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SPECS: 22.3" x 1.62" - 8 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: Right Click to Download
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: 29mm: F25-9, G80-10; 24mm (with adapter): D12-3, E30-7

[Picture](01/16/01) The Aura was my first rocket from LOC/Precision and I would consider it their entry level kit considering the size, ease of build and price. It is a basic three-fin-and-a-nose-cone (3FNC) kit with a 29mm motor mount. 

Although the kit comments indicate that the "kit is recommended for those with previous model rocketry building experience", it is a very easy kit to assemble. The experience is required due to limited illustrations in the instructions and probably due to the 29mm motor option.

The kit includes a plastic nose cone, a section of body tube, 3 pre-cut plywood fins, motor mount materials, a launch lug and the recovery system.


The kit comes in a plastic bag with an insert displaying a picture of the Aura and the specifications. On the back of this 4x11" insert are the instructions. There are only two small illustrations. One showing the rear view and another cut-away showing the side view motor mount and fin alignment. The instructions are straight forward and in a logical order allowing the builder to assemble this straight-forward 3FNC rocket.

For ease of assembly and alignment, the fin lines and launch lug lines are pre-drawn on the body tube. A nice touch. touch. This and the simplicity of the rocket make it go together quickly. LOC recommends using epoxy (6 or 20 minute) and I used 15 minute.

The recovery system is assembled from its own set of instructions. It consists of a length of braided nylon cord which is knotted at both ends, and knotted with a 1" loop in the center. The two knotted ends are taped to the inside of the body tube with the knots on the far side of the tape. Then it is coated with epoxy to completely cover the tape and the knots. The top of the nylon with the 1" loop sticks out of the top of the rocket and is used to tie the elastic shock-cord to.

The motor mount consists of a 29mm tube and two centering rings. The kit relies on friction fit for motor retention. retention. I added a piece of spring steel (from an old windshield wiper blade) to make a retention hook just like an Estes kit.

[Rocket Picture]Finishing was also quick, by choice, since it was two days before NARAM-40 and this rocket was going along. I used Plasti-Kote primer for sealing and filling. I then painted the entire rocket with some left-over red paint, then masked and added silver paint.  I lastly hit it with clear coat. Aura does not come with any decals so the finish is entirely up to you.

Overall, for CONSTRUCTION I would rate this kit 3 points.It is easy to build and therefore similar to many other 3FNC rockets. The instructions were clear and the addition of the shock-cord instructions ensure a successful attachment. It would be nice to see a decal with the name of the rocket and a positive motor retention system.


The Aura is a bit deceptive. Its size and looks may make observers think it is an Estes-type kit weighing in at 2 - 3 ounces. However, with the motor this kit weighs in around 12 ounces.

The Aura was launched at NARAM-40, as planned, on an EconoJet F20-7. Out of sight flight, with simulation indicating greater than 3800 feet. It came down very fast as the nylon streamer was spinning and wrapping itself up. It landed only 50 feet from the pad it was launch from. Upon inspection, one fin had broken completely off taking all of the epoxy bonded areas with it.

Later I tried using the streamer from the Aura on an Aerotech Mustang, only to find the same type of rolling and tangling on its way down. Maybe it was all the humidity, but the streamer did not seem effective.

The fin coming off may be something to watch out for, because I have read several posts on RMR regarding the Aura indicating the same thing. I think using the technique of pin holes along the alignment line would be recommended. I use a variation to this technique by using a hobby knife to cut 1/4" slits across and perpendicular to the alignment line, spacing them about 1/4" apart. This allows the epoxy to flow into the body tube and gives it better hold. This was done when reattaching the fin.

After replacing the fin, I flew the Aura on an Aerotech RMS E23-5T. Simulation indicates that it should fly to about 1550 feet. It was a beautiful launch and very straight flight. Watching it arc and start to scream toward the earth was not expected though. though. Neither was it slamming into the ground somewhere out of sight and not to be found. Total loss included the $20 rocket, the $35 casing, the $14 parachute (I should have had that streamer in there) and the time to get this rocket ready to fly.

The meaning of Aura is:

                 1.a distinctive and pervasive quality or 
                       character; air; atmosphere: an aura of 
                  2.a light or radiance claimed to emanate 
                       from the body and to be visible to 
                       certain individuals with psychic or 
                       spiritual powers.
                  3.a sensation, as of a glowing light or an 
                       aroma, preceding an attack of migraine 
                       or epilepsy.

I think the 3rd definition was appropriate considering the migraine that ensued after realizing the "cost" of that flight. Of course it was not a rocket design or kit issue.

