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12V Relay Launcher     Launch Controller
Aluminum Launch Pad [Pic]      Convert an aluminum Army cot into a launch pad
Back-Up Box (18V launch controller) [Pic]      A simple, low-cost launch controller anyone can build
Cheap 12V Launch Controller [Pic]      Launch Controller
DIY Launch Pad [Pic]      Do-it-yourself rail and rod launch pad
El Cheapo Launch Pad [Pic]      A cheap way to make a launch pad
Home-Brew Launch Controller [Pic]      Launch Controller
Home-Brew Launch Pad [Pic]      Launch pad made from fencing material, stores rods inside
Inexpensive Rail Launch Pad [Pic]      Launch pad made from PVC and an 80/20 Rail
Launch Controller [Pic]      Launch Controller
MicroMaxx Mega Pad [Pic]      A MicroMaxx Launch Pad with more juice and multiple launch positions
MMX Club Launch Rack [Pic]      Do-it-yourself multi-rocket MXX Launch Rack
Multi-Launch Controller [Pic]      12V Launch Controller that allows up to 4 rockets to launch with one push
Pad Stik (Launch Pad) [Pic]      Launch pad made to simply stick into the ground
PVC Launch Pad [Pic]      Launch pad made from PVC plumbing
Rail Conversion [Pic]      A way to add a rail launcher to a standard pad
Rail Launcher (for under $40) [Pic]      Launch pad made from shelving braces and block for Rails
RGV High Power Launch Pad [Pic]      Large sturdy launch pad for rod or BlackSky rails

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