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REV 2.4 - Mon Feb 21 17:11:56 2011

Cool-Spool (RTF)
P.O. Box 470396
Broadview Heights OH 44147
(330) 745-9755
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SPECS: 8" x 8" - oz
ROCKSIM FILE: MISSING - please submit here
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REC'D MOTORS: 29mm F or G with 4 second delay

(by Al Gloer - 06/29/06) LOC/Precision Cool Spool

The first commercially available ready to fly (RTF) 29mm spool rocket.

It's RTF, so there really are not any parts. I mean really ready to fly. Just stick in a motor, stuff in some wadding and parachute, and fly.

It's well made. I mean how do you mess up a wire spool and some decals? There is an integral 29mm motor mount with a spring clip style motor retention. A basic LOC nylon parachute is attached to the other end. The instructions state that the system is designed around the AT RMS and the 29-40/120 is a perfect fit. The Cool Spool ships with a spacer for use with shorter motors. There is also a large cardboard ring that will serve as a stand.

One thing I found mildly frustrating was the with the built in motor retention.

Unless you count taking it out of the bag as "finishing", there ain't much to talk about here...

Construction Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

This was one of the first public launches of the Cool Spool. I did not have one of the AT reloads available so I chose a Roadrunner F60-4. I expect because of the very draggy design and the fact that there is a parachute, using the shortest delay possible is advisable.

LOC/Precision Cool Spool Launch off the pad was quick and as would be expected for a spool. I mean it's about as aerodynamic as a brick. I figure the flight was about 250 to 300 feet. As soon as the thrust stopped, it arced over and the parachute deployed.

The retention system was somewhat incompatible with the built in thrust ring provided by Roadrunner. A few moments with a Dremel on the thrust ring and I was all set. I dropped a bit of dog barf above the motor and more or less stuffed the parachute into the end.

Flight Rating: 4 out of 5

It's an RTF spool rocket. While the challenge here is zero, it's just a spot of fun. If you like oddrocs and want something to amuse the other fliers, this would be a great add to your fleet.

Overall Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

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05/09 - "I used a G80-4T for my first flight. The flight was stable and relatively straight. I was really pleased with the performance of the Spool with the G80. The only negative was that it took a bit of time to find it in the knee high barley at our launch site." (M.F.S.)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
08-20-2006 Al Gloer AT RMS G64-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds Event: CATO
- The ultiomate motor for this rocket.
09-09-2006 Al Gloer AT RMS G77-7 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds - Spool on a Redline. It does not get much better!
07-16-2007 John Lee AT EconoJet F21-5 Very Late 0-5 mph winds - let her rip!
07-17-2007 John Lee AT EconoJet G38-7 Very Late 0-5 mph winds - Rear bulkhead cracked under thrust.
09-08-2007 John Lee AT RMS G79-7 Very Late 5-10 mph winds Event: Monthly Launch
- Threatened to go unstable on boost but did not; suspect that crack in after rim is the cause.
11-10-2007 John Lee AT EconoJet F23-4 Very Late 10+ mph winds - Rocket wobbled during boost phase. Ejection was very late and happend about 20 feet above ground. Chute did not have time to fully deploy. No damage.
12-16-2007 John Lee AT SU G80-7 Very Late 0-5 mph winds Event: China Grove
- Did not plan on flying this one but did it for some kids. They always like it.
03-29-2008 John Lee AT EconoJet G38-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds RIPEvent: Alamo Rocketeers SNAP Launch
- The after bulhead which has been cracking has now cracked beyond repair. It was a good flight though. Status: Not Repairable
06-25-2006 Philip Levanda AT RMS G64-4 Just Past (1-2sec) Calm Event: NERRF 2006
- Lil Wobbly on the G64 but a cool flight.
05-03-2008 Mark Rose AT RMS F40-4 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: Orangeburg
- Funny as heck! Lots of noise, smoke and a slow boost. As soon as the motor burns out, it starts tumbling while still going up!
05-03-2008 Mark Rose AT RMS G71-4 Just Before 5-10 mph winds Event: Orangeburg
- Nice boost with scarlet flame & roar, ejection just before apogee while still tumbling upwards. Great motor for the Cool Spool.
05-26-2008 Mark Rose AT RMS G71-4 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: NSL 2008
- This Cool Spool is a lot of fun to fly! It makes a lot of noise on a big G, doesn't go very high, and is a real crowd pleaser--good boost, wobbly at the end and especially after motor burn out, but a great flight.
08-31-2008 Mark Rose AT RMS G64-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds Event: FREEDOM LAUNCH
- I love these spools--so much fun to watch. It was a normal spool flight: wobbly boost, tumble accent and apogee, then recovery.
11-21-2009 Mark Rose AT RMS G76-4 Just Before Calm - Awesome spool flight!
02-20-2019 Mark Rose AT RMS G76-4 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds Flight Picture - This is simply one of my favorite FUN rockets!

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