For FLIGHT/RECOVERY, I would rate this kit 3 points.The streamer seems to be the main issue and because RMR postings indicated experiences of losing a fin and then it happened to me, there is probably reason to consider its recovery system as the reason. Also, motor retention would be a bonus.

Overall, this kit is easy to build and is a nice flyer which can give very high altitudes. Consideration on fin attachment and streamer usage will need to be taken by the modeler. I give the kit an OVERALL rating of 3 points.

LOC - Aura  - by Moira Jean Whitlock [Who's Who Page]

[Rocket Picture]Brief: Single-staged, three-finned rocket designed for speed and altitude using 29mm motors. LOC states that it was computer designed.

Construction:It was securely packaged, all parts there, no defects. The nose is the LOC PNC 1.6 and is hollow plastic, but thicker than the standard plastic of the other larger nose cones of the LOC line. The body tube is 15 inch length of LOC MMT 1.6, a thicker airframe than standard airframes, because it's also suitable for 1.5 inch engine motor tubing. Two wound paper centering rings are provided to center the 29mm motor tube. The fins are pre-cut plywood and affix right to the body tube, but not through it. The launch lug is wound paper, and is a 4 inch length of 1/4 inch rod stock. The streamer is 60 inches of 4-inch wide orange plastic material. The shock cord is 48 inches of 1/4 inch flat white elastic and it is tied to a 3-inch loop of nylon cording that will mount to the folded paper mounting inside the body tube.

The instructions were illustrated and clear, and the body tube was pre-marked for fin placement. I definitely recommend all-epoxy gluing for this bird, for strength, as it goes up fast and might land hard. 

Finishing:There were no decals, but that's no problem for me. If I get them, I use them. If I get them, I use them. If not, I play. If not, I play. Here, I spray painted the rocket with enamel orange paint. The fin faces were silvered with Testors enamel paint. To further enhance visibility, I placed two silver mylar adhesive strips on the body tube. It looks colorful and bright.

Construction Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Flight:I don't recall specific motor recommendations except for just F and G class. [editors note: recommended motors on package are D12-3, E30-7, F50-9, G40-10] I myself have flown this rocket over 10 times with three types of motors. One has been the NCR F62-6. One has been the NCR F62-6. That worked well, except the delay was a little short, as the shock mount was strained and needed repair. So I tried Aerotech G35-7 and G40-7 and G80-7. All worked great, with VERY high flights. All worked great, with VERY high flights. I have contemplated giving the model a chute for visibility, but so far I haven't lost it. Then I dared the Apogee F10-8 and it went slow, but so high that I was scared that it was gone. Luckily, and through my own stubbornness (it was 110 degrees outside) I searched until I found it half a mile downrange. Despite its obnoxious coloring, it was STILL hard to find!!! I lucked out, I think. This has been dubbed my lucky rocket as a result.

Three sheets of paper wadding is good during the prep, which is easy. The streamer fits easily into the tube, not tightly. And the nose cone fits just right, not needing tape or sanding.

It flies straight and loudly every time. This is reliable and a good first rocket for mid power.

This Aura is actually number 2 for me. Its older brother was the same only the fins were black. It too flew 8 or 10 times with Aerotech engines. It's still flying, as it was given away to inspire a new young rocketeer into the hobby at a science fiction convention in Casa Grande last year. He was really excited about rockets and was dying for one of his own. I made him the deal that if he could find it, that it would be his. his. It was found, intact, except that the engine mount had come loose. It was easily a quarter of a mile downrange. (Do epoxy this one.) I was still learning at the time and had used white glue.

Recovery: Recovery is just about right. Recovery is just about right. It doesn't really need a chute, but that would be for my benefit, as I'm terribly astigmatic and don't sight in on far things well unless they move slowly and are bright. That's the reason for the craft paper and mylar bands I put on my fleet. The sun shines off them and provides me with a flash to sight in on.

The model is slightly scratched but quite flyable and has never lost a fin. Of note is that the first one had a cracked paint job at the fin joints. This is where the paint went over the putty used to smoothen the fin joint to the body. I wasn't too happy with it because it flexes and the paint chips there. So, this Aura doesn't have putty, but instead has large epoxy fillets. If it had had through the body tube fin attachment, I might have been more comfortable with less epoxy. But this works.

Flight Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Summary: Easy to make, reliable to fly. Easy to make, reliable to fly. Sturdy and durable. Maybe a chute might prevent loss in less lucky fliers.  I definitely recommend this one.

