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2004 APRIL FOOL's - Did I Get Ya?

SmileI have to admit, this has been the best day of my entire EMRR life! The notes have been wonderful, painful, and funny! Especially the "aw, ya got me" ones.

Many expressed... "I know I didn't say thanks enough, but..."

I appreciate that, but if you want to express thanks:

  • Stay interactive (new reviews, feedback, tips)
  • Join the contests
  • Enter your flight logs
  • Visit the hobby shops that have banners on the site
  • Keep supporting the hobby and manufacturers

And shamelessly; if you feel like it, buy the next new version of "EMRR on CD" or Support the site in some other way, since that primary funds the site and the Quarterly Rocket Give-Aways.

It is true, I did get those emails and periodically someone will pop up and give me hard time, but they don't get me down. There are a number of people that are helping me with EMRR and that has a tremendous positive impact. Thanks to them. Also, it is important to know that not only am I the Webmaster of EMRR, I'm also a user!

First, to set it up, here was the original screen that everyone saw when logging into EMRR on 4/1/04:

Well, what to say? I've been under a lot of pressure from work, family and what-not, so keeping up with the site has been a challenge. I love doing it, so don't get me wrong. After all, the number of hours that I have pumped into EMRR are incredible! But the joy was fading due to having to balance priorities and then the straw that broke the camel's back:

"Your site is pissing me off, dude. It is slow. I keep getting a termination notice. Why don't you get someone who actually knows how to write webpages!"

That's not so bad. I mean, really, about twice a month I get something like this. After all, there are about 400 entry-page hits each day, so I'm seeing a lot of traffic. You're bound to get a few mouthy ones. I get the stupid Glossary requests, incoherent site feedback, and then the occasional attacts upon my website's capability. But about two days after this one, someone else sent this:

"I posted to let you know I don't give a damn about all your 'extras'. Just give us the reviews and stop trying to entertain us. Maybe you should spend more time out flying rockets to understand what rocketeers like: straight talk, no fluff! BTW your website sucks major ass too. You would think you could have done someting much better than the pathetic excuse for a website you have. I have to click too many times just to see a flippin review!"

So, as I look for ways to reduce stress... I've pulled the plug! I hope to see some of ya out on the rocket fields, but in the mean time, visit TRF to talk about your rocket reviews!

Send a Farewell Message

Everyone that send a message, got back an auto-reply explaining in short..."Did I get ya?".

Someone wrote: Nick, oh please, OH PLEASE... all of these farewell messages... :) I imagine you're going to get some real *winners* :)

Well, I'm not going to post them all, as I am extremely surprised how many there were, but enjoy these.

Was the Joke Received Positively?

  • Best April Fool's joke I have seen in a while.
  • VERY good April Fools though, Nick. 11 out of 10 for this one ;-)
  • Wonder how many more people will fall for that?
  • haha that was great, you really got me there.
  • Good one, really good one =)).
  • Loved it!
  • You got me...that wasn't funny!
  • Wow...I take back everything I said!!! lol

The Simple Answer to "Did I Get Ya"?

  • Grrr!
  • Yep.
  • LOL!
  • Hook, line and sinker!!

New Descriptions Pointed at me

  • You Dog!!!!!!
  • Sneaky bastard.
  • You are one sick little devil
  • You worm!
  • Bastard!!!
  • You sly devil!
  • You are such a wise ass!!
  • Creep! ;-}
  • Genius


  • I'll "get" you back in some shape, form, or fashion sooner or later!
  • ...may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
  • Enough with the April 1st Hijinks. Don't make me send Jerry Irvine in a thong carrying a copy of the entire CFR to your house....
  • Nice April Fool's joke! Now get the site back up and working for us!

Those Offering Help and Ideas

  • ...but give us the nasty email addresses and well take care of the rest for you...
  • ...Instead of killing the site, just forward the hate mail to me, and I will take care of them! I've got a few friends in techno-geek land who would like nothing more than to be given email addresses of people who don't deserve to be online with adults and mature youngsters. But if you are really done, please contact me about what it would take to keep the site running on a different server, with someone else taking the heat (me). I will absolutely gladly do it...
  • I have been looking for some people willing to help because I couldn't do it alone; and if I can find people willing to pitch in would you be willing to pass along the website files and databases so it can continue?
  • ...I have an idea, however. Why not do like Nakka and issue a cd with updates as a subscription service? I'd subscribe!
  • If this is for real (it is April Fool's Day after all), can't we discuss this? I'm sure there are others who would be willing to help out or take over... OR, what about this idea... make it a site readers need to pay to use? I would certainly pay for use of your valuable site, and I bet others would too! Perhaps we don't say it offen enough, but we really do appreciate the service you provide to the hobby, and we will support you however we can, but please don't shut your site down. Please contact me and I will help anyway I can (I'm serious about this!)!

