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Estes Industries
Long Mini Max
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SPECS: 13.5" x .98" - 1.5 oz
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(Contributed - by Duane Boldt [Who's Who Page] - 07/31/10)

This is a modified Estes Mini Max with a 4" longer body tube, inverted fins and Kevlar® shock cord connected to the motor mount. The model was built and the review submitted as part of the 2010 EMRR Challenge for the "Hit List" component.

Most of this build was done per the stock Estes Mini Max instructions.

The following were deviations from the original.

The elastic shock cord was replaced by a 30" piece of Kevlar® cord. This was mounted to the motor mount with a loop in the cord behind the forward centering ring.

The fins were also mounted inverted to the original model.

The screw eye was glued in the balsa nose cone using 15 minute epoxy.


The balsa fins and nose cone were very good quality and were easy to sand smooth and finish.

Fillets were applied to the fins and launch lug and let to dry.

The instructions called for filling and sanding the nose cone and fins. I did this, but did not fill the body tube spirals.

I wanted to compare the different to a stock Mini Max I built and had filled the spirals on the body tube.

Filling in the spirals does make a difference.

I used cheaper ColorPlace primer and paint from Wal-Mart with very good results. It's about 1/3 the cost of the Krylon they sell and I often get better results with the cheaper one. Both brands are made by the same company.

The waterslide decals are applied last. After they had dried for a day, I painted Future floor wax over them with a fine, flat paint brush to seal and protect them.

I flew all 3 flights on Estes A3-4T motors and all flights were great. We did have an issue with a dirty clip on the first drag race, but that was no fault of the rocket...

Recovery on the Estes 12" parachute was perfect. Even in the wind, we did not have to go far to collect the rocket and there was no damage after 3 flights on the A3-4T motors.

This modification actually turned out really nice. Many people at the field actually like it better than the stock Estes Mini Max. I like them both as a pair myself. They are fun little kits to build that look great.


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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
07-30-2010 Duane Boldt Est SU A3-4 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds Flight Picture - First try on dirty clips, no ignition. 2nd try, perfect flight and recovery. Great little motor for this rocket. The little stock Mini Max took off much faster on the same motor.
07-30-2010 Duane Boldt Est SU A3-4 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds Flight Picture - Very good flight in a drag race against a stock Custom Zero Gravity.
07-30-2010 Duane Boldt Est SU A3-4 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds Flight Picture - Another great flight and recovery.
07-30-2010 Duane Boldt Est SU A3-4 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds - Good flight. Windy this day but always recovered close.

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