Overall Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

(Contributed - by Nick Aberg - 11/24/06) LOC/Precision Aura

The LOC/Precision Aura is a tough, quick building, inexpensive, midpower model rocket with streamer recovery.

The kit came in a bag with: 1 heavy duty body tube, 1 thick plastic nose cone, 3 pre-cut 1/8" ply fins, 1 shock cord mount and elastic shock cord, 1 5ft long streamer, 1 29mm MMT tube, 1 1/4" launch lug, and 2 paper centering rings.

The kit goes together fairly quickly as the instructions are on the header card that comes with the kit. The instructions have only the steps you need in order to build the kit, meaning they tell you the order and "odd" steps that are not normally in a kit. I do not like the shock cord mount--it is a nylon braided string that you fold, stick a piece of tape to, and epoxy into the airframe. You can use the streamer only if you peel off the glassine layer of the body tube and fiberglass the fins on tip-to-tip. I didn't do this and I now have to reattach the fins every time I fly it. (I tried using a chute, but it just gave me a long walk.) The fins go on easy and the body tube is pre-marked. Everything fits and it is the sturdiest thing around when complete.

Finishing is easy until you get to the nose cone. I sprayed three coats of Kilz primer on, then flat white, then orange on the body, and yellow on the fins and nose cone. The nose is annoying because the paint doesn't stick!

Construction Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

For a rocket's first flight, I either deck it out or go soft. I went soft with a D12-3.

I put on a LOC 18" chute, but the lines burned away and it just fell to the ground. Damage was not bad as the nose just stuck in the ground and a fin got buried and snapped off. It made 8 more flights then tried the chute one more time. It just gave me a long walk over a fence and into a parking lot where a car almost ran it over.

The recovery is fine, and it is just like how Tom Wolf describes the failure to deploy the parachute after the ejection seat fires in a jet fighter: it begins to be so fast that you'd think it is a missile! The kit needs mods to survive. The kit would get a 5 for flight/recovery, but the streamer takes that away.

Flight Rating: 4 out of 5

PROs: It gets up there fast and is very sturdy.

CONs: It gets down fast and the shock cord should be mounted to the rear centering ring.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

[Submit your Opinion]

07/04 - "I love the Aura. It's a hot little rocket. I once had it caught in a flag pole. Had to cut the shock cord. I've chipped a fin and broken a few fins but it's okay. I've flown it on an Ellis F37 or something. Straight and true. A little spinning on ascent. I was actually able to track the rocket all the way up! Streamer popped. It was heading toward the danger zone behind the military target range. Luckily the wind caught it and brought it back within 50 ft. I plan to fly it on a G later!" (G.L.P.)

11/03 - "I've flown my Aura now at least a dozen times and have had only one fin breakage on the second flight. I found that by attaching the supplied streamer by the very end (so you have a long single streamer) and by folding several times before rolling it works quite well. During times of high humidity I've been known to sprinkle the streamer with some baby powder - which also gives a nice marker at ejection. I've moved on to bigger and better rockets, but still fly my Aura every chance I get. For small field it flies great on D12-3 or E15-4 and grandkids love watching it fly and chasing it (which is a bonus for me ) Great little rocket that I highly recommend." (T.B.)

05/03 - "I bought my Aura over ten years ago and it's still flying like a champ! The only modification I made was to scrap the streamer and put in a 10 inch nylon chute. This bird is HEAVY and if you go with a streamer you're begging the rocket gods to take a fin!" (J.S.P.)

07/02 - "Don't fly it on an E9! By the time it was stable, it was flying in a distinctly horizontal fashion. The rocket gods were kind and I found it just across the road from the field." (D.S.)

11/01 - "The Aura is a fun kit to fly. On a G-80 it is a spectacular flight, but almost impossible to track near apogee, and I've nearly lost it a couple of times. I fly mine with a piece of flame proof wadding filled with chalk dust, so at ejection it makes a nice white spot against the clouds and I also have but in a 20 foot streamer. Even at 4200 feet it is easy to track its descent." (C.V.H.)

10/01 - "My 1st mid-power rocket kit. I agree with all of the earlier posts. Gotta' have good fin fillets or you're going lose a fin. I have installed a quick change swivel to change back and forth between streamer or 12" chute. This rocket really climbs out on an E motor, but looks good on a D also. Haven't tried an F or G yet (may not come back!)" (M.G.K.)

