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Little Dog
883 Ragers Hill Rd
South Fork, Pa 15956
(814) 536-8491
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SPECS: 52" x 2.25" - 48 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: Right Click to Download
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: 38mm G through J

(Contributed - by Justin Farrand - 12/06/07)

The Little Dog is another great all fiberglass kit from Performance Rocketry. MSRP of $79.00 for the dual deploy version and $59.00 for the single deploy. I opted for the dual deployment version of the kit. The LD is a single stage, 2.25” (outside diameter) kit with a 38mm motor mount. The rocket can be adapted down to 29mm and fly on anything from an F motor or you can let the Dog eat with a J-570! If you are in the market for a 38mm motor work horse that comes with all fiberglass quality parts, this is a kit for you! I would highly recommend this kit for NAR/TRA Level One certification as well. I "needed" this kit because I did not have a 38mm rocket that I would trust on the Aerotech I-1299 Warp Nine load. Performance Rocketry released this kit in May 2007, and I knew I had to have one!

Performance Rocketry Little Dog

The box contained:

  • 25” fiberglass lower airframe
  • 16” fiberglass upper airframe
  • 6” fiberglass coupler tube
  • 1 54mm 3/32” thick G-10 fiberglass nose cone bulkhead plates
  • 2 54mm 3/32” thick G-10 fiberglass bulkhead plates
  • 2 54mm 3/32” thick G-10 fiberglass coupler bulkhead plates
  • 2 54mm to 38mm 3/32” thick G-10 fiberglass centering rings
  • 3 Little Dog 3/32” thick G-10 fiberglass fins (scaled down version of the PR MAD Dog)
  • 8” long 38mm fiberglass motor mount tube
  • 5:1 Ogive fiberglass nose cone (although I switched out the Ogive cone that came with the kit for a 6:1 Conical Performance Rocketry cone that I already purchased)
I was blown away when I got a closer look at the slotted booster airframe. The slots were obviously cut with CNC control as they were perfectly on center and square. The quality of the fiberglass parts of my Little Dog are fantastic.

Performance Rocketry Little Dog Having a rocket kit that is all fiberglass makes for a very simple and straightforward construction. Scuff all bonding areas of the fiberglass thoroughly and you are good to go. The G10 fins, body tubes, fin slots, G10 centering rings, and all G10 bulkhead plates are CNC machined. Needless to say, all parts fit together with ease. The coupler was a perfect fit into the booster and upper airframe, and the nose cone fit tightly on the upper airframe. The only criticism that I have is that the kit does not come with instructions. In my opinion, directions would be an asset to the kit because a prospective Level one flier would appreciate and utilize high power building instruction/common techniques. Rockets Magazine and Performance Rocketry’s websites both have parts breakdown lists that show exploded views. If you are in need of directions, or want to see what parts go where, download the PDF exploded views from either website.

In years past, some Performance Rocketry tubes came with very tiny pin holes in the fiberglass airframes. I used to apply two or three passes of automotive type body filler to eliminate these pinholes before primer. My Little Dog arrived with no pinholes to be filled! Performance Rocketry must have made a change to eliminate these pinholes. PR fiberglass tubes are very easy to finish. When properly prepped, Performance Rocketry fiberglass tubes provide a durable surface for that wicked paint job you have in mind.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

My first flight of the PR Little Dog was not a kind one! I used the Aerotech I-1299 Warp Nine! The half second burn motor tore the rocket up the 8’ rail and continued to 3800’. Even though the Little Dog pulled upwards of 90Gs, it came back in perfect condition, ready for more action! The LD flew straight and true, dual deployed properly, and was later recovered even though the I-1299 trashed the AA battery in my tracker. Unfortunately, I have only logged one flight on my Little Dog to date. The next flight will be an Aerotech J-350 or J-570.

I’m using 30’ of 1/8” tubular Kevlar for drogue deployment along with a 6” x 60” streamer. I use one gram of FFFF BP for the drogue deployment charge with two 2-56 nylon shear pins and 1.5 grams of FFFF BP for the main deployment charge with three 2-56 pins. I chose a Top Flight Recovery 42” X-Form parachute for my main. All deployment charges were courtesy of an ALTS-25. Drogue charge at apogee and main at 600’. I opted to use a streamer for the drogue and not a drogue parachute as I wanted the Little Dog to fall faster under drogue and hopefully not drift as far.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

