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"Quantity" Photo Contest
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Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce a new photo contest.

Quantity of rockets! Quantity of rocketeers! Quantity of both! What can you capture in a single picture? That is our new photo contest.

Winners will be judged by EMRR Guests during a voting week of March 16 - 22, 2003.

  • Entry photos must be at least one (1) photo from the following three categories:
    1. A large quantity of rockets with at just one (1) person in it
    2. A large quantity of people with just one (1) rocket in it
    3. A large quantity of people and rockets
  • .25 Bonus Votes will be gained by providing one (1) picture in each of the three (3) catagories above
  • Entry may be GIF, JPEG, of BMP - or - if you don't have an electronic photo, e-mail us for a mailing address and we will scan the pictures for you.
  • You must tell us about the picture(s)
    1. Number of people
    2. Number of rockets
    3. Who, When and Where taken
  • MUST Be "G-Rated".
  • Contestants may only make one (1) entry, which may be a photo from each category
  • Contestants must be on EMRR's Announcement List to be eligible
  • Contest has been cancelled

The winners agree to write a kit review using the format guidelines included in EMRR's site. Previous winners are eligible for future Rocket Give-Away. EMRR assumes no responsibility for the kit once it leaves our location. EMRR is not liable for any damages or injury caused by the assembly or use of the kit.

A Lot of People/1 Rocket
Contest Pic
A nice one, but has (2) people!
A Lot of People and Rockets
Contest Pic
A Lot of Rockets/1 Person

PRIZE TABLE: We cancelled the contest, after these two entries. Art Applewhite and QuickBurst have graciously agreed to provide a prize to each of them.

[Picture] UFO Picture A 6" or 7.5" U.F.O's., each, of your choice of design.
Link Out One 10 pack of igniters, each!
#1 - David Marshall
(Click to Enlarge)

14 people, 41 Rockets, 1 flying Motor
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Photo taken by David Marshall

The attached digital image was taken at the "Plaster Blaster" launch in Plaster City, California on October 5, 2002. Andy Woerner, Mike Jerauld, and Joanna Woerner set up a 200 custom-built Mosquito swarm for a "drag race" with prizes for recovered rockets. All the kids were gathered in a circle around the launch table and the button was pushed. The sight was nothing short of amazing as 198 of the 200 mosquitoes took to the air in a big cloud of white smoke. The kids scrambled around the range in search of the illusive "golden snitch," the one mosquito in the group painted shiny gold. Prizes included rocket kits, videos, glow necklaces, rocket balloons, and candy.
#2 - Douglas Gardei

(Click to Enlarge)

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9 people, 1 rocket ... plus the people in the background at the flight line. Left - right Maria and Ryan Sebastian, unknown, unknown, Douglas Gardei, John Edwards with grandkids. The rocket is a modified G-Force I renamed H-force... simply because I built it to take an H. That day it flew with a G80-4T due to the wind. April 28, 2001, CMASS Launch, Amesbury, MA 3 people, 3 rockets :-D ... all of them 4" dia birds. Ryan Sebastian and I are waiting in line to drag race our EZI's with G64 motors. Unknown person holding an Phantom 4000 rocket. Nov 3, 2001, CMASS Launch, Amesbury, MA. 1 person, 4 rockets (3 big, 1 dinky) Jake Kirk offers to help me take my rockets to my car.... I never saw the rockets again! :-D Just Kidding :-D Target I-ROC, H-Force, Hybrid Mirage, and X-flyer. Sept 14, 2002, CMASS Launch. Amesbury, MA

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