02/01 - "I love my Aura and have flown it many times using both D and E engines (with homemade motor adapter). It flies great on a E15-7 and the grand-kids love the noise and smoke. Easy to build and nice kit to get one started into mid power rockets. Plan on flying it with and F this season but will switch out the streamer for a small parachute. Great kit, great rocket and I highly recommend it for someone just getting started into the Mid/high power rockets." (T.B.)

02/01 - "I have flown my Aura several times from a high altitude launch site 8800' MSL with motors at the upper end of the range (G33s and G64s). I worried about the fins when I built the kit, so I reinforced the joints with 0.5 oz glass on the bias. (0.5 oz cloth was used to keep the weight down my bird tips the scales at 8 oz. with a 24" chute and NO MOTOR) When you use "regular" glass (Not Crowfoot) on a bias (fibers running at 45 degrees to the rocket) you have two advantages. First all the glass fibers are working for you because both the long and cross fibers cross the joint. Second is that the cloth is pliable in that direction so it goes around corners better. The other thing that is really important when glassing LOC paper tubes is to sand the waxy finish off of the tube so the epoxy can penetrate into the tube, and have some "tooth" to bond to for maximum strength." (D.O.)

09/00 - "The LOC Aura is one of my favorite rockets. Easy to prep and always an impressive flight. However, my first flight was with the included streamer. It hit the playa hard and delaminated the body tube at one fin. Easy to fix with epoxy. But I fly it now with a small nylon parachute (12-15 inches). One change I made to the kit was to add an AeroTech motor retaining clip. I had to cut a small rectangle of airframe to make this work. I wouldn't recommend doing this. It limits the available motors, and the retention doesn't always work. But I would recommend the rocket. It's a great kit." (R.J.)

04/00 - "The fiberglassing of the fins is a absolute must. I flew mine at Danville 99 on an AT G-80 SU. Thank goodness for bonus delays. The Aura is not what I would consider a good beginner kit. I think the previous rocket building experience warning is a good call." (B.H.)

02/00 - "The LOC Aura is a very durable kit. I have found that by making the fins through the wall to be the best way of keeping them on during landing. This worked very well under flight. I had launched this rocket in NY during Colboskil on a G125. I did not recover it due putting a large chute in it." (E.S.)

"When somebody launches a big one, heads pop up during climb-out. With Aura on a G40, people can sense that something special is underway; she climbs and climbs, and nobody stops watching. Oh, yeah; this kit is what it's all about." (A.C.D.)

"I enjoyed building the LOC Aura. A nice small rocket, that really soars. I asked a lot of people on the Internet wether to use the stock streamer or not, half said yes, half said no. I went with the streamer, and now I regret it. I broke a fin off, and the soil was a soft as could be. Next time I will be using a small chute, but the streamer would still be good for a F or G launch, if I am ever tempted. Overall a great rocket, quality parts, and should last for a long time, if the fins stay on. Would love to see it fly on a G40 or G33 sometime, but good luck to that crazy person." (M.K.)

[Enter Rocket Specific Tip]

10/08 - "I am building an Aura and decided to slot the fins halfway through the body tube by stating out slicing through the glassine tube and peeling out the fiber. I then go over this with a rotary tool until it is wide enough for the fins and halfway through the BT after the fins are attached with epoxy. I will use fiberglass tape cut to size to reinforce the root attachment point. I will then add an ACME motor retainer " ( B.D.P. )

03/02 - "I cut some slots in the body tube and did them through-the-wall, and epoxied them both to the body tube and to the motor mount. My fins have not popped off. I had to make some minor adjustments on the fit of the centering rings, if I recall correctly. I filled in the void between the BT and the MMT at the tail end with epoxy, and drilled a small tap hole in; I use a music-wire "J" hook screwed into the hole to secure the motor." (M.P. of RMR )

03/02 - "Go with a BIG streamer (Top-Flite 7x70" if you can). It's a real "hanger", i.e. hit the button, watch it rip outta sight, order a Big Mac Super Size, and look up after your 3/4 done with your fries and 3 sips of a . That's about when you'll catch the first gravity-motivated glimpse." (G.C. of RMR )

10/01 - "A way to make sure you have a very strong fin joint is 1) use a high quality epoxy and 2) for this rocket, take a piece of 1.5" fiberglass cloth, wet it out and place it on the fin joint. Then, take a 1" piece of the same cloth and lay it on top of the wider piece and wet it out. Do this for the remaining fin joints and you'll have fins that won't come off for anything. I did this to my (heavily modified) Aura and it works like a charm, except I used 1.8oz Kevlar cloth." (G.S. )

