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Shadow Composites Slogan Contest
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"Advanced Materials for Advanced Rockets."
"Who knows composites? The SHADOW knows!"
Remainder are not in any specific order!
"Don't fly in the shadows with Shadow Composites!"
"Shadow Composites: light, bright, and out of sight!"
"Shadow Composites: advances materials to fly out of sight!"
"Shadow Composites . . . We know" (a take-off of "only the shadow knows . . .)
"Shadow Composites...Rocketry a shade above and beyond the imagination."
"Were Light, Strong and Fast"
"Shadow Composites: We Eclipse the Competition! "
" SFR - Shred Free Rocketry"
"On the edge of tomorrow."
"Shadow Composites: Bringing advanced technology out of the shadows and putting it in the sky!"
"Step Into Our Shadow"
"The Future lies in Shadows, Let Shadow bring you into the Future! "
"Rockets so fast, all you see is a shadow!"
"Casting Shadows Upon The Competition"
"Everybody else just stands in the shadow of Shadow Composites!"
"Advanced Rockets, advanced materials."
"Shadow Composites....advanced, rocket technology for tomorrow and beyond."
"Feather-weight steel."
"Professional Materials, Kits, and Know-How for the Amateur Rocket Scientist"
"Light and Strong, The Way It Should Be"
"You can't out run your Shadow!"
"Real materials make real rockets."
"Only Shadow knows how to build rockets."
"Step out of your Shadow with technology second to none."
"Stronger..Faster..Higher.."Light" years ahead of the competition."
"Suppliers of Advanced Technology for your Rocket Psychology!"
" Shadow Composites: Turning Yesterday's Dreams Into Today's Reality."
"Breeching the shadows of technology."
"New World Order in Rocketry."
"Our advanced materials bring rocketry out of the dark ages!"
"Shadow Composites, because we can't quite figure out using prepregs."
"Step up to the Shadow."
"All others stand in our shadow."
"Switch over to the Dark Side.........SHADOW COMPOSITES!"
"Everything else is just a rocket."
"Shadow Rockets - what serious HPR flyers dream of!"
"Shadow Composites: The Material Difference for Superior Rocket Performance."
"Not inhibited by mach."

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