BAR none, 5 out of 5. The Little Dog is an instant Performance Rocketry classic. The all fiberglass design is both very strong, easy to finish, and can really take a beating. When it comes down to brass tacks, you are getting a top of the line CNC precision product for a superb price. This particular Performance Rocketry kit delivers the wow factor for L1, L2, and L3 fliers alike. You will not regret adding this little pooch to your fleet!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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05/09 - "I built the standard $59 version of the Little Dog. As was typical, it came with no instructions. Not any real issues if you have built HPR before. Used some 3/8" tubular Kevlarģ to attach the recovery harness to the motor mount. Added some 3/8" tubular nylon and a Top Flight chute protector and 24" chute to complete the recovery harness. Added weight to nose cone to balance for mid-I motor. Used an Aero Pack retainer for positive motor retention. First flight at our May launch was on a CTI G69 skidmark. Had a great flight and perfect recovery. An impressive little G motor and a tough as nails little rocket." (A.L.S.)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
07-11-2009 Wayne Day AT RMS H112-M Didn't See
(2458 ft)
0-5 mph winds Little Yellow Dog - With USLI/SLI group at HARA - Manchester, TN. Electronics on G-10 friction fit into nosecone by wood plug. Lost nosecone. Rocket and motor provided as part of training grant from UAH/AL Space Grant Consortium. Thanks!
03-08-2008 Justin+Farrand Farrand AT RMS H242-Altim None - Parachute Fail
(2372 ft)
Calm Event: Princeton, IL
- Single deploy (apogee via ALTS-25) flight on an H-242. The LD hit apogee , saw no event, and then flat spun in and hit rather hard on mud/ice. Altimeter fired charge right on time, but 1.2 grams was not enough BP to do the job.
07-28-2007 Justin Farrand AT RMS H999-Altim Didn't See
(3785 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Walcott, IA
- Really rough maiden voyage(I-1299, not the 999)! The LD pulled somewhere in the neighborhood of 80G's but came back in one piece. :) The LD was recovered about one half mile from the launch site.
053010-0-20 Steve Jensen Ces RLD I345-Altim Apogee - NC Up
(7303 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Mile High Mayhem
Git Along Lil Doggie - Actually an I303 Blue Streak from CTI. Dual Deploy version Little Dog Dual Deploy.
053010-0-20 Steve Jensen Ces RLD J400-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(10535 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Mile High Mayhem
Git Along Lil Doggie - Actually a CTI J600 Red Line (EMR CTI Files need update)Went up quickly, unfortunately suffered main deploy at apogee with booster separation. Lost booster for now. Tracked with DC-30 4 miles from launch and recovered remaining rocket.
08-31-2008 Taylor Jessee AT RMS J350-Altim Didn't See
(6244 ft)
10+ mph winds Event: LDRS 27
- First flight of the rocket. It went a lot lower than expected due to wind. Brent Mcneeley ended up picking the rocket up as we were tracking it and caused for some fun tracking!!!
06-05-2010 Peter Lam AT RMS H128-M Late (2-3sec) 0-5 mph winds Event: Williams Wildfire Westernationals
- Dual deploy flown as single deploy. Great flight, late ejection as simmed but all OK. First flight on this rocket
06-05-2010 Peter Lam AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(6745 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Williams Wildfire Westernationals
- Perfect straight boost, drougeless recovery with main at 700 feet, even so it drifted about 1 mile. Great flight and L2 achieved! Cert Flight: L2
06-06-2010 Peter Lam AT RMS I200-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(3925 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Williams Wildfire Westernationals
- Great straight flight, drogueless with main at 700', perfect recovery!
05-17-2009 Al Sterner Ces RLD G69-7 Apogee - NC Up
(1400 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Geneseo
- First flight with a G69 skidmark. It won't be the last.
07-25-2009 Al Sterner Ces RLD G115-8 Apogee - NC Up 0-5 mph winds Event: Nypower
- Nice quick boost on the Wild Wolf/White Thunder reload.
10-04-2008 Gary Tortora AT RMS I211-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(4297' ft)
0-5 mph winds - This Is the DD Little Dog, Altimeter was an RRC2 Mini. Awesome Flight Riped off the Pad.
03-14-2009 Gary Tortora AT RMS I161-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2859 ft)
5-10 mph winds - This is the DD Little Dog, Nice flight
07-02-2009 Gary Tortora AT RMS I245-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(3251 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: LDRS28
- Great flight.
10-30-2010 Gary Tortora I175W Apogee - NC Down
(3947 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Perfect Flight

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