05/01 - "In reference to the AURA's streamer problems. I switched from tying the streamer in the middle to tying it off at one end. This makes for a very long streamer and as it twists and flaps on the way down it slows the Aura down quite well. Since doing this I have not broken off a fin. I have found though that a 16inch nylon chute works best. Still brings it down fast enough to keep it in the launch area, but still gives a gentle recovery." (T.B. )

"Here's the best way to reinforce the Aura's fins. First, good epoxy filets. Then, one piece of 2oz fiberglass that goes from one fin tip, down, across the body tube to the next fin tip. When sanded this is very smooth, the fins are finished and it's hard as nails. We launch at high altitude (4300') and over rock hard ground. Even with the fast streamer recovery, no damage. This thing will bury a fin in hard playa rather than break on off." (D.U. )

[Enter Flight Log]
Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
10-12-2002 Mike Atwood AT SU G80-10 Didn't See Calm - VERY fast launch. Very straight, half way up two fins started to come off tube. Started spin. Lost fins due to speed. Recovered intact with fins hanging on by a small amount of tube.
04-19-2003 Mike Atwood AT SU G80-10 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds - Actually flew on G-125. Very fast off the pad. Corkscrew on the way up. High winds had to walk long way. No damage.
09-22-2002 Iain Banks AT SU E30-7 Didn't See 10+ mph winds - Good fast flight, slightly weather cocked into high winds, streamer recovery very fast descent - landed about 300 yards down range with broken fin (due to high descent rate from supplied streamer)
10-20-2002 Iain Banks AT EconoJet F23-4 Didn't See 10+ mph winds - Great sounding flight with thick black smoke from the Aerotech EconoJet engine to approximately 2000ft in 20mph wind.
01-05-2003 Iain Banks AT SU F25-9 Didn't See 10+ mph winds - Superb, fast and straight flight to approx. 2500ft.
01-05-2003 Iain Banks AT SU F50-9 None - CATO 10+ mph winds - Screamed off the past so damn fast to a few hundred feet, the ejection charge fired. The nose cone flew off ripped the shock cord and promptly fell straight back to earth, the body tube lawn darted a couple hundred feet from the pad.
04-13-2003 Iain Banks AT SU F25-9 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds - Fast boost to 2500ft, ejection charge fired, but chute broke free, rocket recovered with broken fin - otherwise perfect. Chute lost.
06-05-2005 George Beever AT SU F25-9 Didn't See Didn't Record RIP - Old motor - huffed and chuffed but finally sent model screaming! Broke 2 fins on landing, will not repair again. Status: Retired
12-18-2004 Michael Bernatchez AT SU E30-7 Apogee - NC Up 0-5 mph winds - first flight
03-10-2007 Moe Bertrand AT SU F50-9 Apogee - NC Down Light winds Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Nice straight boost for the first flight of this little screamer. I used a 16 nylon chute for recovery but still popped a fin on landing. I'd used exopy fillets on 3 joints and Fix-it for 3 and still...
12-08-2007 Moe Bertrand AT SU F25-7 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Repaired since last flight...glassed the fin joints...did NOT suffer a cracked fin today :)
03-22-2008 Moe Bertrand AT SU G80-7 Didn't Record Calm Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Screamed off the pad; decent recovery but awfully slow since the nose cone separated from the shock cord. Nose cone lost. Rocket recovered intact without further damage.
03-21-2009 Moe Bertrand PML SU G80-7 Didn't Record 0-5 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Another great flight of my scruffy looking Aura. Awesome boost on the G80...this little rocket really takes a beating.
03-21-2009 Moe Bertrand AT EconoJet F27-8 Didn't Record 0-5 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Great boost on the Redline but the shock cord separated at the nose cone and that drifted away with the chute. Rocket flat spun in and popped the glassed fin cleanly away at the joint. Repairable.
06-20-2009 Moe Bertrand AT SU G79-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Another nice flight of my LOC Aura...this one with the 3rd nosecone this rocket has flown with. Initially lost, then found both the rocket and the nosecone, which separated from the rocket.
12-11-2010 Moe Bertrand AT RMS F40-10 Didn't Record Calm Flight PictureEvent: Rainbow Valley
- Another great flight of my workhorse Aura. Used two chutes this flight to minimize popping a fin...6th flight in our A-K contest. Good flight - no popped fins.
