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Saturn Press
Scale Bash
P.O. Box 3709
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3709
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book written by Peter Alway
(Contributed - by Eric J Rabalais)

Book PicWhat Saturn Press Says:
A plan book for building flying scale models of real rockets from non-scale commercial kits. 78 model plans of 29 rockets. Plans, patterns, shrouds, kit & parts listings, and masters for photocopied decals. Includes previously upublished scale data. 32 page plastic-bound booklet lies flat for work and photocopying patterns, shrouds, and decal masters.

What a Reader Says:
The booklet "Scale Bash" by Peter Alway is an excellent source of rocket plans, if Sport Scale model rockets are your thing. It comes with fin patterns for different body tube sized rockets, gives Estes nose cone matches for the most scale-like appearance. Simple marking and decal making instructions are included. All of the rocket plans are "kit-bashed" from existing Estes kits, with a few modifications like scale fins and different body tube lengths. If you're tired of "fantasy" model rockets and want to build and fly something that looks like a real rocket, buy this booklet!

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06/04 - "Even though the title of this great book is "Scale Bash", don't put aside the notion of getting it if you're not into scale. There is some great information and building techniques that leaves you wanting more. Whether you want to tackle your first scale project or just pick some great building pointers, this book is a must have!! Well Done." (J.R.)

09/00 - "I used "Scale Bash" to build my V2 from an Estes Silver Comet kit and a purchased nose cone. It was a big help, especially with the fin patterns and the painting scheme. I would highly recommend the book to anyone interested in trying scale modeling with easily found materials." (R.J.)


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