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SPECS: 50.1" x 1.62" - 14 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: Right Click to Download
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: 29mm: F50-9, G40-10; 24mm: D12-3, E30-7

(by Kerry Garrison courtesy of WildRocketry.Com)
I bought this particular kit recently from Hobby Town in Brea. I was pretty happy to find a good medium power kit that could also fly under power from a D12-3. This would give me a nice cool rocket that could be flown in town with the rest of the low power kits as well as fly on my existing RMS 29/40-120 hardware under a G64-10. I'm pretty curious to see how she flies under low power. Under the big "G" I am estimating 3,200 feet. 
The kit contains heavy-duty airframe tubing, cut plywood fins, and parachute recovery.
Bulkhead assembly
I started out with the bulkhead assembly. I used five minute epoxy on both sides of the plywood plate to secure the eyebolt (not included). Once that set up, I used two hour epoxy to secure the plate to the bulkhead tube as well as to secure the tube into the payload section.
Fin Construction

Fin Can Detail

Next came the fins. I originally was going to fiberglass the fins to the tube, but I didn't have any materials and I got bored and decided to build it anyway. The tube is pre-marked for fin and launch lug placement making it very easy to place everything properly. The fins were set in place using a light coat of five minute epoxy on the root edge. After all the fins were in place, the fin fillets were done using two hour epoxy.

Two hour epoxy is not the easiest stuff to work with because it runs like hot syrup. I came up with a good taping method that allows the epoxy to run off the fins and drip onto a towel. The fillets came out near perfect.

Payload/Nose Cone Primered
While the first set of fillets were drying, I began the primer work on the payload section and nose cone. Rustoleum sandable auto primer was the choice of the day. After three coats, the seam lines are almost invisible.

Pic Finished, painted, and duped the Purple Playa Eater.

August 28th, 1999
At the LeT'R ROC launch out on Lucerne Dry Lake bed, I certed Level 1 with my much larger Vulcanite on an H128 and followed that up with lighting an I200 in this rocket. Blasted it clear out of site. Two hours later it was recovered about 1.5 miles away. Later that day I put a G80 in it and again it jumped off the pad but was recovered MUCH easier. I seriously need an altimeter in it. I gotta know what this does on the I200.

After having Jeff Stai confirm my numbers, it is estimated that on the I200, we got 6,800' and hit Mach 1.2!! I can't believe it held together. I am going to redo all of the numbers in RocSim this week and double check it again. When I started to clean it up, I noticed some cracks in the fin fillets. Two fins were taken off and repaired Oct. 9th, 1999.

Another flight on a G80, great flight. It was carrying an Adept recording altimeter for recording. Altimeter didn't record any data. I will retry soon.

Nov. 14th, 1999
RocStock X in Lucerne, first flight was on a G64, great flight,

Second flight was on a G38 Econojet to see how they perform. Very nice flight.

Third flight went up on a G64 carrying a Spaceward FCS Altimeter. Recorded altitude was 1689 feet. Broke a fin loose on landing.

Dec. 9th, 1999
Several repairs on the fins have left the rocket in an ugly-as-hell state. Complete makeover was just completed. New colors should make it easier to find on the lake bed.

Newly fixed and repainted, she is ready to fly this weekend. The plan is to record altitudes with a G38, G64, and G80 for comparison.

Dec 11th, 1999
First flight of the day was on a G80. Nice and straight. On deployment, the chute came down a little tangled. When the airframe hit the playa, a chunk of paint simply fell off.

Second flight on a G35. These new Econojets are pretty decent. Perfect flight.

So overall, I love this kit, it is easy to build and flies great. Mine does have a tendency to pop the fins off every few flights. The next time I need to do a fin repair I am stripping it down and glassing the fins can.

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12/01 - "I am really pleased with this kit. I have flown it on E30-7s, F50-9s, and G40-10s, my favorite motor being the G40. It was very easy to build. I used nothing but Thick USA Gold CyA from Pratt Hobbies on the entire rocket, and never had any part of it break. It is also fairly inexpensive so it is not a terrible loss if you lose one. It flies high and straight every time. Probably my favorite rocket in my fleet." (P.V.)