04-21-1993 Tom Binford Vulcan G500-15 Didn't See Calm RIP - Burnout at 100 feet and mach .95 in .28 seconds. Never saw where it went after burnout. Found lawn darted body later, never found nose cone or streamer. Status: Lawn Dart
08-16-2008 Don Bitz AT SU G77-10R Didn't See 0-5 mph winds RIPEvent: Tripoli Space Port Monthly Launch
- Say bye-bye to the pretty blue rocket. When the Redline burned out that's the last anybody saw of it.... could be in orbit for all we know. Status: Lost
02-26-2006 Dave Brunsting AT SU E15-7 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds Event: Tripoli Michiana Club Launch
- Fantastic motor for this bird.
03-12-2006 Dave Brunsting Est SU E9-6 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Didn't realize this was on the recommended motor list until today. Great motor for this bird. Absolutely roared off the pad.
03-12-2006 Dave Brunsting Est SU E9-6 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Didn't realize this was on the recommended motor list until today. Great motor for this bird. Absolutely roared off the pad.
03-12-2006 Dave Brunsting Est SU E9-6 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds -
03-12-2006 Dave Brunsting Est SU E9-6 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds -
04-22-2006 Dave Brunsting AT RMS F52-11 Didn't See 10+ mph winds Event: Team-1 Launch, Three Oaks, Michigan
- SCREAMED off the pad. Broke a fin for the 3rd time. Going to glass all the fins now.
10-23-2004 Liam Conole AT SU E30-7 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - great quick boost to apogee, still in sight below 1,000' ceiling. came down on streamer and broke 2 fins. repairable
10-23-2004 Liam Conole Est SU E9-6 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - great boost to apogee, slightly weathercocked, stayed below 1000' ceiling, came down and broke two more fins...thank god for 5 minute epoxy.
11-06-2004 Liam Conole AT EconoJet F20-7 Didn't See Gusty - WAY out of sight. crystal clear out, but rocket went BAM, sims to 2700. came down under homemade 18 nylon chute, choked to about 12, no broken fins. this is the way to go.
11-20-2004 Liam Conole AT SU G80-10 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds RIP - G80 is way too much motor for this rocket. totally screamed off the pad, unexpectedly entered clouds, reportedly seen touch down over 1/4 mile away, but never recovered. surprisingly the fins stayed on with no glass, 5 min epoxy rules! Status: Lost
07-10-2002 Michael Cryer Est SU E9-8 Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds - Great flight. Approx 700 ft. Landed within 20 yds of launch pad. Fin popped off on landing, but easily repairable.
08-26-2000 F. Dick AT RMS E23-7 Very Late 5-10 mph winds - Partial deploy on streamer resulting in crack on 1 fin - easily repaired.
08-25-2001 F. Dick AT RMS F22-7 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds - Nice smoke! Perfect delay.
12-14-2002 Bill Dreyling AT RMS G64-10 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - First flight. Fast launch straight up. Flew great and recovered with no damage. Altitude unknown though sims out at 4,100 feet.
02-08-2003 Bill Dreyling AT EconoJet F20-7 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Good launch straight up. Flew to about 3,000' and ejected just after apogee. Cracked 2 fins loose after coming down flat under a fully deployed streamer. Going to replace the streamer with a 'chute for the next flight.
05-10-2003 Bill Dreyling AT RMS F40-10 Just Past (1-2sec) 5-10 mph winds - Good flight up to about 3000', and recovered with a 15 nylon 'chute. I like this motor/rocket combination.
08-09-1998 EMRR AT EconoJet F20-7 couldn't see
(3900 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: NARAM-40
- Nice take off with the Econojet's black smoke. Didn't see this rocket hit apogee (according to simulation it would hit about 3900 feet). Streamer tangled and stuck together on way down. Broke fin completely off upon touch down.
11-07-1998 EMRR AT RMS E23-5 none 5-10 mph winds RIP - Nice straight flight, good arc and incredible speed as it never ejected. - LOST Status: Lost
12-15-2002 Bill Eide AT RMS F22-7 Didn't See Calm - Good blackjack flight.
12-15-2002 Bill Eide AT RMS F40-10 Didn't See Calm - Straight up. Straight down. Good Flight.
02-16-2003 Bill Eide AT RMS H128-14 Didn't See 10+ mph winds - Level 1 Cert. with Aura is suicide, but it survived and was an absolutly awesome flight. Recovery is on 4 x 12' streamer. Sims at 4800' but a little lower with wind. Cert Flight: L1
03-15-2003 Bill Eide AT RMS G33-7 Didn't See 10+ mph winds - Another great flight on this beat up Aura. Love them blackjacks.
09-29-1996 Tony Fragge AT RMS F16-6 Didn't Record Didn't Record - Notes Got caught on a hook on pad. Never left.
