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Caption Photo Contest
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Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce a new photo contest.

Even wonder what some people are thinking or saying in photos? Or better yet, ever decide what they are saying because it would be funny? Well, that is our contest.

Winners will be judged by EMRR Guests during a voting week of November 1 - 10, 2002.

  • Entry must be (1) photo with a caption, think-bubble, or talk-bubble (we can apply the information if you need us to).
  • Entry may be GIF, JPEG, of BMP - or - if you don't have an electronic photo, e-mail us for a mailing address and we will scan the pictures for you.
  • You must tell us whether it is a caption, think-bubble, or talk-bubble.
  • It should not be more than 25 words.
  • MUST Be "G-Rated".
  • Contestants may only enter (1) entry
  • Contestants must be on EMRR's Announcement List to be eligible
  • Bonus Votes will be gained by providing a caption, think-bubble, or talk-bubble to each of our four provide pictures.
    • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of each of the four pictures will receive bonus points each vote received on the actual entry.
    • 1st place will be an additional 0.33 votes per submitted picture vote.
    • 2nd place will be an additional 0.25 votes per submitted picture vote.
    • 3rd place will be an additional 0.20 votes per submitted picture vote.
  • Contest is over on 11/1/2002.
  • Online Voting will take place from 11/1 - 11/10.




Gift Certificate toward any ASP Purchase.
[Picture] UFO Picture A full collection of U.F.O's. Including a MicroMaxx, 6", 7.5" and a 9" of your choice of design.
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Either a Rocket Scientist or a Harmless Nerd T-Shirt
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Either a Galactic Marauder or a K-1!
Link Out Three 10 packs of igniters!

Entry #9: Mark Morley = 102 points (confirmed)
Entry #12: Patrick Carroll = 86 points (confirmed)
Entry #13: Jim Flis = 64.68 points, including .47 bonus for #21 caption entries) (confirmed)
Entry #7: Robert Vaughan = 20 points (confirmed)
Entry #1: James Grigor = 19.92 points, including .66 bonus for #1 caption entries) (confirmed)
Would the REAL Fat-Boy, please stand up?
Entry #8: Carl Tulanko = 19 points
Entry #5: Jonathan Hatch = 17 points
Entry #3: Robert Runnalls = 9 points
Entry #4: Art Applewhite = 8.45 points, including .22 bonus for #10 caption entries)
Entry #6: Peter Clay = 7 points
Entry #14: Scott Goebel = 6 points
Mama Cass takes up high power rocketry and drops singing career.
Entry #11: Eric Swanson = 5 points
Entry #2: David Fergus = 5 points
Entry #10: Donald Besaw = 2 points

Bonus Entries:
Please ID the person(s) that you want to be saying/thinking something and use 25 words or less.

NOTE: Entries Numbers do not necessarily correspond with entrant numbers above.

Bonus 1

Person 1 = White Shirt
Person 2 = Blue Shirt
Person 3 = Yellow Shirt

#3- (Person 2) Why is that guy by the table counting down???
#21- (Person 2) hey, why are they all waving and shouting? (Person 1) now why am i getting sparks from these things??? (Person 3) oh man, this is gonna be good!
#14- (Person 1) Pull my finger
#1- (Person 1) Looks like you got yourself a 'mosquito' bite there.
#2- (Person 1) If we get this hooked up quick, we'll tell your Mom we can't leave until this rack is done. (Person 2) Please Mom, Just one more?!?
#4 - Bleep!
#5- (Person 2) Hurry up!!!! I gotto go pee.
#6- n/a 
#7- n/a 
#8- (Person 2) Hurry up! This glue is getting hot! (Person 1) well ...I meant a cup full. Not a cupped handfull!!!
#9- (Person 2) What did they mean, 'strike anywhere'?
#10- (Person 2) What do you mean the snakes never come into the mowed area, What SNAKES?!
#11- (Person 1) OK, once more...once I get all the BP out, wait till I get the match, THEN throw it at that guy singing karaoke!
#12- (Person 2) ...well I stuck my finger in the end of the tube but can't get it ow-w-w, it hurts!
(EMRR's Favorite!)
#13- Bleep!
#15- (Person 2) - Well Elroy, you've done gone and jammed the launch rod in your eye. Again!
#16- (Person 1) Whew...that felt good...glad I am upwind! (Person 3) Wish I was... (Person 2) I swear, it wasn't me!
#17- (Person 1) Looks like you got an Estes Mosquito bite!
#18- (Person 1) - You'll be lucky if you can find this one. (Person 2) - I'd better, this is my first rocket. (Person 3) - Okay.
#19- (Person 1)Hold the casing so I can stuff in the BP! (Person 2) Hurry, the RSO's coming! (Person 3) Oh man!....I forgot to bring my motors to the launch!
#20- (Person 2) I don't remember anything in the rules about having to give a blood sample!
Bonus 2