Needing Translation

  • Hola, me gusta rocketreviews, es muy interesante - Hello, I like rocketreviews, is very interesting.
  • Non illegimatis carborundum est. - Don't let the bastards grind you down.


  • ...I teach and run in to many people like this every day. Please consider the source and ignore them...
  • ...Don't lose any sleep over the whining of a few "rectal orifices". Before most people even heard of the Internet I ran one of the largest BBSs in the USA with just under a million subscribers. I got hate-mail every day. If my BBS was so bad I wouldn't have had so many subscribers...
  • ...I am sure you do not hear "thank you" very often, but "THANK YOU" for all that you do. I am the web master for 5 different web sites and I get plenty of "anonymous" arm chair quarterbacks who think they can do things better then I, but no one steps up to the plate and no one ever leaves their name...
  • ...Across America there are many people that work in some way in a volunteer capacity. Perhaps, you made some money from this website, but I don't really know. In any case, I am sure that a lot of your efforts were voluntary. Usually, the bad critics do not understand or appreciate that the efforts that volunteers make in behalf of all us...
  • ...These two sorry excuses for human beings have no idea about the time and effort that you have put into this site, you area true entrepreneur of the rocket industry, and I don't know a single soul that can fill your shoes....


  • ...How many of the moaners actually submitted a review to you? How many offered to help? None, I'm sure. Therefore that's how much credence you should give their pointless complaints. If they think your site sucks, lets see them create a better one. You and I know it won't happen, they're all talk and no action....
  • ...Please don't let a couple of idiots who are obviously just trying to show off their low I.Q.'s put you out of business. In a way, you're letting them win. Please, at the very least offer your site on CD at least one last time - I'm sure you would get many responses now that people know such a great resource could go away. Even better is to just ignore those messages - they're just wrong...
  • ...A few bad eggs doesn't mean you should ever cut off the hen's head...
  • ...Please remember this, there are always going to be people we meet in this life whose lives are so completely miserable that they must lash out at anyone they deem a target. Let's just pity them. ...

4/1 was this poor guy's first visit:

  • Hmm. Never even got to see your site. I found your URL on It said that you had RockSim design files on various rocket kits. I'm sorry that the Internet goons pushed you over the edge. I’m certain that you spent quite a lot of effort maintaining this website, and can understand your disappointment over their brutal words. It takes so little effort to destroy something. Keep your creative and giving spirit alive. Protect it. I agree with your decision to pull the plug (although I would have liked to have seen what you had). May your future efforts bring you satisfaction! - I hope he comes back!

Favorite "aw, ya got me"

  • Initial Farewell Note - I am truly sorry that a few A**holes spoiled your wonderful website. I just would like to say that I have used your site many, many times, and have never, ever been disappointed with it. The reviews, rocsim files, tips, etc truly are treasures. I have used them all, and was thankful for them all. When someone does something positive, like your website, very few take the time to send a note of thanks or compliment. I must admit that I am guilty of this as well. I wish I could make that up to you, in an attempt to balance the harsh words of a few morons who complain when their Pentium 1, running Windows NT over a dial-up connection, takes a 'long time' to load your great website. Screw them!! Nick, Thanks for all that you have done. I hope that when things are a bit less stressful for you, you will re-consider and re-open EMRR.

    Did I get ya? - You are such a wise ass!! Thanks for the April Fools!!!!! After the initial shock, I began laughing. My stomach hurts!! And, Yes, I meant all of the positive things that I wrote on your website.

  • Initial Farewell Note - EMRR was an invaluable resource. Is it possible to turn over the website, or an archive of it, to someone else? And I am very sorry that there are so many morons in the world.