01-21-2001 Tony Fragge AT SU F50-6 Apogee - NC Down Didn't Record - Great flight! Broke off fin on frozen ground at landing(Temperature:29 Degrees). Repairable.
02-18-2001 Tony Fragge AT F14-4 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds -
11-11-2001 Tony Fragge Est SU D12-3 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Good flight.
11-11-2001 Tony Fragge Est SU E9-6 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Really nice.
11-16-2001 Tony Fragge Est SU D12-3 Just Past (1-2sec) Gusty - Maybe a little underpowered for windy situation. Recovered OK
03-14-2001 William Frazier AT EconoJet F20-M Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - Wow, though F motors were small. Lost sight till I heard it hit the ground 50 yards from Launch pad.
03-14-2001 William Frazier AT EconoJet G35-M Didn't See
(4000 ft)
0-5 mph winds RIP - GONE! 4000+ feet, got there fast and never came back. Status: Lost
05-18-2002 Chris Hickins AT SU G80-10 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - 10th flight on a G-80, 18th flight over all. Out of sight, saw it about 1000' up. Good recovery.
12-17-2005 Richard Hitchner AT SU E30-7 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds GONE - This is a modified Aura with TTW fins that I made after my first one was destroyed. Flew great and landed using a 24 nylon chute. NO damage!!! Replaced the 24 chute A 18 to lessen drift.
10-16-2004 Mark Jones Est SU D12-3 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - Beautiful maiden flight. Streamer seems to be too small for rocket. Hit hard sun-baked desert floor descending too fast and lost a fin. With infinite desert floor around launch site, I think I will substitute a parachute and try again.
11-08-2003 Mike Kiss AT EconoJet F20-7 Just Before 5-10 mph winds - 12 chute instead of stock streamer, Fast straight boost, good ejection, Chute lines got slightly melted, chute didn't open, landed in tall weeds, no damage
11-08-2003 Mike Kiss AT SU F25-9 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Nice high straight fast boost to about 2500ft. chute deployed perfectly this time, about 1/3 mile walk to recover, draped over barbed wire fence, minor paint damage
12-13-2003 Mike Kiss AT EconoJet F20-7 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Nice straight boost to about 1800ft, 1/4 mile walk to recover with no damage. Need smaller chute. 18 inch nylon too big.
03-13-2004 Mike Kiss AT SU F25-9 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds - Good straight boost to about 2500ft, 12 inch chute kept walk shorter this time, motor stuck badly in mount, pulled mount out with motor, needs major repairs
06-12-2004 Mike Kiss AT SU F25-9 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - It lives again after major repair (replaced motor mount tube using slimline retainer, no more friction fits), great motor for this rocket, landed about 250yds from pad on 12 inch nylon chute, no damage
11-13-2004 Mike Kiss AT SU F50-9 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Nice fast flight to about 2000 feet, ejection at apogee, chute pulled off of shock cord, rocket tumpled down to within 100 feet of pad, broke off 2 fins, repairable
11-10-2007 Mike Kiss AT SU F25-9 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds Event: Bunnell Blast
- Another screaming high flight, landed about 150 yds from pad, one fin cracked, easy repair
09-08-2007 John Lee Est SU D12-3 Apogee - NC Up 5-10 mph winds Event: Monthly Launch
- Maiden flight. SUCCESS!
10-14-2007 John Lee Est SU E9-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds Event: Garner Middle School
- Great flight, no deployment problems but landed hard on concrete breaking 2 fins
11-10-2007 John Lee Est SU D12-3 Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds - Needs a bigger engine but I wanted to fly it in the wind. It worked fine.
04-12-2008 John Lee RoadR SU F60-4 Just Before 10+ mph winds Event: Alamo Rocketeers Monthly Launch
- Textbook Flight
09-20-2008 John Lee RoadR SU F45-8 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Amateur Rocketeers of Texas Freedom Launch
- Rocket streaked out of sight and was visible only by the smoke trail. It was presumed lost until found by another rocketeer sans 1 fin
11-08-2008 John Lee Est SU E9-4 Just Before 0-5 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Alamo Rocketeers Monthly Launch
- First flight of Refurbished Aura. Went well.
11-21-2008 John Lee Est SU E9-4 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Birthday Launch
- I quickly lost track of this flight. My nephew is the one who tracked it.
11-22-2008 John Lee AT SU E30-4 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: Alamo Rocketeers SNAP Launch
