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2006 EMRR Challenge
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(C) Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews' Challenge is back by popular demand... Now we demand you participate so you can be Incredible too!

The purpose of this challenge is to give our guests some milestones throughout the year while supporting EMRR.

We believe that this challenge will not only help the participants to have fun in our hobby, but will also provide them with some learning experiences. We also believe that by sharing those experiences through the pages of EMRR, that others will benefit as well.

Junior Bonus: If you are 15 or younger, you will receive twice the entries for the level that you achieve. In other words, if you make Silver, you will get two Silver entries for the drawing at the end of the year.

The challenge runs from 1/1/06 - 12/15/06. Drawing to take place on 12/16/06.

Challenge Awards:

Kyle Yawn

For each participant that scores 31 points or more will be entered to win the grand prize. (A $300* Shopping Spree at Countdown Hobbies)




For each additional 4 points over 31 each participant will gain an addition entry.

The maximum points available is 39, therefore, the maximum entries for the grand prize is 3.

Matthew Gillard For each participant that scores 27 points or more will be entered to win the runner-up prize. (A $150* Shopping Spree in Model Rocket Shop's Vintage and Out-of-Production Kits)

Geof Givens

For each participant that scores 23 points or more will be entered to win the second runner-up prize. (QModeling MRS-ANDROMEDA)


All participants with at least 19 points will receive the next version of "EMRR on CD" (Dec 2006)**

Drake Damerau
Clive Davis
Geof Givens
Matt Gillard
Bob Harrington
Geoffrey Kerbel
Todd Mullin
Peter Stanley
Chan Stevens
Scott Turnbull
Kyle Yawn

* Shipping is included in the shopping spree amount.
** If "EMRR on CD" is not produced then a rocket kit from Model Minutes will be provided as a replacement.


Challenge Description Max
10   Join the EMRR Announcement eList - Mandatory
This will be the only communication path, so turn on ability to receive e-mails
9   Build, Finish, Fly* and Review any rocket on EMRR's Hit List 4
8   Convert a Plastic Model to a flying model and complete an article that would allow someone else to be able to do the same. (guidelines) 8
7   Build, Finish, Fly* and Review a 2nd Opinion Rocket. (guidelines) 4
6   Design, Build and Fly* and write an article on any Cluster rocket. (guidelines)
- OR -
BonusDesign, Build and Fly* and write an article on any Parallel Cluster (Parallel Staged) rocket. (guidelines)
- OR -
5   Bonus Design, Build and Fly* and write an article on a Kitbash of any kit from the following list and according to the Kitbash Guidelines. 4
4   Utilize the EMRR Flight Logs database to record all your 2006 flights**. 3
3   Participate in at least one other EMRR Contest during 2006. 1
2   Submit a Rocket Related Tip under any of the categories available or for any particular rocket
- OR -
Submit a Featured Tip (new) with step-by-step instruction and pictures. This can be sent in text, MS Word, or other format instead of the standard tip submission form.
- OR -
1   Promote EMRR in some tangible way (see Q/A for examples). Must include link to Home Page ( for written/online items. Must ensure we are aware of it. 1



  • Points for each challenge can only be gained once regardless if multiple qualifying entries are made.
  • Items do not need to be performed in any order
  • * Fly = Each rocket must be flown 3 times, unless destroyed or lost. The challenge rocket flights are the ones, at minimum, that need to be recorded in the EMRR Flight Logs database
  • ** Flight Logs. EMRR can't verify that ALL of the participant's 2006 flights are recorded, however, all the flights necessary for the challenge can be. In the spirit of the challenge, participants should endeavor to enter all of their flight logs for 2006.
  • Rockets for 8, 6 and 5: These rockets can be a submission to any other design contests that is taking place during 2006, e.g. BRS on EMRR, FlisKits DOM, RMR Descon, etc.

Participant Status

Want to participate? Let me know. Submit

We will track individual's status here:
(clicking on bars will take you to the entries)

WARNING: Points for reviews/articles are listed even if they have less than (3) flights, it is expected that they will have (3) flights prior to the end of the challenge or lose the points.

