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Comparison of "Free" Paper-Rockets
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CAP Rocket
CAP Rocket
FlisKits Midnight Express
FlisKits Midnight Express
Model Minutes Tricarrow
Model Minutes Tricarrow
Bif's Papernator
Bif's Rocket Emporium Papernator
Dimension 13.25" x 0.736" 11.75" x 0.736" 12.5" x 0.736" 15.5" x 1.5"
Pattern Format MS Word PDF PDF MS Word
Weight (my kit) 0.9 ounces 0.4 ounces 0.6 ounces 1.5 ounces
Body Tube Rolled Glue Strip Glue Tab Glue Tab
Fins (count) 3 3 3 4
Fins (pieces) 2-piece 1/8" diameter 1-piece 1/8" diameter 1-piece fold in half 1-piece 1/4" diameter
Fins (attach) Flair Root Flair Root
Thrust Ring Yes Yes Yes - no pattern Yes
Mount Tube 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
Motor Retention No No No No
Nose Cone (material) Paper Paper Paper + Foam Board Paper
Nose Cone (shoulder) Over-Shoulder Inside-Shoulder Inside-Shoulder Inside-Shoulder
Nose Cone (weight) Clay Clay Clay + eye-hook Clay
Launch Lug Pattern Yes Yes No Yes
Rec Motors A, B, C A6-4, A8-3, B6-4, C6-5 none B4-2, B6-2, C6-3
Instructions 1 pages 4 pages web 2 pages
Illustrated No Yes No No
Photo-illustrated No No Yes No
Variations Offered 2 colors schemes
Different Fins
Blank for own color design Transparent or not fins No
Price Free Free Free Free
Construction Rating 4 5 2 ½ 4
Flying Rating 4 ½ 5 4 3
Overall Rating 4 ½ 5 3 3 ½
Review Pro's Thick, sturdy body tube. Nose Cone design Instructions. Flies great. Hexagon shape, straight flight Looks and folded fins
Reviews Con's Instructions need a bit of work. None Instructions. Need Launch Lug and Thrust Ring patterns Tough to reach motor
Comparison Purpose Pro's Sturdiest rocket of the group. Most variations offered. Best instructions, competes with "pay" kits. Unique in looks and design if done with transparent fins. Most Unique looking design and has good detail.
Comparison Purpose Con's Get-by instructions. Most difficult folds. Poorest instructions. Required the most extra items. Most cutting required. Heaviest

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