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MMA-2 Motor Adapter
P.O. Box 470396
Broadview Heights OH 44147
(330) 745-9755
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(Contributed - by John Lee [Who's Who Page] - 11/14/09) LOC MMA-2 (38mm-29mm)

The MMA-2 is an adapter from LOC to enable the use of 29mm motors in 38mm mounts. Mine came with my LOC Cyclotron. Had I known it was present, I probably would have started construction of this rocket sooner.

Construction of the adapter began with marking the 29mm tube for the location of the centering rings. The directions that come with this adapter are generalized for several different models and reference is made to a chart to get the correct dimension. The centering rings were then slid onto the inner tube to the marks. I found the rings to be tight and needing a good amount of sanding to fit. They were epoxied into place and fillets were applied.

When the epoxy on the rings had set, the outer, 38mm tube was slid into place and epoxied. Fillets were applied here as well.


The final step involved epoxying an optional thrust ring into place at the aft end.

The total construction time was about 10 minutes.

There wasn't any finishing to be done..

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

My first use of the adapter was on the LOC Cyclotron it came with. I loaded an Aerotech G77-4 into the adapter and then the adapter into the rocket. This was very easily accomplished. The adapter and the rocket performed fine.


On the same outing, I decided to try in in an Art Applewhite 38mm Cinco. This time I used an Aerotech G38-4 and again the goal was easily accomplished with scarcely more effort than if I had been using a 38mm motor. Again rocket and adapter performed well.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

This adapter was easy to build and easy to use. It suffered no damage at all and I expect it will see quite a bit of use.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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