- Straightest most perfect boost with this rocket. Did not see ejection but landed close by.
02-27-2010 John Lee RoadR SU E25-7 Just Before 0-5 mph winds Flight PictureEvent: ART Freedom Launch
- Great flight
04-16-2005 Philip Levanda AT EconoJet F20-7 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: METRA 04-16-05
- Put a 12 inch chute on and choked it off a bit. Worked perfect. Nice decent speed.
06-19-2005 Philip Levanda Apo SU F10-8 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds Event: NERRF 2005
- Can you say BYE BYE! 7 second burn put it way way out of site. Somebody found it and brought it back for me.
11-16-2002 David Luders Est SU E9-6 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds Heavenly Aura - Launched from 4'-high homemade tower. Liftoff slow, and delay a bit too long. Tied streamer at end (not middle), but it had trouble unfurling in the cold. Cracked a fin on hard landing.
11-16-2002 David Luders Est SU E9-6 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds Heavenly Aura - Superglued fin back on, then launched again. I ROLLED (not folded) the streamer, and it worked fine this time. Estes E9-6 single-use motor is a bit underpowered for this rocket. Altitude approx 500 ft.
02-19-2000 MikeyR AT RMS E28-7 not recorded windy - 14 parachute Strange boost, landed fairly hard and cracked a fin. No problems to repair.
05-28-2000 MikeyR AT RMS E18-7 not recorded slight breeze - 14 parachute Nicely done on the 2nd ignitor (Fire in the hole)
02-22-2004 Billy Nollet AT SU G40-7 Didn't See
(3276 ft)
Calm - Perfect Flight. No Damage. Flew Like a Bat out of hell. Has a Piston-Ejection system along with a Aerotech 16 parachute.ALT-15k altimeter mounted in nose cone w/ 1/8 air pressure hole. max altitude: 3,276 feet. weighed 13 oz. needs at LEAST 10 sec. delay.
11-21-2002 Rob Outram Est SU D12-5 Apogee - NC Down Calm - Nice flight, tied streamer at end as suggested but fin still broke off. Easily repaired with epoxy. Flew it again later in the day after removing the glassine coating from body tube - no problems.
12-15-2002 Rob Outram AT SU E15-4 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds - Lovely flight, straight as an arrow. Went throught the clouds but gave me a 1/2 mile walk to retrieve it. My first AP flight, awesome!
01-27-2007 Bill Poster Est SU E9-3 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds -
07-29-2007 Bill Poster Est SU E9-3 Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds Event: NARAM-49
07-29-2007 Bill Poster RoadR SU G80-10 Just Before 10+ mph winds Event: NARAM-49
- High and fast.
09-09-2007 Bill Poster AT EconoJet F42-8 Didn't Record 5-10 mph winds -
07-06-2002 Justin Ryan AT EconoJet F21-8 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - Slow ignition, nice flight. Streamer brought it back 300 yards from pad.
07-06-2002 Justin Ryan Est SU E9-6 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds - Liftoff too slow. Lots of weathercock. RSO not impressed. Better on F's or high thrust E's. Save the E9's for lighter rockets.
07-04-2002 Justin Ryan AT EconoJet F23-7 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds RIP - Awsome launch. Landed in woods 1/2 mile away. Not found. The crowd loved it. Status: Lost
03-28-2009 John Venable Est SU E9- Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds Event: moffet field
- nice flight to 800 ft. shock cord broke upon ejection landed hard 1 ft. from grass. broke fins.
04-04-2009 John Venable Est SU E9- Apogee - NC Down
(850 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: snow ranch
- WOW str8 and fast . Good flight landed 100ft. from the pad
04-04-2009 John Venable AT SU E15-6 Apogee - NC Down
(1600 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: snow ranch
- Holy Cow ! Gone to 1600 instantly. Shock cord broke again. Core sample actually made noise 200 ft no damage.. away. Re-built & ready to fly again. One tough rocket !
04-21-2007 Peter Waithe Est SU D12-3 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds Event: CATO-124
Shockwave - Perfect first flight.
04-21-2007 Peter Waithe Est SU E9-6 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds Event: CATO-124
Shockwave - The 3 second burn of the E9 put the Aura to about 800 feet with perfect recovery.
05-20-2007 Peter Waithe Est SU E9-6 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds RIPEvent: CATO-125
Shockwave - Perfect boost on the E9-6. The Aura flew into the wind and upon ejection sailed into the trees. Unable to locate after searching. Status: Lost
03-12-1999 Brian Wheeler AT SU G40-10 Didn't See Light winds RIP - Hell yeah, coolest flight I've ever seen. I lost it but I don't care, just went forever. Status: Lost

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