    Did I get ya? - I should have known! My week is much brighter than it would have been had it not been an April fool's joke. I suspect the joke may generate some interesting email, however. And thanks for maintaining such an excellent site.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Nick, Nick, you cannot go. This is one of the best rocketry sites EVER!!! Do not let some idiots get you down. If you are interested in help running the site, I would be more then happy to offer some time.

    Did I get ya? - GRRRRR!!!!! You had me worried, really, I still offer my help if you need it.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Well, it is sad to see it go, but I would like to tell you that you had a great thing going with EMRR. Countless times, I have referred to your creation for helpful information that has saved several of my rockets from their demise. Heck, a good deal of the knowledge I accumulated about HPR has come from EMRR. Keep the pointy end up and the fiery end down...

    Did I get ya? - Oh crap! That was a good one Nick! I totally forgot about today. Ya got me good ;-) Well anyway, if that sad day ever does come, my reply still would be the same.

  • Initial Farewell Note - NO WAY, NICK! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take away this great service. Whichever idiots don't like what you are doing, tell them to go elsewhere. Everyone else likes it. Please reconsider.

    Did I get ya? - You sly devil! Now you _do_ suck! ;-) Enjoyed the joke.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Sorry to hear it, man. It was one of, if not the favorite site of mine. Sorry to hear that you had to take it down, and I'm indeed horrified to see jerks like that last guy sending you messages like that. I can't believe someone would bitch about something that is done so well, and is used so much. A sad day for rocketry on the Internet. Indeed it is. Good luck in the future!

    Did I get ya? - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! You suck!!! Hahahahahahaha. You totally got me. At least you know my true feelings hhahahahaha. How great was that? Well, I've officially been fooled...I went the whole day without it!!! People tried, too...I was just too slick. I guess not.

  • Initial Farewell Note - I don't blame you. Too bad a couple bad apples had to ruin a very good asset to the rocketry community. I, for one, appreciate all you have done for us.

    Did I get ya? - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you did get me!!!! Good one!

  • Initial Farewell Note - Is there any way you might could post the contents of the site on a server so that the people who appreciated what you did could download it? I understand completely about having to deal with a**holes, but there are a lot of people who enjoyed this site. I'm one of them. Having the contents of the site for future reference on the reviews would be helpful. Please consider this. Thanks so much!

    Did I get ya? - Geez! Don't scare me like that! LOL LOL LOL. This has got to be the best April fool's joke I've seen so far.

  • Initial Farewell Note - I am a Special Ed teacher at a K-6 school. Your site has provided my students and myself with hours of education and entertainment! Sorry to see you go. Take care of yourself!

    Did I get ya? - All day having my students try to trick me and I fell for it. 55 years of living and you'd think I'd have wised up! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Initial Farewell Note - Sorry to see you go, Your web site will be missed. EMRR has been one of the truly great rocketry websites for years. Thank you for all your hard work, it has been appreciated more than you can know. I hope to see you in a big field, on a calm sunny day soon. Good Luck.

    Did I get ya? - What a sucker I am. I'm so happy that was a joke. I'm sure you'll get quite a ego boost if all the goodbye messages where half as laudatory as mine was. Now where the heck is the April update!

  • Initial Farewell Note - Well, I am really sorry that the site maintenance conflicted with other responsibilities. I am a new BAR and enjoyed reading the reviews and used the information to determine the first couple of kits I am working on. As far as the @$$holes that felt they needed to responded in a negative manner, go find a new hobby or get of your @$$ and get a job.

    Did I get ya? - Damn, I dislike this day.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Nick, I've learned much from your efforts, and for free on my part, but regretfully only shown appreciation by buying calenders and CDs. I hope you will stay in the hobby and hope to meet you someday to thank you in person for your talented work which has helped me. Those malicious emails are sickening, and I feel for you. I would venture to say as strong as they stand out to drive you pull the plug, there are a thousandfold like myself who will miss you greatly. The wealth of information I've picked up from you is priceless, you have been a major factor in my progression in hobby rocketry. I consider myself lucky to have partaken of your services.

    Did I get ya? - NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR! Someone always gets me good and I never see it coming, it's the Polish Curse I tell you. You're good Nick. Gotto go remove the wool from over my eyes.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Sorry to hear you are calling it quits. I have learned a lot from your site and will miss it. Maybe you should give it some time to rest and try it again. If those people don't like the site they don't have to log on.

