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Mercury Redstone (1/27th)
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SPECS: 37.5" x 2.6" - 12.5 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: Right Click to Download
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: D12-3, E15-4

[NAR][Sport Rocketry]

The following excerpt is from "Sport Rocketry". The intention is to allow guests to get a basic feeling about a kit. We strongly suggest that you get a copy of the referenced Sport Rocketry and read the entire article. Inside you will find many helpful hints in construction as well as other useful information. For more information, use the two links above.

(Sport Rocketry - Jul/Aug 1999 - page 33 - by Thomas Beach) 

Image provided by Discount Rocketry"Neubauer's 1/27th-scale Mercury Redstone is based on a 2.6" diameter tube . . "
"The kit's construction is simple, except for the escape tower."
"The tower is built from wood dowels that must be cut, sanded, and fitted by hand . . ."
"The molded plastic capsule has details at the level of hatches, ports, and longitudinal stringers, but lacks the corrugations and smaller details . . ."
"The fins are laser-cut plywood with no attempt at detailing . . ."
"The vinyl decal for the complex forward toll pattern worked beautifully."
"The Mercury Redstone can be flown with a D12-3 or E15-4 motor."
"The molded plastic capsule is quite heavy, so the model is very stable."
"The escape tower is removable for flight . . ."
"Recovery is by a 38" sturdy plastic parachute."

The entire article gives the impression is that this model has some challenging build features and needs some work to be a good competition scale model.

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09/01 - "The capsule on this rocket is so heavy that it makes the D12-3 engine a marginal choice. In my experience, the D12 barely has enough initial thrust to get the rocket off the pad safely, and doesn't get it going fast enough for stable flight while it is still pointed straight up." (E.C.)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
05-26-2007 George Beever AT SU E30-4 Apogee - NC Up 5-10 mph winds - Was going to use an E18RMS but ignition problems led me to switch out to an E30. Good decision, great flight.
08-11-2001 Ed Callaway AT SU E15-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Beautiful flight, probably 600' or so. The shroud lines tangled slightly with the kevlar holding the escape tower upright, but caused no problems for safe recovery.
08-18-2001 Ed Callaway Est SU D12-3 None - Nose Cone Stuck 0-5 mph winds - D12 provides barely enough thrust to get the rocket off the pad, with the heavy capsule. Went up at 45 degree angle to about 100', then ejection charge was insufficient to eject the parachute. Tower crushed.
06-15-2003 Ed Callaway AT SU E15-4 Very Late 0-5 mph winds RIP - Because the cast resin capsule/nose cone is so heavy, even an E-15 engine has some trouble with maintaining vertical flight. Arced trajectory, combined with bonus delay means ballistic impact. Try E30. Status: Lawn Dart
08-07-1999 Paul Smith AT SU E15-4 Didn't Record Moderate - South - Small hole burned in parachute due to forgotten wadding. God, what a flight! Slight delay before the Copperhead lit the engine. Then off like a shot, with hot white flame trailing. Nice and high and straight. Perfect ejection. Soft landing. A real crowd-p
10-02-1999 Paul Smith AT SU E15-4 Didn't Record Strong - Northwest - Seven of eight shroud lines broken - tore through parachute. Some arcing, and apparently bonus delay. Ejected at high speed.
10-02-1999 Paul Smith AT SU E30-4 Didn't Record Strong - Northwest - Also perfect, fast, high flight. A little more drift, but nice landing. Beautiful flight.
10-02-1999 Paul Smith AT SU E30-4 Didn't Record Strong - Northwest - Perfect, fast, straight, high flight. Beautiful recovery.
09-16-2000 Mike Weiner AT SU E30-7 Apogee - Perfect Calm - Excellent second flight. However, parachute did not fully deploy. Used wadding which was partially bypassed by hot ejection gases and melted together chute. Parachute cords became partially entangled with nose cone. No damage resulted from mishap.
09-16-2000 Mike Weiner AT SU E30-7 Apogee - Perfect Calm - Notes Teriffic first launch in all aspects to apogee. Parachute failed to eject from tube. I used a nomex pad that was too large. However, no damage resulted except for tower. Beautiful scale model !!

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