was to help support the NAR / TRA Legal Fund.

We sold exactly 100 and sent $609 to the NAR Legal Fund.

[2001 Cover]Comments were positive except that the calendar was classified as too "commercially". That will NOT be the case for our 2002 Calendar!

Here are some brief comments that others have said:

  • "I have already paid for and received my calendar that I ordered and it is a great calendar if may say." - D.A.
  • "Now - for my comments on it... WOWOWOWOW!!!! That was ABSOLUTELY COOL AND AWESOME!!! Nick, you did a tremendous job - it came out just fabulous!! I was really very happy with it - and like what we got - thanks so much!!" - N.K.
  • "Great job on the calendar! Thanks" - C.H.
  • "Got them last night. Thanks for getting them out so quickly, and thanks for including a "SoAR" page. Very cool!" - S.B.
  • "I got my calendar in yesterdays mail. It was much better than I expected. The photos are excellent. The quallity is as good or better as the store bought calendars. No kitty and puppy calendar for me this year!" - J.A.
  • "I got mine and the cover is very nice!! It is rather a larger advertisement but the pictures are very nice regardless I would say it was worth buying and would suggest others to as well." - C.T.

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