03/01 - "Very happy with the rocket. It built very quickly with excellent materials. I fly it with the adapter on 24mm. E-18 very nice, F's are out of sight. I have however broken all 3 fins at their mounting point. I should have made thicker fillets. So far I have 10 or so flights on the rocket. Very satisfied." (J.D.)

09/00 - "After having my son build this rocket and it surviving several flights on up to a G80 motor I decided to get one and build it for a two stage experiment. Constructed a booster and altimeter bay for the rocket and changed it to four fins with through the wall mounting to the motor tube. The rocket is now almost seven feet tall in two stage altimeter recovery configuration. Have not flown it yet but every one that has seen it complete cannot wait for the first two stage flight. The basic strength of the rocket is the 38mm tubing from LOC is heavier than most paper tubing that you get for mid-power kits and very durable. Unfortunately we lost the original Legacy but it is missed for the good flying that it always did." (R.V.)

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03/02 - "It uses surface mounted fins. Take a push pin, the kind with the large plastic head, and poke holes along the lines where you will be gluing the fins for the epoxy to seep through so that there will be epoxy rivets holding the fins on. Once the fins are on rough up the area on the body tube where the fillets are going to go with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper so that the expoy has more of a hold." (R. of RMR )

04/01 - "Here are several 'must have' mods I made to the original kit. 1 - Lose the elastic and use some Kevlar cord from Pratt. 2 - I implemented a Aerotech engine hook and used fiberglass tape to reinforce. 3 - Use some of that fiberglass tape for the reinforcement of the fin roots. I used System 3 epoxy through out the construction and it works excellent for the Fiberglas reinforcement. Those fins will not come off!" (T.N. )

