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Comparison of Tube-Fin Rockets
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Six-PackServalHex CourierRazor RocketVision Six-Pack Custom Serval Rogue Hex Courier Custom Razor
Dimension 13" x 1.2" 23.25" x 1.325" 22.5" x 0.976" 12" x 0.976"
Weight (my kit) 4.5 ounces 1.7 ounces 1.5 ounces 1.6ounces
Body Tube Phenolic Kraft Paper Kraft Paper Kraft Paper
Fins (Tubes) 6 7 6 6
Fins (Tubes) Phenolic Kraft Paper Kraft Paper Kraft Paper
Fins (Tubes) Beveled (Both) Straight (Both) Beveled (Both) Straight (Both)
Centering Rings 3/64" G10 1/32" Card Stock Cardboard Ring Cardboard Ring
Mount Tube 24mm 24mm 18mm 18mm
Motor Retention Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nose Cone ABS Plastic Balsa Plastic
Shock Tether none none none none
Shock Cord 1/16" Kevlar 1/4" x 36" Elastic 1/16" Kevlar 1/8" x 12" Elastic
Mount Paper/Knot/Epoxy Sidewall 3-Fold Thrust Ring 3-Fold
Parachute 10" Nylon (Orange) 2x36" Mylar Streamer 12" Nylon (Orange) 12" Mylar
Heat Shield Nomex none Perma-Wadding none
Decals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rec Motors D12 - G55 B4 - C6 A8 - C6 1/2A - C6
Instructions 2 pages + motor retention addendum 4 pages 5 pages 3 pages
Illustrated No Yes Yes Yes
Photo-illustrated No No No No
Price (OOP) $8.95 $14.95 $5.95
Construction Rating 4 3 not rated 3 ½
Flying Rating 5 4 not rated 4
Overall Rating 4 ½ 4 3 ½ 3 ½
Review Pro's Construction and finishing ease. Parachute protector Performance, stability, mylar streamer Quality parts including nylon chute and kevlar shock cord. Ease of build. Instructions. No need to finish (if that is what you are looking for)
Review Con's Shock cord mount, Rocket Vision is out of business Shroud line attachment, motor hook No parachute swivel Shock cord length and parachute
Comparison Purpose Pro's Strongest rocket. Heat Shield tube fins. Most tube fins. Streamer recovery Beveled tube fins. Least expensive. Easiest to build and finish
Comparison Purpose Con's Now Out of Production Now Out of Production Now Out of Production Shortest shock cord

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