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Logo LogoEssence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce a new photo contest. The prizes currently include a PML Phobos and a Rockets of the World (3rd edition) book, provided by Public Missiles and True Modeler Rocket Kits, respectively. Read below to understand the requirements.

Entries will be judged by EMRR Guests during a voting week of July 10-14.

  • Entry must be (3) to (5) photos showing some of the details, recommend a close up, launch photo is optional
  • Entry may be GIF, JPEG, of BMP - or - if you don't have an electronic photo, e-mail for a mailing address and we will scan the pictures for you
  • The "write-up" need only be basic rough dimensions and some of the painting details
  • Contestants must be on EMRR's Announcement List to be eligible
  • Contest is over on 7/9/2000.
  • Online Voting will take place from 7/10 - 7/14.

[Star] 1st - BRIAN KAIN - 23 points

Entry #1 - Brian Kain:
Vaughn Brothers Extreme 38" named "Ride the Lightning"
The black to white pearl fade was done with water based paint, sprayed through an Iwata HPC airbrush. Then 2 coats of clear wet sanded with 2000 grit. Then I used 1/8 inch masking tape to create the lines. I had to use some 1/2 inch masking tape to protect the rest of the rocket from overspray. I sprayed white Sherman Williams automotive paint through my airbrush in between the lines of tape. It took 2 hours to remove all the tape. Then with my Iwata, I ever so gently misted more of the same white paint, following the existing white lines. I then sprayed it with 3 coats of automotive clear coat, and let it sit for about 2 days. This was my first shot at a custom paint job, and I am very pleased with the results. I had life like lightning.
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Entry #2 - Moira Jean Whitlock:
Scratch - Preparation H
Decorated like the box of medication . . . it flies on H's and puts the fire out the end . . . ohh, sorry. Using self-adhesive mylar, white stick-on lettering and yellow paint, it is sure to be noticed.
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[Star] 3rd - MIKE GOSS - 8 points

Entry #3 - Mike Goss:
Aerospace Speciality Products - V-2
I wanted this rocket to have a paint job as close to a real V-2 as possible. With that thought I used a painting reference from the book "V-Missiles of the Third Reich The V-1 and V-2" By Dieter Holsken, that included the paint locations and colors for the second "ragged camouflage" paint scheme that the Germans used during WW2. I prepared the completed model by filling the spirals and wooden parts with thinned "Elmers Wood Filler Putty" This was also used to fill gaps around the servo pods and fillets for the fins. I followed pictures in the previously mentioned book to simulate fillet size and locations. While I was at it I also added a rather large fillet around the launch lug with the putty as well. This helps the large lug blend into the body better. I then used Krylon (TM?) sandable gray primer. I lightly sanded between the 5 coats to smooth out the paint. Then I used three colors of Testors Model Master Paints, that closely matched the colors in the book. First I painted three coats of the cream color on the entire model. Then was the tan with two coats, followed by the dark green with another two coats. To cover it all and smooth out the masking lines I then coated the entire model with another three coats of Testors Dullcoat.
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[Star] 2nd - RICK JAMES - 18 points

Entry #4 - Rick James:
LOC/Precision - LOC-IV
This is my LOC IV that I used for my Level One certification on June 24, 2000 at MudRoc 7.0. It has about 6 coats of primer, alternating colors so I could see the surface irregularities more easily. I finished with a white primer. I then sprayed the rocket with Krylon Metallic Bright Silver. Then I faded Krylon Fluorescent Glowing Lemon Yellow from the top and Krylon Fluorescent Glowing Cerise from the bottom. The area where they met became orange. The translucent properties of the fluorescent colors on a silver base produced a pearlescent effect. After this dried for over a week, I coated it with four coats of Clear. After that dried for another week, I applied the lettering with vinyl stick on letters. I then tore up sheets of bond paper into random shapes making sure I had ragged edges all the way around. I applied the pieces of paper using a single loop of masking tape for each piece. This made the paper float over the body tube. I then sprayed the entire rocket with Krylon Purple. When that was dry I removed the paper and the lettering. After this all dried for another week I coated the rocket with Future Floor Wax. It got scuffed at Black Rock, but it was worth it.
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Entry #5 - Kelo Waivio:
Clone of Estes Ranger
I got this rocket in the first stages of construction when I bought out someone's rocket collection. The fins where filled with polyurethane varnish and sanded between coats. There are three coats of Rustoleum "Painter's touch" grey primer lightly sanded followed by three coats of "Painter's Touch" gloss white. Next I added two coats of "Painters Touch" Sun Yellow over the forward half of the body followed by two coats of Apple Red over approximately 5 inches of the nose end. I allowed the yellow and red to over-spray into the layer underneath it. After the body was dry I taped off the body tube and went to work on the fins. I sprayed two coats of Sun Yellow on the forward parts of the fins. I held the rocket with the fins pointing away and at an angle. I did the same with the Apple Red, but didn't let the spray go as far down the length of the fins. The "painter's Touch" spray has a decent gloss, but the light spray areas aren't as glossy as the rest. A coat of clear should bring the whole rocket to an even gloss finish, but I haven't gotten to that yet.
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Entry #6 - Todd Harrison:
Estes Goliath
Called "Graffiti" due to it's radical paint job. First I sanded the paper tubes smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. I then applied a coat of white gloss with onto the body tubes. Finally, I splattered the white finish with metallic pink spray paint. The rocket has flown successfully on a C6-5.
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Aspirations - Kurt Kesler:
LOC/Precision - Warlok
This is my modified Warlok which placed first in LOC/Precision's best finish contest at LDRS this year. The rocket was first fiberglassed and the fin fillets and rough areas in the body were smoothed using Bondo and Acryl Green spot putty. After approximately 30 hours of watersanding successive applications of primer, a base coat of single stage automotive acrylic enamel was applied. Then the graphics were airbrushed on using water-based acrylics. Two coats of automotive urethane clear were then applied. It flew at LDRS on a K700 and was recovered without a scratch.
NOTE: This is a non-entry since Kurt won the best finish award at LDRS, but look what we can aspire to do!
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