Person 1 = Left
Person 2 = Right

#3- (Person 2) Yup, you were right - it's a rocket!
#4- (Person 2) Sorry, hon, I don't think you're going to qualify. Come back when you weigh at least 185 and have a nice big beer gut...
#7- (Person 1) I'll give you $5 if you place my model ahead of my sister's.
#1- (Person 2) Smell that? God, I love the smell of BP in the morning
#2- (Person 1) And not only does it have a fabulous paint job, but I installed a scent of vanilla and cinnamon. (Person 2): Nice!
#5- (Person 2) Yup, thats a rocket allright, now get back to the ball game.
#6- (Person 2) If you can read this, you're too close.
#8- (Person 1) Nno's not edible
#9- (Person 2) Not flight damage. Ketchup.
#10- (Person 2) I see you have the required sticker "The Director of BATF has determined that model rocketry can be hazardous to your health.
#11- (Person 2) I don't care if the dog is outside the rocket on that leash, it STILL violates the biological payload section of the safety code!!
#12- (Person 2) rocket, rocket in his hands.. who's the foxiest in the land? lie!!!
#13- (Person 1) My brother Tommy found it in some wooden crate. (Person 2) U.S. Army. Huh... no wonder the motor wouldn't light.
#14- (Person 2) No, I think the cone goes on top.
#15- (Person 1) I dunno, my dad can tell if it's a boy rocket or a girl rocket by looking at the fin can.
(EMRR's Favorite!)
#16- (Person 2) ..."Warning, keep face away from fire and fla......."
#17- (Person 1 taunting Person 2) Toro! Toro!
#18- (Person 1) - I think this rocket is strong enough for a G125. (Person 2) - Better check your epoxy joints one more time.
#19- (Person 1) If your nose is running, blow it into this para........i mean hanky! (Person 2) No, I'm busy trying to find my right arm!
#20- (Person 1) Gesundheit! (Person 2) Sorry. I can wipe that off with my shirt if you'd like
#21- (Person 1) Is that dog doo? (Person 2) SNIFF! uh, yep, that do be dog doo
Bonus 3

Person 1 = Red Shirt
Person 2 = Holding Rocket
Person 3 = Green Pattern Shirt
Person 4 = Light Blue Shirt

#1- (Person 3) Aww, Com'on, you have had your turn already, I wana hold it now.
#3- (Person 3) TA-DAAAA!!!!!!!!!
#10- (Person 3) You're not holding it right! You got to support it's head, eh , I mean nose cone.
(EMRR's Favorite!)
#2- (Person 1) I've never seen one that big before! (Person 2) Hmmmfph. (Person 3) Let me help you hold it. (Person 4) I think you should let the guy who owns it handle it himself.
#4- (Person 4 thinking) I'm used to launching with guys who went to Wisconsin. These Ohio State yahoos worry me. I'm gonna bail out before it's too late.
#5- (Person 1) Now, now you guys, quite fighting. (Person 3) come to papa. (Person 2) No you can't have it, it's mine.
#6- n/a 
#7- n/a 
#8- (Person 3) I think that motor thingie goes in "this" part , Cleetus.....
#9- (Person 3) Hey, the little picture there matches your tattoo.
#11- (Person 1) Breathe... (Person 2) You're almost there honey! (Person 3) I got it! (Person 4) [sniffle] This is so beautiful! I've never seen one born before!
#12- (Person 2) go scratch, I found this in the same field I lost it last year.....It's my rocket!
#13- (Person 4) Huh. I thought the raffle was for an Estes kit. (Person 1) On behalf of Tripoli Mid-Ohio, I present you with this beautif- (Person 3) GIMME GIMME GIMME!
#14- (Person 2) Tickle it right there and watch!
#15- (Person 4) - In Ohio, no one can hear you scream.
#16- (Person 1) Man, it was a hot day, glad it's over! (Person 2) I got the BEER rocket! (Person 4) Huh, Beer???!!! (Person 3) Gimmie Quick! I got the TAP!!!
#17- (Person 2) This is my youngest baby...I think it's a boy! (Rest) Awe, he's so cute!
#18- (Person 2) - Does anyone have a J350 around here. (Person 3) - Sorry , all I've got is a K550. Or I do have an M1939 if you're interested.
#19- (Person 1) WOW! (Person 2) Here ya go papa.....the mother's doin fine. (Person 3) Mah baby! Ah'v never been so proud in all mah life! (Person 4) I've seen prettier!
#20- (Person 3) I'll flip it to decide who receives.
#21- (Person 1) geez, i was just tryin' to help, i wasn't going to break it! (Person 2) GIMME this thing, you ARE going to break it! (Person 3) here, you pull like this and it won't break (Person 4) he's gonna break it...
Bonus 4

Caption Only Entry

#1- Announcement: The "safety Cone" Drag-Race will begin in 10 min, Please clear the range.
#3- Like lambs to the slaughter...
#21- hi ho hi ho, its off to RSO we go
#3- Like lambs to the slaughter...
#4- Patiently the Coneheads waited, their clever disguises offering them the perfect vantage point from which to watch for a rocket capable of returning them to Remulak.
#5- Duh ... which way do we go, which way do we go?
#6- n/a 
#7- n/a 
#8- n/a 
#9- He didn't have the heart to tell them the porta-potties were never even ordered.
#10- A.D. 2335 After years of erosion by wind and water the warheads of the long forgotten IBMs of Silo#264 have been exposed. This photo was taken in Universal City Park shortly before the nuclear failsafes finally failed.
#11- The BATF is caught off guard when their "keep the rockets off the streets" offer for $1,000 per rocket garners more support than expected.
#12- Here we are at the entrance to the's take your rocket to work day.
#13- As evidence in their lawsuit against the BATF, the NAR and TRA submitted this photo of a recent launch where ATF agents were caught regulating the Porta-Potties.
#14- Rocketeers grazing in pasture
#15- Hi Hooooooooooo. Hi Hooooooooo.
#16- These are the unlucky ones.....The CATO line.....
#17- Hey guys do you remember these little red warheads at the last launch?
#18- Everybody. The weather's perfect!!! Load 'em up!!!
#19- Guy in blue shirt on left says, "Bring um here..I'll eat um all!!
#20- In spite everyone's efforts, the "Rockets Across America" campaign was a complete failure.
(EMRR's Favorite!)

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