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RMR Descon What's New? Nothing. RMR Descon is CLOSED!

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RMR Descon What's This All About? You have found the rec.models.rockets design contest.

December 10, 1997 a fellow suggested an rmr-based design contest. That person was Chris Timm (thread).

It was kicked off in 1998 by Dave Lee so that modelers, rocketeers, and most specifically readers of the Usenet newsgroup rec.models.rockets could showcase their talents, display their design on the internet, and win the acclaim of their peers. Prizes were donated by those entering the contest or readers of the newsgroup who had extra goodies underfoot and wanted to put them to good use.

Starting in late 1999, Bob Fortune picked up and carried the ball from Descon 5 through 11. His handy work and added wackiness has kept the contests fun and progressive.

Over the years it has blossomed into what you see with upwards of 40 entrants and prize donations from the biggest names in the hobby rocket business.

Starting in mid-2004, RMR became more synonymous with the online rocket hobbiest. Many entrants are from The Rocketry Forum and still others don't do "foruming" or "news grouping" at all. So, in this has simply become an online Design Contest with roots from RMR.

RMR Descon Who Can Enter this Contest? RMR Descon is open to any rocket modeler of any age anywhere in the world.