[Enter Flight Log]
Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
07-03-2005 Peter Allen AT RMS G75-M Didn't See 5-10 mph winds - It was out of site for a long time but I finally spotted it on its 'chute. This motor was way more fun than the G64-10W because it goes faster and higher. There was no damage at all.
09-11-2005 Peter Allen AT RMS H165-M Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - It was so fast that we could hear the air rushing past the rocket after burnout. (Rocksim says about 470mph). We saw it the whole way thanks to excellent tracking smoke. Very impressive flight.
10-18-2008 Robert August AT RMS G64-10 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: October FF
- First flight for this rocket. Altitude was probably about 2,000'.
01-07-2007 George Beever Ellis SU G35-10 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds - Slight chuff at ignition, then it went out of site. Never heard or saw ejection, model found about 1/2 mile away, undamaged exept the chute canopy was gone!
05-27-2007 George Beever AT SU E15-4 None - Unknown 5-10 mph winds - Typical for an older Aerotech motor, it huffed and chuffed and ignited the delay train with the propellant. No ejection charge. Needs a new nosecone, the original is buried 6 deep.
06-18-2005 Edward Chess AT SU E30-7 Didn't Record 0-5 mph winds Event: MRFF-2005
- Good flight.
04-09-2006 Edward Chess AT SU F50-9 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds - First flight on a F50-9T. Delay was about right, but altitude was too high to observe rocket orientation.
06-17-2006 Edward Chess AT RMS E16-4 Very Early 10+ mph winds Event: MRFF-2006
- Engine CATO, badly burned lower stage, one broken fin. Rocket can be rebuilt
08-12-2007 Edward Chess AT SU F50-9 Just Past (1-2sec)
(1356 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: ECOF-2007
- Saw tracking line arc over. Nice high flight with good recovery. No damage. This rocket was rebuilt since a CATO incident in June of 2006.
09-06-2008 Edward Chess AT RMS F52-11 Just Past (1-2sec)
(1405 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: WOOSH/FVR
- Rebuilt from CATO'd rocket. Very fast climb to altitude.
10-12-2008 Edward Chess AT SU G40-10 Didn't See
(2082 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Hughes Farm Inaugural
- Excellent straight boost, no rotation, thick white column of smoke. Deployed chute close to apogee. Found downrange about 0.5 miles. Slight damage to body tube (Estes Dent), but this can be trimmed and repaired
08-30-2009 Edward Chess AT SU E15-4 Late (2-3sec)
(353 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Eat Cheese or Fly/Bong
- Poor motor choice for this 1.1 lb rocket. Just not enough oomph, and delay was a little long. Broke shock cord on ballistic reentry, but no damage to rocket.
09-19-2009 Edward Chess AT RMS F52-11 Apogee - NC Down
(1434 ft)
10+ mph winds Event: CIRFF/Muncie IN AWA
- What a fine rocket, and this is an excellent motor for it. Delay just a little long.
10-13-2004 Kevin Danjou Est SU D12-7 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds Event: october skies 2004
lunar mooner - Way to little power. Loc says its a good motor but its not. It came out with minamal damage but I wont risk it again.
10-13-2004 Kevin Danjou Est SU D12-7 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds Event: october skies 2004
lunar mooner - Way to little power. Loc says its a good motor but its not. It came out with minamal damage but I wont risk it again.
10-13-2004 Kevin Danjou Est SU D12-7 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds Event: october skies 2004
lunar mooner -
12-09-2001 Jon Hancotte AT EconoJet F23-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Beautiful black smoky launch, approx. 1000', eject just after apogee 1 or 2 sec, nose down, nice deployment, 14 chute provided is a little small, stuck into ground a little in soft grass, but no damage
12-09-2001 Jon Hancotte AT SU E30-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Nice straight launch, approx. 750, eject just after apogee 1 or 2 sec, nose down, nice deployment, 14 chute that came with kit is a little small, stuck into ground a little in soft grass, but no damage
06-02-2005 Jeff Henry AT RMS F40-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - First flight to about 1800 ft. Launched and recoverd perfectly.
12-25-2005 Jeff Henry AT RMS E23-5 Very Early Calm - Delay too short, and stock chute too small (not sure if this was due to lanching it at 4500 feet instead of 1000 feet?). Broke a fin at landing ... will repair.
09-01-2002 William Hughes Ces RLD J400-Altim Didn't See
(8045 ft)
Calm Event: Blazing Archer
- Used AltAcc 2A. Canadian J altitude record. The airframe was fiberglassed. Landed closer than the distance to the launch pad.
12-09-2004 Richard Irwin AT EconoJet F20-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Good motor, but weathercocked quite a bit. 14 chute worked surprisingly well. No damage.
02-13-2005 Richard Irwin AT EconoJet F20-4 Just Before 5-10 mph winds Event: ORG launch
- First flight with ORG! Good flight. Used parastreamer for recovery, which brought rocket down too fast.
03-13-2005 Richard Irwin AT SU G40-4 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds Event: ORG launch
- Super high flight! Love these motors. Landed fairly close with 18 chute.
03-13-2005 Richard Irwin AT SU G40-7 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds Event: ORG launch
- Super high flight! Love these motors. Landed fairly close with 18 chute.
03-13-2005 Richard Irwin AT SU G40-7 Didn't See