    Did I get ya? - ouch!!! and I made it all day too duhhhh.....

  • Initial Farewell Note - I've been in the publishing business for 25 years, and I can say with some authority that you only ever hear from the complainers. People like myself -- and I'm sure we are legion -- have a great deal of appreciation for EMRR, even though we rarely say so. I personally check the site routinely for updates and certainly every time I buy a new kit or begin seriously considering one. I have found your site to be invaluable: There's nothing like hearing directly from those who have built and flown various models. It's been a great service just to be alerted to the inevitable "gotchas." I've picked up tips and suggestions too numerous to mention, and the shutdown of EMRR will leave for me a void that might never be filled. I know what stress is all about, and you need to do what is best for you. But I hope it's not just because of the complainers. For every one of them, there are doubtless dozens of others like myself who have a great appreciation for your work. EMRR does not "suck." I have always considered it a significant resource and -- though I am no smarter than the average bear -- easy to navigate. Here's hoping 1. you get your stress under control 2. you find a way to keep the pages you have already created available to modelers everywhere and 3. you come back some day refreshed to continue the remarkable job you have already done.

    Did I get ya? - Ya got me good. And I had made a pledge to myself not to be got this year! Congratulations! At any rate, it forced me to say things I should have said long ago!

  • Initial Farewell Note - Sorry to see you go. I enjoy this website and the information that it has to offer. I feel a little guilty, as I've sent you less than positive feedback concerning my own experience with a termination notice. I really hope you'll reconsider and/or find someone to help you with this site. I think that it's awesome.

    Did I get ya? - Oh, you're evil. lol.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Yours is the most important Rocketry site on the web. I honestly don't know what to say. I am new to model rocketry ( or born again ), but this is really sad.

    Did I get ya? - You worm! LOL, I am glad it was a joke.

  • Initial Farewell Note - People sending you that sort of crap is totally ridiculous. You were doing everyone a favor, and not charging a dime for it (and all the know it alls should know bandwidth and web space cost money). Selfish idiots should be tied to their rockets and launched! Good luck in real life and hope for the best.

    Did I get ya? - LOL that was rude!

  • Initial Farewell Note - In my opinion, this is the worse thing to happen to the hobby in years! I don't blame you Nick. I wish there was some way to keep it going.

    Did I get ya? - YOU SUCK!!!!! ;-) Yeah, you got me.... You should have heard the language I used this morning telling my wife about it! You'll probably get hate mail from those that didn't think it was funny. ;-)

  • Initial Farewell Note - I am really sorry to hear this. But, after reading the comments you have received, I completely understand. It's frustrating to work a full-time job, have a family and a "life," and then to put so much effort into a high quality website, only to receive that kind of crap! I have visited TRF and other sites, and find yours to be much better, so much so, that EMRR has always been my first choice for information about rocketry products. I can't count the number of "favorites" I have added to my list as a result of surfing your site! I am sure you will be receiving many messages from San Antonio (notably from Art Applewhite) expressing their regret. Quite frankly, I am amazed at a person's ability to create a website which is so comprehensive, has such good graphics, works so well (my browser has never frozen or got kicked off your site or the Web), and is so fast (and I use dial-up!). I don't know where those a**holes get off! And then, to even offer the EAT kits/plans, and contests! Please know that rocketry is losing a great resource.

    Did I get ya? - Whew! That was good! Well, not for me (my blood pressure, pulse and respiration haven't returned to normal yet, and now I have to terminate my grief process, which is mind-bending). You wrecked my day, and then made it! A big Texas woo-hoov.

  • Initial Farewell Note - Too bad there are so many people in this world that are so short sighted that they can't see when others are going out of their way and bending over backwards to help them out. I really appreciated your site. There was lots of good info, and a real opportunity for us to share our hobby with each other. Sorry more of us didn't take the time to say "thanks" for your hard work.

    Did I get ya? - OK, so I'm a sucker. But I still can't believe people would be so rude to a guy who is providing this kind of service FOR FREE!!!

  • Initial Farewell Note - No, No don’t go!! Your site was one of the firsts I looked at when I got back into the hobby. The information you have is invaluable. The great majority of us rocketeers very much appreciate your efforts and would hate to see you leave. Don’t let a few jerks let you lose sight of that.

    Did I get ya? - You Dog!!!!!!

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