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Estes Industries
Pro Series Impulse
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SPECS: 37.5" x 2.5" - 8.3 oz
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REC'D MOTORS: D12-5 x2, D12-7 x 2, E15-6 x2, E15-8 x2

(Contributed - by Casey Smith)

Estes ImpluseBrief:
This was one of the pro series line of kits Estes offered in the early 90's. It is a basic dual engine 24 mm rocket with some upgraded components. It has a very nice yellow nylon chute for recovery.

The kit comes with the pre slotted main body tube, a "payload" section, and 2 motor tubes. It has 4 balsa fins that come with spruce to reinforce the edges of the balsa with. It has the basic nose cone, and a build your own type of interlocking motor mount to help secure the fins. The shock cord is actually mounted to a piece of basswood near the top of the main tube. This could be an early anti zipper design. Nicely done! I lengthened the motor mount tubes and built them with 30 minute epoxy in hopes of flying this kit on 2 G55's. I have not done that yet.

The directions are fairly easy to follow, but they are a little confusing about how to build this motor mount. It is similar to an Aerotech interlock fin design, that when the fins slide into the body, the slots help hold the fins in place and are quit nice for what they are intended for. I can't imagine they thought you needed this much reinforcement for just flying on D's. I secretly think they were there for the "EXPLOSIVE" power of some of Estes's E engines! The mount actually is strong enough to take E30's no problem. The fins are a snap to put on. The rest of the rocket can be assembled almost simultaneously after the motor mount is secured. I did brush on a layer of resin to fill the balsa fins and help protect them. The kit comes with some large waterslide decals which really make it look sharp.

Estes Impluse Estes Impluse

This kit is very easy to finish, and the decals look great on multi color paint schemes. The kit really looks and flies great! I painted mine orange and blue for the Syracuse Orangemen!

Construction Rating: 4 out of 5

I have flown this kit twice, on now extinct D12-7's and E30-7's. It goes really nice on the D's, lots of fire and smoke. It really screams on the E30's.

The bright yellow 18 inch nylon chute is very easy to see, and the rocket always lands gently. I used a screw holding a washer in between the motors for retention.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

PRO - Easy "PRO SERIES" kit to build, easy to modify. Great flights, great recovery system.
CON - They stopped making them.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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07/07 - "I to suffered from a too powerful ejection charge. That coupled with a "only one engine ignition" resulted in this:" (E.L.)

08/02 - "I recently had an unpleasant experience with my Impulse. After launching it successfully on D12-3's I launched it again on the new E9's and much to my dismay, the ejection charge was so powerful that it snapped the shock cord causing the body to lawn dart into the field. I have successfully managed to remove the compressed upper section of body tube but have not managed to locate any of the rare 2.5" tube used in its construction. If anyone has an idea where I might find this type of tube or (as a last resort) a new kit. Cheers!" (NC)

06/01 - "When I first saw my friend's Impulse I knew I had to have one. Much to my disappointment he told me that they where OOP. Luckily we stumbled upon an old man who owned a small rundown hobby shop. When I got there I saw no light bulbs in the store but a lot of dust. But one thing caught my eye. It was an old impulse mint in the box. I gave the man my money and went home. About a week later the Impulse was born. Me, my friend, and my brother fly at an old hayfield. The box says the Impulse is supposed to go 1100 feet on two D12s. So I was a little hesitant to fly. I recently joined a club and flew my impulse on two D12-5s. The boost was perfect. Deployment was right at apogee. The rocket was recovered about 50 feet from the pad although I think mine only hit about 850 feet. I recommend this rocket to whoever can get there hands on it. But if you do I seriously recommend a mod for higher power motors." (D.C.)

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09/02 - "Replacement body tube for Estes Impulse: The Estes 2.5 inch tube isn't used by anyone else that I'm aware of. You have three choices, one, call Estes and see if they have any left. Two, roll your own. Or three, Rocket R&D sells a tube liner for 2.6 inch tubes called a Little John, it's three dollars, and just a little bit bigger inside and out than the Estes 2.5 inch tube. It's basically a 28 inch long tube coupler for 2.6 tubes. It doesn't have the smooth finish of regular body tubes, but it's as close as you can get if Estes doesn't have any 2.5 left." (C.D. from RMR )

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
11-04-2007 George Beever 2x Est SU D12-5 Apogee - NC Down 10+ mph winds - Great flight - first flight on model in about 10 years.
06-09-2001 Donald Besaw 2x Est SU D12-5 Apogee - NC Up 0-5 mph winds - My first attempt at a cluster flight. Perfect flight and recovery close to pad.
10-18-2003 Donald Besaw 2x Est SU D12-5 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Great flight, both motors lit. What a nice way to burn up a pair of Estes D's. Moderate walk for recovery. No damage.
06-09-2001 Daniel Cutteridge 2x Est SU D12-5 Apogee - Perfect Calm - Flew very good. Very Stable. Box said 1100. More like 750-800 very proud of rockit
07-07-2001 Daniel Cutteridge 2x Est SU D12-5 Very Late Calm - Only one motor lit. Rocket arced over into ground. Cracked nosecone. She will fly again.
02-04-2005 Greg Deeter 2x Est SU D12-3 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds Event: Challenger 498 Rushing Park Katy Texas
- My first cluster attempt. Used (2) D12-3' and (2) Quickburst Twiggy igniters. One igniter blew out and -almost lit the motor but didn't quite. This rocket flew stable on a single D12-3. Close landing.
02-04-2005 Greg Deeter 2x Est SU D12-3 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds Event: Challenger 498 Rushing Park Katy Texas
- Ah there we go! Used two Estes igniters, both motors lit and it was a perfect straight up flight with a nice clean apogee deployment and a close landing. Nice rocket, but very hard to find a kit.
07-07-2007 Eli Loehrke 2x Est SU D12-5 Apogee - Perfect
(50 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Ignition failure. Single engine carried rocket up 50' it leveled off and flew another 300' N. Good ejection. Minor fin damage.
07-07-2007 Eli Loehrke 2x Est SU D12-7 Apogee - Perfect
(Way Up ft)
0-5 mph winds - Perfect flight. Wish I had a way of mesuring altitude.
07-07-2007 Eli Loehrke 2x Est SU D12-7 Didn't Record
(50 ft)
0-5 mph winds RIP - Ignition failure (again). Single engine carried rocket up 50' it leveled off and flew another 300' N. Bad ejection. Shock cord snapped. Lawn dart. Status: Lawn Dart
05-05-2001 Casey Smith 2x AT SU E30-7 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Great shot up into the wind, high G flight(38G per wrasp)! No weathercocking, instant ignition! Drifted about 300 feet for a good recovery, now onto the F72's!
12-01-2001 Casey Smith 2x Est SU D12-5 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Another great boost, short walk. Needs some E-9's. Needs repair of the fins due to hard landing.
12-01-2001 Casey Smith 2x Est SU D12-5 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Good boost, both motors lit. Great flight, good eject, short walk for recovery.

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