(2279 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: ORG launch
- Testing Perfect Flite altimeter. Good flight. No damage.
07-10-2005 Richard Irwin AT EconoJet G38-7 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: ORG launch
- Good motor/rocket combination.
11-12-2005 Richard Irwin AT RMS G64-10 Just Past (1-2sec)
(1535 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Nepra launch
- Delay a bit too long. Camera on board. Too much BP for main ejection (completely sheared kevlar cord).
03-15-2010 Mike Levalley G 80-13T Just Before
(2995 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Rocksim predicted 2995 alt @ 450 mph almost zipperd booster section caused small 1/2 dent repaied perfect recovery, Rebuilt with 3x 29mm motors mounts as pods and upgraded elastic shock cord to 550 cord.Waiting to fly on 4 G38-10FJ MOTORS
09-21-2002 Norman MacDonald NCR SU F62-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Took to the sky very quickly - very nice flight. However, the force of ejection was enough to pop the nosecone off the upper section. I located it, and it's on much tighter now!
07-13-2002 Michael Mangieri AT RMS F52-8 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds Goldfinger - Beautiful straight flight - left the pad quickly. Good motor/rocket combination!
04-12-2003 Michael Mangieri AT RMS F40-10 Very Late 10+ mph winds Goldfinger - Chose a VERY long delay to compensate for the strong winds. Worked pretty good except that the delay ended up being 12 seconds and the chute failed to open. Rocket was recovered undamaged, in a tree.
07-25-2009 Michael Mangieri AT RMS F40-7 Late (2-3sec) Gusty Goldfinger - Quick off the pad, but took a spinning flight up. Deployed the chute late.
07-31-2010 Dwayne Shmel AT RMS G76-10 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds Event: NARAM-52
- Got video of flight using key-chain cam. Awesome.
08-01-2010 Dwayne Shmel AT RMS G75-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: NARAM-52
- First Metalstorm motor.
08-01-2010 Dwayne Shmel AT RMS F40-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: NARAM-52
11-04-2001 Peter Smith AT SU F50-9 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - Great loud Blue Thunder flight! Very fast to 2,000'.14 parachute seperated from the rocket. Soft landing in a cow manure pile,no damage.
12-02-2001 Peter Smith AT SU F25-9 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Good loud lift off, but too much angle.Nice smoke trail.Slightly underpowered. Delay 1 second too long. 18 parachute disapeared. Hard landing near the woods,lost two fins.
05-05-2002 Peter Smith AT SU G40-10 Apogee - Perfect
(3000 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Awsome flight to 3,000+ feet! Nice long white smoke trail on the way up;great roar and flame too. Took forever to come back down even on a little 16inch AeroTech chute. Broke off a fin on landing.
08-04-2002 Peter Smith AT EconoJet F23-7 Apogee - Perfect Calm - A good flight, lots of black smoke. Used 24 inch X-Type chute from Top Flight, and decent was a little too slow.
09-01-2002 Peter Smith AT EconoJet F23-7 Apogee - Perfect Calm - Good smokey flight, altitude was about 1,500 feet. Recovered a few yards from the pad on an 18 inch X-Type parahute from TFR, no damage. Good rocket motor combination.
10-06-2002 Peter Smith AT EconoJet F20-7 Apogee - NC Up Gusty - My only perfect flight of the day (one went in a tree and one CATO'ed). Very nice motor for this rocket. It went about 1,700'. Recovered on the far side of the field, used a TFR 18inch X-type chute w/ swivel. No damage to rocket.
05-18-2003 Peter Smith AT EconoJet F20-7 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - As usual with this motor it was flawless. It landed nearby, no damage.
11-02-2003 Peter Smith Ellis SU G35-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2174 ft)
0-5 mph winds - First dual deployment flight with PerfectFlite MAWD. Great flight, but I was too generous with the BP and the main chute burned up. Recovered with drogue only. No damage though. 2174 feet
04-18-2004 Peter Smith AT RMS G64-Altim None - Electronics Fail
(1695 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: PARA
- Second try for dual deployment. Ascent was good but drogue didn't deploy due to a faulty ejection canister. Landed half mile away in a swamp. Damage from the main chute deploying at 500' at high speed.
05-23-2004 Peter Smith AT SU G80-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(1705 ft)
5-10 mph winds RIP - Good flight everthing worked fine this time. Used Daveyfire 28B's for ejection. Although because of all the repairs made to this thing over time, I will retire it and build new 38mm dia dual deployment rocket. Status: Retired
10-16-2004 Mark St.Germain AT RMS H128-10 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds Event: Tripoli Central California October Skies
- Super fast and out of site. Lost it for about 10-15 seconds. Held together and certified L1. Great Flight! Cert Flight: L1
04-12-2003 Terrill Willard AT RMS G33-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Perfect flight. My rocket is now 10yrs old and has dozens of flights on it.
04-12-2003 Terrill Willard AT SU G40-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Straight as an arrow. Loud and High!
04-22-2002 Gary Wilson AT SU G40-10 Apogee - Perfect Calm - Flew very high and straight. No changes to the rocket going from an E, F, or G engines. Have flown this rocket many times on a g40 without a problem

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