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  
Lance Alligood  
Art Applewhite  
Simon Berry  
John Bowles  
Bruce Canino  
Steve Carr  
Bob Cox  
Drake Damerau  
Ben Davidson  
Clive Davis 31
Bill Eichelberger  
Michael Emerick  
James Gartrell  
Geof Givens 39
Matthew Gillard 39
Al Gloer  
Chris Guidry  
Chris Halinaty  
Bob Harrington  
Geoffrey Kerbel 35
Daniel Kirk  
Jeff Lane  
Roy Lappalainen  
Donald Laskey  
Michael Mangieri  
Mal McClenaghan  
Matthew McFarland  
Mark Muir  
Todd Mullin {short description of image}  
Eldred Pickett  
Joe Policy  
Peter Reed  
Frank Ross  
Andrew Scott  
Bruce Sexton  
Henk Siewert  
Todd Smith  
Peter Stanley 39
Chan Stevens  
David Sucha  
Dwayne Surdu-Miller  
David Tallon  
Scott Turnbull 31
Glenn Turner  
Alan Tuskes  
Ed Wagoner  
Kyle Yawn 39
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  


  • If we are already on the Announcement eList, do we need to re-register?
    • No. Just let me know your Announcement eList address.
  • If I have a rocket that I built and flew last year but never reviewed, is it still eligible or does it have to be built and flown this year?
    • EMRR can not confirm when people build the rocket. We can only tell when things are submitted to EMRR. The spirit of the competition was that all activities of the challenge would be in 2006.
  • If a challenge has a low point -or- a higher point score, can I submit for the lower point and then go for the higher one later in the year??
    • Yes. Now you are seeing some of the strategy! (note: it is either low pts or high pts, not additive)
  • I've replied to your thread about the EMRR 2006 Challenge. Is this adequate mention of EMRR on TRF, or should I try to mention EMRR somewhere else?
    • If you were me, how would you respond? Here are some ideas:
      • Your Webpage
      • Your Club’s Webpage
      • Your Club’s Newsletter (send me a scan or eCopy)
      • Your Hobby Store’s Webpage
      • Mention in article, authored by you, for Apogee’s Newsletter
      • Mention in article, authored by you, for Sport Rocketry
      • Mention in article, authored by you, for Extreme Rocketry
      • Picture of yourself at a launch in EMRR-ware (purchased req’d – sorry)
      • Picture of your rocket at a launch with EMRR sticker on it
      • TRF Threads that indicate some benefit or specific article, tip, etc
      • RFR Threads that indicate some benefit or specific article, tip, etc
      • Provide Prizes for EMRR Contests (not anonymously)
    • pro-mote (pruh moht') v.t. <-mot-ed, -mot-ing>
      • 1. to help or encourage to exist or flourish; further: to promote world peace.
      • 2. to advance in rank, dignity, position, etc.
  • I was also wondering what happens if you purchase a rocket to review that is on the hit list but after you get started someone else posts a review before you do? Will it still count?
    • Yes
  • Why haven't you updated my score with the Story or Review I just submitted?
    • Updates to scores will occur when I post the submissions to the site and I can link to them. But, please, reminders are not frowned upon if after a site update you don't see your score updated!
  • You say "Review" in places and "article" in others. Is there a difference between a review and an article? If so, which submission form should be used for an article?
    • Reviews are something with EMRR ratings (Kits, Plans and sometimes OOP); Articles are everything else without EMRR ratings (MODS, Scratch, and sometimes OOP)
  • What kits can be used for the Kitbash challenge?
    Apogee SR-72 Darkbird FlisKits U.S.S. Grissom Sirus Refit U.S.S. Atlantis
    Advanced Rocketry Corp 1824 PSR Qmodeling Vega Squirrel Works JX-1
    Dr. Zooch Russian R-7 Luna Qmodeling Snooper II Sunward Gravity Rider
    Estes Outlander Quest Space Shuttle Intrepid Thrustline Smoke N' Fire
    Estes DC Gemini Semroc Hydra VII USR Micro-Sentra SRB
    FlisKits Alien 8 Semroc cc: SST Shuttle 1 USR F with Multiple D Pods
  • What counts as a kitbash?
    • Here is the definition from the EMRR Glossary:
      • 1.) The practice of modifying a rocket kit to achieve some result other than that intended by the manufacturer;
    • For the intent of this challenge, the tranditional kitbash allows the use of everything that comes in the bag/box (including the bag/box) to create a new rocket. No other parts may be added.
    • Glue and nose weight (if required) are allowable.
  • On the kitbash, It says we can use all the parts including bag and box but we can't add parts. Are we REQUIRED to use all the parts that came in the kit?
    • No.
  • On the kitbash, you say we can't add parts. Do decals count as parts? Are we allowed to trade parts? For example, can an 18mm motor mount BT20 be swapped for a 24mm BT50?
    • No, see above.
  • I have a Question about #6 . What exactly do you consider a parallel cluster?
    • Here is the definition from the EMRR Glossary:
      • Parallel Staging: A practice similar to clustering, in which two or more "stages" mounted parallel to the main motor ignite simultaneously. The "stages" usually contain shorter-burning, higher-thrust motors than the main airframe (or sustainer), and drop off when their motors burn out.
      • Here are some samples: click here

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