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REV 2.4 - Tue Aug 17 10:59:41 2010

Estes Industries
Flying Stovepipe
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(Contributed - by Yitah Wu) 

A really neat idea, found at JimZ's plans.  I hope to have pix soon. 

The concept is to have a boost-glider where the glider portion is like one of those ZZZylo (SP?) flying cylinders.  The glider is made of a length of BT101 with extra material on one end.  The booster section is like the old Scout, while the massive glider makes the whole thing look like a Streak on Steroids. 

A.R.G. in Mississagua, Canada, still has some BT101 for sale, 3 pieces for $25 including shipping.  I have their telephone # somewhere.  I  bought some to replace a crimped Saturn V tube, and since I didn't have any use for the other pieces, I thought this was the ideal project. 

I downloaded the plans but as the printer fudged all the sizes, I ended up having to scale the fin pattern.  Not a problem.  The other  modification is that the original kit called for BT30, which is like  thick BT20 with a slightly larger ID.  I used BT20, and don't  think it will be a problem except it might not live as long.  I also used a BNC20N cone, which is sharper than the cone which is called for, but looks better. 

Building up the glider is simple enough if you're handy at cuting body tubes.  I have a bunch of 11x17 card stock, which was indispensible in cutting the tubes for the internal liner rings.  I taped the card stock around the tube which gave me a good edge to work with, then ran a new Xacto blade lightly around the tube until it got a good start.  Then I applied more pressure until it cut the tube.  A little sanding cleaned it up perfectly. 

I used some stainless 1/16" welding rod I had handy for the hook.  I made the hook more curved so that it will grab the engine more securely - no chance of the casing getting past this hook!  The vent hole I cut with an Xacto knife, and soaked with CA to give it some strength and flame resistance. 

It's all painted and ready to go.  The glider is gold with a blue spiral (Go Bears!) while the booster is blue and gold.  I need to touch up the booster because the masking tape pulled up some of the undercoat.  Darn.

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09/00 - "Cool Anecdote: At a recent LUNARS launch, I saw a fellow showing off his Flying Stovepipe. "Cool!" I said, "that's the one from that old Model Rocket News!" "Yeah," said a woman in the crowd, "and this is the guy who invented it!" Designer Larry Deran was thirteen at the time. He said he still hadn't perfected the design, but was still trying to improve reliability." (S.J.)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
09-24-2006 Moe Bertrand Est SU 1/2A6-2 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds Event: Field launch
- Inagural flight - components did not seperate as designed.Engined completely ejected (should have remained ala Scout) Pranged onto ground and broke two fins. Repairable.Will fly again with mods.
02-10-2007 Moe Bertrand Est SU A8-3 Apogee - Perfect Didn't Record Flight PictureEvent: Field launch
- Second flight - components still did not seperate as designed. Will try to fly again with mods.

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