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Jan-Feb 2001 (p21) - ". . . And I know of no better place to read about the experience of others than on the website of Nicholas Esselman, Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews."

"Nicholas has put a lot of working into the website, and as far as I know, it houses the largest single collection of rocket product reviews on the World Wide Web. . ."

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Sept-Oct 2008 (p42) - "Wow! EMRR was just what I was looking for. Here was a resource that was easily navigable, something Nick updated continuously, and which contained a plethora of vendor and product reviews, tips, and stories."

"EMRR provides a valuable connection between the vendors who support our hobby and the hobbyists who purchase their products."

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Below is just a sample of the nice comments we receive:

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"Over here in Great Britain, model rocketry is seen as quite a minority hobby, and there is very little resources for us here. Model shops don't stock rockets, so everything has to be done by mail order. As we don't have the chance of actually seeing the rocket, in its packaging, on the shelf; we have to do all our buying 'blind'. Therefore EMRR is possibly the best resource we have to find out about whats available; reviewed by the people who matter - the ones who build, and fly, the things. It is obvious that alot of work is put into the site, and that work is well appreciated! Thanks." - D.W. (Great Britian) 
"I really like your site, it has been a great source of information." - K.S. (PA) 
"You have a great site, BTW. I have made several rocket buying decisions based on the reviews contained there.  Thanks for running a well organized and informative website!" - S.A. (??) 
"Your site will be a most valuable tool to get me going when I feel the need 
to higher and faster." - M.K. (MI) 
"Excellent information repository." - A.C. (South Africa) 
"The site is great, it is nice to see a site that is updated frequently. 
Keep the reviews and updates coming!!" - B.W. (PA) 
"I like it because I can see what the rocket is like before I buy it!" - C.S. (WI) 
"Really glad to find this page.  My son I are very  excited." - C.L. (UT) 
"Great site. I've been away from rockets for a few years sites like yours brings the interest back." - D.T. (PA) 
"Excellent site, I will tell other club members about it." - T.B. (CO) 
"I recommend this site to our customers and friends." - M.O. (WI) 
"It's fun and easy to follow, unlike others, that either give redundant or 
irrelevant stuff to inquiries." - MJW (MD) 
"This site is great because I can find out about a kit before I buy it. Then I 
can tell wether the kit is something I would like!" - N.H. (NY) 
"Very nice and I like the interactive approach. Inviting rocketeers to submit 
reviews and experiences is a great idea. I'll come up with a review soon!" - S.M. (OH) 
"Excellent site! I enjoy being able to review models that I may consider 
building. Helps with any problems that may be encountered during construction." - T.R. (TX) 
"Great work. Now I just have to remember to check the reviews before I buy 
the rocket! Thanks for your efforts." - J.W. (CA) 
"Kit reviews are great; I have occasion to get groups of kids started in rocketry and it helps having reviews of the low-end kits; knowing about the gotcha's in advance helps me to insure the kids have an enjoyable time building and flying the critters." - D. (??) 
"Essence reviews site is where I get most of my information on the smaller companies and their product offerings, since they rarely get catalogs out to every hobby shop. Great job, I'm looking forward to reading more contributions." - M.F. 
"Very, Very, Very useful.  I wish I had this when I began building some of today's birds.  I have picked up more than a dozen tips, and tricks since my first visit. Thank's for all the great work that has been put into the site." - E.M. (TX)
"I really enjoy this site, and it helps a new person like myself pick a rocket that I think I can handle and build with ease, you have a great website and I value it and the information very much." - R.B. (PA)

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